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I. Put the following sentences into the opposite voice (actice or passive).Change the following sentences from active into passive form.Reported SpeechI. Put the following sentences into reported speech. PASSIVE VOICE EXERCISE Put these sentences into the passive voice They will translate this book into Vietnamese No one could anything to put the fire out Where people speak English? They used to drink beer for breakfast in England years ago Should they help Jane with the sewing? The mechanic is repairing Judy’s car They make these artificial flowers of silk Did they feed Lulu last night? 10.He has spelt this word wrongly 11.Nick will bring the pizzas to our house 12.They are going to steal your money if you’re not careful 13.Has anyone ever asked you for your opinion? 14.How people learn languages? 15.Where will your company send you next year? 16.Who looked after the children when you were away? Put the following sentences into the opposite voice (actice or passive) I The medals were presented by Nelson Mandela You shouldn’t expect your friends to help you Bananas are exported to Europe They have discovered oil at the North Pole Someone stole all our money and passports A new hospital is being built in my neighborhood Fortunately, the machinery wasn’t damaged by the accident The traditional “ao dai” used to be worn by most Vietnamese women Something must be done before it’s too late 10 I was paid a lot of money to the job III Change the following sentences from active into passive form The mad dog bit the little boy The police have arrested five suspects The doctor ordered him to take a long rest A group of students have met their friends at the rail way station Lightening struck the house They didn’t allow Tom to take these books home The teacher won’t correct exercises tomorrow Marry has operated Tom since 10 o’clock This is the second time they have written to us about this 10.Mr Smith has taught us French for two year 11.They didn’t look after the children properly 12.Nobody swept this street last week 13.People drink a great deal of tea in England 14.People speak English all over the world 15.Tom was writing two poems 16.She often takes her dog for a walk 17.They can’t make tea with cold water 18.The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plan 19.Somebody has taken some of my book away 20.They will hold the meeting before the May Day 21.They have to repair the engine of the car 22.The boys broke the window and took away some pictures 23.People spend a lot of money on advertising everyday 24.They may use this room for the classroom 25.The teacher is going to tell a story 26.The children looked at the women with a red hat 27.Marry is cutting the cake with a sharp knife 28.She used to pull my hat over my eyes 29.For the past years, I have done all my washing by hand 30.A pair of Robins has built a nest in the porch since last week 31.The police haven’t found the murderer yet 32.They sold one of her paintings at $1,000 33.I will put your gloves back in the drawer 34.People speak English in almost every corner of the world 35.You mustn’t use the machine after 5.30 p.m 36.Luckily for me, they didn’t call my name 37.After class, one of the students always erases the chalk board Reported Speech I Put the following sentences into reported speech “Are you going to visit your aunt tomorrow?” asked Tom “Listen to me and don’t make a noise,” said the teacher to his students “I’m tired of eating fish” said Mary to Helen 4 “There are still so many difficulties ahead Let’s double our efforts,” the President said “If I were you, I would take the course,” Jane told me “I’m sorry I’m late,” she said “The bus broke down.” “Come in and look around There’s no obligation to buy,” said the shopkeeper “Have you already reviewed all your lessons?” she said to me “Can you speak more slowly? I can’t understand,” he said to me 10 “How much you think it will cost?” he asked 11 “I have no idea I just go along to see what will happen,” the boy said 12 “Why didn’t you come to my party last night, Betty?” Tom said 13 “Would you mind turing the music down?” Andrew said to Anne 14 “There isn’t much rain in the south of the country,” said Harry 15 “Which way is the post office?” the tourist asked 16 “Is this your father’s car?” the policeman asked Sandra 17 “I don’t know where Archie is” said Vicky 18 “ I can’t go to school today because I’m ill,” said Mike 19 “Will we read the story?” Billy asked his teacher 20 “Let me help you make the sandwiches,” Judy offered
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