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Ông Tim Barket, CEO của DataSift cũng chia sẻ: “Datasift luôn đem đến cho các công ty những phân tích dữ liệu thiết thực từ lượng thông tin khổng lồ hiện hữu. Chúng tôi rất vui mừng khi Boomerang tham gia vào mạng lưới đối tác khai thác Facebook Topic Data. Sự kiện này sẽ đem đến cho khách hàng của họ những dữ liệu thông minh chuyên sâu để gia tăng mối tương tác với người mua hàng cũng như phát triển thương hiệu”. SOCIAL LISTENING CONSULTANT COMPANY CREDENTIALS 2015 CONTENTS PRELUDE: THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING ABOUT BOOMERANG • Who we are • Our expertise WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS TO BRANDS • 5W1H - Brand listening • Crisis alert & management • Competitors benchmarking • Campaigns monitoring • Brand strategic consulting • Social media command center CLIENTS PORTFOLIO SERVICE PACKS THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING WHY? THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA CH NGED A MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING Vietnamese people are more and more using internet & social media 45% of total population using internet 73% of them are on social Source: We are social & IAB Singapore 2015 THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING DIGITAL AGE CONSUMER BEHAVIOURS TRADITIONAL CONSUMER BEHAVIOURS Attention Interest Desire Action Internet & social media CHANGED how consumer decide to buy a product Attention Interest Search Desire Action Like/Dislike Share THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING Easy to share & discuss with others, then people are using social media as a place to express their opinions to brands/services THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING The important point is social conversations are the most trustworthy sources that affect brand buying decision (69% people believe) Source: Nielsen 2014 THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING “ A brand is no longer what we tell the customers It is what customers tell each others - Scott Cook - ” THE NEED OF SOCIAL LISTENING If brands keep talking about themselves… …but lack of listening what customers tell each others… they are preparing to FAIL! WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS W W W HERE W W H [Demo visual] Platforms classification WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS W W W W HO [Demo visual] W H Who are the most influential people? WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS W [Demo visual] W W W W HY H Direct link to the original conversations WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS W [Demo visual] W W W W H OW Sentiment: how did they talk about brand? WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS CRISIS ALERT & MANAGEMENT Brand Team Media & PR Team BOOMERANG Corporate PR Team Customer Relationship Management Team INSTANT ALERT via SMS/Email With real time monitoring & instant alert, Boomerang can help brand detect crisis potential from the beginning stage & work with different assigned departments to settle down WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS COMPETITORS BENCHMARKING [Demo visual] The big picture of the market with competitors monitoring system that help brand listen & benchmark with competitors on social WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS CAMPAIGN MONITORING • • • • • • Campaign buzzes Paid/owned/earned media Hashtag tracking URL tracking Media channel tracking KOLs tracking Boomerang provide digital communication campaign tracking, that helps brand evaluate campaign effectiveness, as well as advises timely adjustments [Demo visual] WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS BRAND STRATEGIC CONSULTING • • • • • Social seeding plan PR strategic plan Media plan SEO plan Crisis management action plan As a consultant, Boomerang not only provide listening data, but propose initial suggestions/actionable plan to next & even could implement plan by itself or cooperating with trustworthy communication agencies in Boomerang network WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS SOCIAL MEDIA COMMAND CENTER THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT • • • • Consult & develop an in-house Social Media Command Center Build up structure & working process Provide training for staffs Support operation & maintenance CLIENTS PORTFOLIO TRUSTED BY THOSE IN THE KNOW CLIENTS PORTFOLIO CLIENTS PORTFOLIO SERVICE PACKS LET’S COOPERATE! SERVICE PACKS “FREEMIUM” BASIC PREMIUM ULTIMATE     Brand listening    Crisis alert    Strategic consulting    Competitor benchmarking   Campaign monitoring   “Freemium” toolkits Social media command center * Price is provided upon client request & depends on brand/product ** Client can opt-in or opt-out services for customized services pack  CUONG VONG THANH Managing Director (+84) 913 723 988 BOOMERANG CO Lucky Building, 4th floor 262 Huynh Van Banh, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam THANK YOU ... 2 011 FAILED 2 014 2 015 Founded by Vong Thanh Cuong, a tech savvy expert with 12 years experience in internet, web 2.0, social media, data mining & machine learning, Boomerang become the 1st social. .. SMS/Email REAL TIME LISTENING WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS TO BRANDS? So after all, why choose Boomerang? WHAT BOOMERANG OFFERS BRAND LISTENING ON SOCIAL 5W 1H Boomerang answers everything on social that matters... pioneer Social Media Command Center for its client BIDV, remarked its biggest business innovation that goes beyond listening & becomes a SOCIAL LISTENING CONSULTANT OUR EXPERTISE SOCIAL LISTENING
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