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tình thông dụng đàm thoại tiếng Anh 59 (Cẩm nang cho người du lịch định cư) LƯU HÀNH NỘI BỘ  Biên soạn: Jimmy Ha  Website: www.JimmyHa.net  Facebook: www.facebook.com/JimmyHa.net Lesson 1: WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Hello Hi How are you? I'm good How are you? Good Do you speak English? A little Are you American? Yes Where are you from? I'm from California Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 2: DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Excuse me, are you American? No Do you speak English? A little, but not very well How long have you been here? months What you for work? I'm a student How about you? I'm a student too Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 3: WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Excuse me, what's your name? My name is Jessica What's yours? John You speak English very well Thank you Do you know what time it is? Sure It's 5:10PM What did you say? I said it's 5:10PM Thanks You're welcome Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 4: ASKING DIRECTIONS Hi Michael Hi Amy What's up? I'm looking for the airport Can you tell me how to get there? No, sorry I don't know I think I can take the subway to the airport Do you know where the subway is? Sure, it's over there Where? I don't see it Across the street Oh, I see it now Thanks No problem Do you know if there's a restroom around here? Yes, there's one here It's in the store Thank you Bye Bye bye Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 5: I’M HUNGRY Hi Sarah, how are you? Fine, how are you doing? OK What you want to do? I'm hungry I'd like to eat something Where you want to go? I'd like to go to an Italian restaurant What kind of Italian food you like? I like spaghetti Do you like spaghetti? No, I don't, but I like pizza Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 6: DO YOU WANT SOMETHING TO DRINK? David, would you like something to eat? No, I'm full Do you want something to drink? Yes, I'd like some coffee Sorry, I don't have any coffee That's OK I'll have a glass of water A small glass, or a big one? Small please Here you go Thanks You're welcome Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 7: THAT’S TOO LATE! Mary, would you like to get something to eat with me? OK When? At 10 O'clock 10 in the morning? No, at night Sorry, that's too late I usually go to bed around 10:00PM OK, how about 1:30 PM? No, that's too early I'll still be at work then How about 5:00PM? That's fine OK, see you then Alright Bye Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 8: CHOOSING A TIME TO MEET Jennifer, would you like to have dinner with me? Yes That would be nice When you want to go? Is today OK? Sorry, I can't go today How about tomorrow night? Ok What time? Is 9:00PM all right? I think that's too late Is 6:00PM OK? Yes, that's good Where would you like to go? The Italian restaurant on 5th street Oh, I don't like that Restaurant I don't want to go there How about the Korean restaurant next to it? OK, I like that place Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 9: WHEN DO YOU WANT TO GO? Hi Mark Hi What are you planning to today? I'm not sure yet Would you like to have lunch with me? Yes When? Is 11:30AM OK? Sorry, I didn't hear you Can you say that again please? I said, 11:30AM Oh, I'm busy then Can we meet a little later? OK, how about 12:30PM? OK Where? How about Bill's Seafood Restaurant? Oh, Where is that? It's on 7th Street OK, I'll meet you there Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 46: LEAVING A MESSAGE Hello? Hi, is Heather there please? Sorry, I think you have the wrong number Is this 617-228-2289? Yes Who are you looking for again? Heather Johnson Oh, I thought you said Laura Sorry about that.This is the right number, butHeather’s not here right now Do you know where she went? She went to the store to buy some groceries Would you like to leave a message? Yes, would you please tell her Eric Martin called? Hi Eric, this is her roommate Kathy I met you a couple months ago at theChristmas party Oh, yes How are you? Good Heather will be back in about 20 minutes I’ll tell her you called OK Thanks Bye bye Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 47: TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER Hello? Hi Tina, It’s Joe Hi Joe How’s the weather there today? It’s really cold It snowed all day and the schools closed early What’s the temperature? It’s 30 degrees now It was even colder this morning Have you heard what the weather is going to be like tomorrow? I was watching the news a little earlier.They said it’s probably going to snowtomorrow I really don’t like the winter I wish it were summer Me too How’s the weather where you are? It’s not too bad, but it’s pretty cold here too It was about 45 today and it rained this afternoon I heard it’s going to be a little warmer tomorrow Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 48: MAKING PLANS It’s almost Christmas What are you doing this weekend? Nothing special, just working Why you ask? Well, I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping Do you want to go shoppingwith me this weekend? I’d like to, but I’m not sure if I can Work has been really busy lately Why don’t we go on Friday instead? Friday’s not good I think the stores will be very crowded and I have to work OK, then let’s try to go this weekend I should know if I can go by Friday Is it OK if I call you then? Yeah, that’s fine What’s your number? 233-331-8828 Let me give you my email address too It’s sara@gmail.com OK, I’ll talk to you soon OK Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 49: MEETING A FRIEND Hello? Hi Vicky Are you there yet? Yes I just got off the subway I’m almost there Sorry I’m late That’s no problem I just wanted to tell you I’m inside Where are you? On the second floor Should I come to the second floor or you want to come to the first floor? Come upstairs What? Oh, Can you hear me OK? I said, come to the second floor Oh, OK What are you doing there? Just looking at some books on how to learn English Do you want to get something to eat later? No, I’m still full from dinner What you want to do? I don’t know for sure When you get here we’ll talk about it OK, see you soon Bye Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 50: I’M A STUDENT Craig, what you for work? I’m still a student What school you go to? Boston University That’s a good school What you study? I’m studying english, math, and history My major is english How long have you been studying english? More than six years That’s a long time Yeah, I started to learn english when I was in high school No wonder your english is so good Actually, it’s not that good I can read but I can’t speak very well I haven’t had a lot