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Like this? ​ Like me ​bit.ly/huongmysheo 185 outlines for academic essays Collected by Huong Mysheo attend college or university + career preparation: _ job market is competitive (info tech need workers) _ students can learn new skills, increase opportunities + new exp _ 1​st​ time away from home => meet new ppl, live on one’s own _ see what life is like in a diff city + increase knowledge _ learn from friends _ learn skills, knowledge related to career colleges offer much more than career preparation parents are the best teacher? + parents may be too close to their children emotionally _ limit a child’s freedom in the name of safety _ think that going to big city or going camping is too dangerous + parents expect children’s interests to be similar to their own _ force children to love science like them _ force children to take part in sports in stead of art + parents want to pass on their values to their children _ children are growing up in a different world _may have negative opinion about racism and internet =>parents are important teachers but not the best teachers Easier food preparation improved our lives? + Microwave ovens make food quickly _ ppl are now busy working, caring families, travelling, playing sports _ with microwave ovens, we have item to enjoy meals and many other things + Fridges keep food fresh _ eat fruit & vege from far away _ always have food available + modern transportation methods _ fresh food& veges are available all year round _ modern kitchen appliances easily prepare food that is more convenient, healthier, various Knowledge from books or exp? + learn from classmates in primary school _ how to make friends _ how it feels to succeed, what to when we fail _what should or shouldn’t + Skills in adult lives learned in uni classes Merry Christmas from Mysheo with dirty air, everything will be covered with dust pollute rivers and streams + More jobs will be created => population will grow quickly many new homes, stores will be built lots of traffic fast grow causes more harm than good + Our city will change a lot, from a safe and quiet city what you would change about your hometown change the fact that there is no sense of community + ppl here dont’ feel connected to the community _ ppl come and go alot, change jobs frequently and move on _ they dont’ join & get involved in community _ don’t try to beautify the neighborhoods + ppl dont’ try to support others _ dont’ watch out for others’ children or check in on elderly neighborhoods _ they may not know if a neighbor loses a loved one + ppl dont’ get to know each other _ when neighbors go on vacation, no one watches their house for them _ there’s no friendly or casual way of mentioning when others’ children have problem How movies or TV influence ppl’s behavior? + makes ppl more violent _ The more we see violence on television, the less sensitive we become to it _ Sometimes we confuse that with reality and weforget that killing someone is permanent + makes ppl less active _ watching TV requires no activity _ forget about other activities + don’t exercise our imagination _ all the films are told for us _ don’t have to imagine anything have negative effects: encourage to accept violence, inactivity, unimaginative TV has destroyed communication among friends and family? + TV programs give us things to think and talk _possible to hear up-to-the minute news and famous movies _ discuss news, movies with others + understand others better _ everyone have access to the same TV programs _ when u meet new ppl, u will be familiar with at least some of the same TV programs => give sth to talk, begin new friendships Merry Christmas from Mysheo with It is certainly difficult to be successful without hard work, but hard work also needs to be helped by a little luck 11 Uni should give the same amount of money to their sports as libraries + sports have students to relax _ studying in uni is very stressful _ students can together play sports after classes to relax and increase health status + sports make the uni more diversed and attractive _ more and more students care not only about uni’s academic but also uni’s lives _ good sports facilities and varsity will attract good students + sports make students more active and friendly _ sitting in classes and libraries make students more inactive and reserved _ only sports where they can play and discuss together 12 Why ppl visit museums? People visit museums for a number of reasons +Point 1: Learn about the culture of a place _Examples: History Art _ Lack of museums +Point 2: Have fun _ Example: Hands-on exhibits + Learn about unusual subjects _ potato museum Merry Christmas from Mysheo with for the life of a student, eating out is the only practical choice 14 university students should be required to attend classes + receive the benefit of the teacher’s knowledge _ best teachers more than just go over the material _ best teachers draw students into discussion of the material _ best teachers present contrast views, provide additional info + student can learn how to work with other _ in class, students have to present, defend idea to their classmates _ students have to learn to work in groups to complete class projects + Attending classes teaches students responsibility _ responsibility in having to be in class and to assignments on time 