Memo: New guidelines for using email and the Internet.

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Ngày đăng: 26/04/2017, 12:09

Bank of America From: Olly Memo to: all staff SUBJECT: New guidelines for using email and the Internet Following our investigation into email and the Internet usage, we are introducing the following new guidelines for business travel expenses: Company employees are expected to use the Internet responsibly and productively Internet access is limited to job-related activities only and personal use is not permitted Emails sent via the company email system should not contain any insulting or disrespectful content This includes, though is not restricted to, the use of offensive or harassing language and images Transmitting, retrieving or storing any of these materials are strictly forbidden Employees are not allowed to use email in a way that interrupts others This includes sending or receiving excessive numbers of large files and “spamming” (sending e-mail to thousands of users) All sites and downloaded files may be scanned and blocked by the company if they are regarded as harmful and/or not productive to business The installations of entertainment and personal software such as instant messaging or video games are strictly banned Downloading or copying software and electronic files that are copyrighted or without authorization are not allowed Sharing private materials, trade secrets, or protected information outside of the company is completely forbidden Sending or posting information that spoils the company’s reputation, its products and services, colleagues and customers are absolutely prohibited Introducing malicious software onto the company network is totally banned If employees are unsure about these rules, then they should ask their supervisor or manager for further advice and explaination Employees should immediately inform their supervisor or manager of any violation of this policy Employees who violate this policy will be punished, up to and including termination or cancallation of employment Thank you in advance for your co-operation Olly IT managers
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