of chance to practice I see.Talking with other people is very important Yes, but I still don’t have many friends here yet I’m having a party tonight at my apartment.You should come Oh thanks for inviting me I’d love to come Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 51: STUDYING FOR EXAMS Hi Kim Hey Shawn, good to see you again How have you been? OK, I didn’t sleep much last night though I stayed up until 2AM studying for an exam I was up late last night too.The semester is almost over I’ve had exams all week Are you going back to California after you graduate? I think so After I graduate I’ll probably go back home and try to get a job Do you know where you’d like to work? Not yet, but I want to be an english translator That’d be really cool I’d like to be a translator too, but I don’t think my english is good enough Don’t worry about that.Your english is better than most of my classmates Thanks Where are you going now? I’m going to study at the library I have to take an exam tomorrow Me too How late does the library stay open? I think it’s open until 11:30PM OK, Good luck You too Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 52: DID YOU GET MY MESSAGE? Hello? Hi Angela, it’s Dan Hi Dan How are you? Good I called you yesterday Did you get my message? Yes, I was taking a shower when you called I saw that you called and I tried to call you back, but I think your phone was off No problem I wanted to remind you that my friend is getting married next week.You’re still coming to the wedding with me, right? Oh, is that next week? Yes Did you forget? No, of course not I already bought them a present That’s good I want to invite Megan also Next time you see her, can you tell herfor me Sure Does she know your friend? Yes, I think they might have gone to the same college or something like that I’mnot exactly sure how they know each other Are we all going to drive together? Yes I’ll pick you up first, and then we’ll go get Megan Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 53: MAKING A DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT Hi, I’d like to see the doctor, please Do you have an appointment? No When would you like an appointment? Is today possible? Yes Today is fine What time would you like? As soon as possible My stomach really hurts Please wait a moment I’ll see if the doctor is available OK Sorry, he’s with a patient right now It’s probably going to be about another 30 minutes Would you mind waiting a little longer? No problem May I see your insurance card please? Here you are Thanks That’s going to be 25 dollars for today’s visit Really? I didn’t think it would be that much I know how you feel I’ll pay with cash Thank you Would you please turn on the heat? It’s really cold in here It is cold in here, isn’t it? I’ll take care of that in a moment Please have a seat and fill out these forms Bring them back to me when you’re done Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 54: MAIL Hey Jane, did you get the mail yet? Yes I picked it up this morning There were a few bills and a letter from my mother There was also a lot of junk mail Was there anything for me? I don’t remember, let me check.Yes, it looks like there’s something here for you Who’s it from? The American Embassy My hands are dirty Will you open it for me? What does it say? It says your passport is ready.You can pick it up anytime Do you think you can drive me there? Sure, when? I think we should go get it now I’m going to wash my hands and then we’ll go Is that OK? Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 55: I HAVE A COLD How are you feeling? I still have a cold Still? It’s been over a week now, hasn’t it? Yeah, its been a while I started feeling this way last Monday Are you feeling any better? A little I took some medicine this morning and I feel a little better now What’s wrong? I have a bad cough Did you go see the doctor yet? Not yet, I might go tomorrow I’m going to the drug store now, can I get you anything? Yes, if it’s not too much trouble, would you get me some tissues Sure Anything else? No, that’s it OK, I’ll be back in about an hour If you think of anything else you need, give me acall Thanks Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 56: DINNER INVITATION Hi James, it’s good to see you again Hi Barbara Are you here for work? Yes Is Steve with you? No, I’m here alone Steve couldn’t come this time How long will you be staying? days I’m going back on Friday My brother and I are getting together for dinner Do you want to come with us? Yeah, that would be nice I have a meeting in an hour I can meet you afterwards, ifthat’s OK.The meeting shouldn’t last long That’s fine Who is your meeting with? The Boston Insurance Company I’ll call you when it’s over OK Can I use your phone? I left mine in the car and I want to call them to getdirections Sure, here you go Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 57: SEND ME THE DIRECTION Hello? Hi Frank, it’s Pam Hey Pam, what’s up? Not much Where are you? I’m in the car driving home When you get home, will you send me an email with directions to the party tonight? Sure, no problem When you think you’ll get home? I don’t know, maybe in about 30 minutes or so There’s a lot of traffic I have to go out soon Can you just send me a text message with the address instead OK, I’ll that as soon as I get home Thanks a lot Drive carefully OK, I’ll see you tonight Bye Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 58: BAD CELLPHONE RECEPTION Hello? Hi Sharon, it’s George again What time you think you’ll get to the party tonight? Sorry, what did you say? Hello, can you hear me? I said what time you think you’ll be getting to the party? Sorry, I can’t hear you Can you hear me now? No, not very clearly It’s really noisy here It might be my cell phone, I don’t think I have very good reception Oh, that’s OK Can I call you right back? OK Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Lesson 59: GOING TO THE GYM Ed, what should we today? I have been studying all week I’d like to exercise Me too Let’s go to the gym Good idea What are we going to there? We can lift weights or play basketball I like to play basketball Are you good at it? Not really, but I like to play I use to play a lot when I was in school, but nowthere’s no time I know what you mean I used to play soccer a lot Do you think we can play soccer there? No, there’s not enough room I think it’s better if we play outside OK, maybe we can go play soccer later this afternoon It’s too cold outside today Let’s wait until the weather gets a little warmer OK Website: www.emas.edu.vn Hotline: 0933.6966.37 Chuẩn Hóa Tiếng Anh Emas  Website: www.emas.edu.vn  Hotline: 0933.6966.37  Fan page: www.facebook.com/ChuanHoaTiengAnh LƯU HÀNH NỘI BỘ
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