15 quality of good neigbors + respects your property _ asks for permission before doing something that may affect you + willing to lend a hand when you need help _ lends some milk if you run out _ gives you a ride if your car breaks down _ let’s your children stay at his house if you get stuck working overtime + volunteer to help if you go through a crisis _ prepare a few meals _help you get through the sadness of a funeral => a good neighbor is someone who respects you and supports you as he can 16 New restaurant + more work available _ many ppl in our neighborhood got no job _ more work helps reducing the criminal rates _ more work helps lives of many ppl easier + more choice of eating available for the neigbor _ lack of good restaurants in the neighborhood _ ppl in the neigborhood have more chance to go for dinners + make the lifestyle more interesting _ ppl have many places to go after working hard _ a big and unique restaurant will attract many visitors => as long as the restaurants brings great potential to the neighborhood, it will be appreciated 17 To have a teacher is better than learn by themselves Merry Christmas from Mysheo with There is nothing wrong with studying on your own For the best possible learning, though, a teacher is the biggest help you can have 18 qualities of good supervisors (bosses) + good supervisor is fair _treats all employees with equal respect _uses the same set of criteria to evaluate each employee s performance + good supervisor gives clear and understandable directions _doesn't constantly change her mind about what she wants employees to _ doesn't get angry when an employee is confused and needs more explanation + good supervisor sets the standards for her el1?ployeesby her own behavior _ works hard and acts responsibly and gets her work done on time _ expect her employees to act professionally if she acts professionally, 19 spend money on public transportation + depletion of natural resources _ gas and gasoline are non-renewable resource _ using public transportation cost less than using private cars + reduce cars pollution _high amount of air pollution causes health problems for the ppl _ public transportation => fewer car => less polluted + increase the communication between ppl _ Cars tend to isolate people from each other _ using public transporttation encourages ppl to get to know each other 20 It is better for children to grow up in a big city + have the opportunity to learn about different kinds of people _ In the countryside, children have limited opportunities to see and learn about things _ In the city, they see people working in different kinds ofjobs => make better choices for future + there are many opportunities to attend cultural events _ In the city there are movies and theaters, museums, zoos, and concerts _ In the city children can attend cultural eventsevery weekend + easily access good education _ many schools and pros in the city, while country lacks _ have better sense of competition in studying and working Merry Christmas from Mysheo with greater variety of places to eat + more jobs for the community _ these jobs would be in the building of the center _ Later, the jobs would be in the stores, theaters, and food establishments 26 new movie theaters +more oppOl1unitiesfor entel1ainment _ Right now, there is little to in my town _the nearest movie theaters and restaurants is thil1y minutes away _ we can enjoy evenings right in our own neighborhood + reduce teenage delinquency _ teenagers need activities to keep them busy and out of trouble _a movie theatre provide them with entel1ainment and jobs + attract more business to our town _ People who come to use our movie theater would also shop in our stores _ New stores and restaurants might open 27 People should sometimes things that they not enjoy doing + part of our personal lives _ no one enjoys going to the doctor, but we have to this because of our health + part of our professional lives _ No one likes to boring assignments or to work with someone who no one else likes _ we're in management, we may sometimes have tofire someone + doing something we don't enjoy can lead to enjoyment _ Simply by trying it again, we may decide we like doing it 28 the media pay too much attention to the private lives offamous people + dig up bad information _ a person took drugs when he was young, or that someone was a reckless driver and caused a bad accident _ a person in her forties has to explain something that she did when she was fifteen 29 Earth is being harmed more and more by human activity + we have limited natural resources _ example of cutting down trees and catching fishes _if we aren't careful about how we use our natural resources, we will lose many of them + the amount of pollution human activity can cause _ Our cars pollute the air _ Our factories pollute both the air and the water Merry Christmas from Mysheo with People need to respect the Earth and try to preseroe it 32 saving money or enjoying money? + Education is expensive _ have tuition, room and board, books, and incidental expenses to pay for _ can't depend on my parents to pay all my bills + Travel is also very expensive _ travel to and from school, because my school isfar from home + Emergencies could arrive at any moment _ unexpected illness while I am at school _ my family members may need help and I will have to send them