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Crime Look at the chart below and fill in the missing information Crime arson Definition To set fire to a building or an object on purpose To kill someone unlawfully Criminal arsonist Verb to set fire to something To steal from a bank or other business using weapons To steal from a house To take something illegally into another country To take a person hostage in exchange for money or other favours Now look at the nouns below and match them to their definitions trial case evidence committal witness proof verdict judge jury this is a person who is going to present some evidence to the court the final decision of the court the legal process in court whereby an accused person is investigated, or tried, and then found guilty or not guilty this is where the charges against the accused are read out and the trial date is set the person who leads in the trial and decides on the sentence information that is used in court to decide whether the accused is guilty or not a group of 12 citizens who decide whether the accused is guilty or not a crime that is being investigated this is evidence that shows conclusively whether something is a fact or not © The British Council, 2002 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational and cultural relations Registered in England as a charity /storage1/vhost/
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