money 33 buy either a piece of jewelry you like or tickets to a concert? + jewelry is a very good investment _ its value increases every year _ you can always sell your jewelry to get the money when you need, but used ticket cannot be sold + jewelry is very fashionable _ I would feel very smart wearing a beautiful gold bracelet or diamond pin _ ppl would compliment me on my good taste 35 attend a live performance or watch on TV? + much more convenient to stay home _ don't have to worry about leaving the house on time _ don't have to worry about traffic or parking _don't have to stand on line for a ticket + much more comfortable to watch a performance at home _ wear any clothes that I want _ have a good seat with a good view _ get up and get a snack at any time _ relax and enjoy myself in the comfort of my own home + much cheaper _ don't have to buy a ticket _ don't have to pay for parking or for dinner 36 automobiles bicycles airplanes + Planes is fast _The Concorde flew at supersonic speed _ useful for bussinessman + It is always exciting to take a plane trip _ you might cross time zones, oceans, and many countries _ When you get off the plane, you could be in a place where the people speak a different language + convenience of a plane _ You can go anywhere at any time you want Merry Christmas from Mysheo with more outstanding from others => make two friends know more about each other and become more close 120 I don't agree that quick decisions are always wrong - In familiar circumstances you can usually trust yourself to make a good decision quickly Ex: For example, your boss might offer you the opportunity to a certain job and she needs an immediate decision from you => accept quickly - We can also usually rely on our instinct Ex: Instinct helps you choose the right apartment - We can get into trouble when we make decisions out of desperation 121 First impressions give us valuable information - It doesn't take long for people to show their true character + pay attention to their behaviors, how they greet you - Even on a bad day, you can see what a person is really like + Because you can see how they react to bad situations - I feel I can learn a lot about a person in a few minutes, so I don't want to waste my time if the first impression isn't good 122 We are always trying to have something more or better than what we already have - Early childhood + Give a small child a toy/cookie; she's happy -until she sees another one - Adolescence + Clothes => change to match their friends - Adulthood + change jobs, houses, cars, social status… 123 Disagree => fiction is also important - Fiction can teach us about real things and give us a deeper understanding of them + Fictions (novels) tell us some facts and what those facts mean to real people Ex: some novels… - Fiction helps us develop our creativity Ex: imagine when reading stories, watching cartoons… - Fiction helps us understand and express our emotions Ex: When we read romances or tragedies or comedies, we read about feelings that we have Merry Christmas from Mysheo with all students should be required to study art and music secondary schools - By studying art and music, students can learn much about themselves + Students know what they good at => choose to learn music or art - Studying art and music means more than drawing or playing an instrument + study more about culture, social values… - It helps students learn about other people around the world + learn about other societies, history, and lifestyle of other places… 126 Disagree => Young people can teach older people - Technology + How to use computers, videocassettes … - Popular cultures + Popular sports, music … - Social problems + AIDS, violence … 127 Agree => Reading fiction is more enjoyable than watching movies - Most novels and stories have more depth than movies + Novels provide more details, more characters … - Readers are more actively involved in a story than movie watchers are + Movie watchers: sit, watch; while readers: think and imagine - You can read novels at any time and place => Convenient + In bus, before dinner, before sleep … 128 Exercise should not be required part of school day - If a school offers physical education classes, then students will have to be graded in them + Unfair for students who are not good at physical exercise - Another issue is economic + building gyms, fields, equipments is costly => should spend money on academic purposes - Many students a lot of physical exercise everyday => exercising at school is unnecessary Ex: walk, ride a bicycle, soccer team … 129 Develop a new research center in agriculture in your country - We need agriculture production + More food because of the increase in population + More crops => export - We also need to develop disease-resistant crops + => less money and time spent on killing diseases - Farmers need to learn modern farming methods + Plant better crops => earns more money Merry Christmas from Mysheo with Successful people don’t have to be rich - Fame + It’s not true that famous people are rich people Ex: humanitarian, scientists (May not rich but still famous and successful) - Respect Ex: + a very rich boss behaves rudely to other people => not be respected => unsuccessful + A poor worker is respected by other people => successful - Knowledge + Some people have a lot of knowledge, can answer many questions and deal with problem, but don’t have much money => still successful … 132 Invent something new: a device or pill that put people to sleep immediately with no side effects, because of the importance of sleep: - When we don't get enough sleep, our concentration is strongly affected Ex: not sleep => distracted => can’t remember things, or have accidents - Sleeplessness also affects our physical health Ex: less energy => slow, unresponsive - Sleeplessness also affects our mental health Ex: Lack of sleep => loses our tempers easily and overreacts to situations Sleep enough => look positive, easy to get along with 133 Agree => a person's childhood years are the most important period - It’s the time we learn about relationships, first with our family, then with the rest of the world + learn to respond to others (love, hate, respect), form ideas - These are the years when we begin our formal education + learn basic and important skills (reading, writing, and working with numbers) - It’s the time we develop our moral sense of right and wrong during these years 134 Agree => children should be required to help with household tasks - Household tasks build skills + Motor skills, classification skills, cooking, cleaning … - Children learn responsibility when they help with household tasks + Responsible to help people, to organize time => good for them in the future - Make everyone in the family happier + After working time, parents come home and see their children doing housework => they will feel happier … 135 Student should use uniform: - Uniforms make students equal on an economic level + prevent jealousy from rich students Merry Christmas from Mysheo with students feel not to be left out 137 Agree - Students can start exploring possible career interests when they are allowed to choose some of their own subjects - When students choose some of their own subjects, they have the chance to learn responsibility - Students would also have a chance to enjoy themselves in school + Students feel more interested and comfortable when they can choose course for themselves 138 Disagree => It is always better to be a leader than a follower - It takes skills to be a good leader + assess, approach situation, organize works, assign task to workers … - Being a leader is a challenging position to be in + Have to solve problems, reorganize works when a worker gets sick - Leaders have responsibility + Responsible for the whole group 139 Kitchen - Place where the family gathers - Place where food is prepared + You love cooking => love kitchen - I have many happy memories of kitchens 140 Prefer machine-made items - Cheaper + hand-made: a lot of time and effort => costly + machine-made: easy to make, hundreds of copies a day => cheaper - More available (easier to find) + hand-made: find for it all day + machine-made: every shop/store - Easy to dispose of (we don’t regret much if we lost it) + hand-made is costly and beautiful => regret much if it’s broken => need effort to repair + machine-made: broken => buy a new one 141 Change foreign language program - We need is third- and fourth-year language classes (because this school doesn’t have E program for these classes) + Not well-prepared - Need well-trained instructors + Because teachers in school are not good - Need to use modern technology in our language classes 142 A gift: bicycle - Physical activity + Play and exercise - Transportation + ride to school, visit friends Merry Christmas from Mysheo with explore the world 143 Prefer short vacations throughout the year - Students likely more concentrate on their work + School sessions are shorter; more breaks => students will begin new session with full energy => concentrate - Students can more easily get a fresh start when they need one + If a student has a bad session, he just has to wait a short time to start again, not the whole year => recover better - Students can actually make better use of that vacation time + Long vacation => students easily get bored => sitting home, doing nothing => waste time + Many short vacations => more plans => vacations are more effective 144 Prefer modern apartment building - New and in good condition + No holes on the wall, floors are clean, kitchens are convenient … - You can be sure it all works + You can rely on the heating system, air-conditional - It’s much easier to maintain a modern building + Traditional house => need to cut grass, clean the basement … => time-consuming + Building => smaller => don’t have to worry much 145 Advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives - Advertisements help us learn about new products Ex: List of lunches sold in a grocery - Advertisements the improvements of products Ex: improvements of cell phone: more promotional campaigns - Advertisements inform us about prices + help us know the latest price 146 Prefer spending free time outdoor - have the opportunity to see new sights + Scenery is always different in street, park; ex: flowers, trees … - have the opportunity to try new things Ex: sail a boat, climb rocks, swim, ride a bike … - have the opportunity to meet new people Ex: people in the park, in swimming club … 148 Agree => playing games teaches us about life - Games teach us about cause-and-effect relationships Ex: work hard => win; work lazily => lose - Playing games teaches us how to deal with other people + develop team-work + learn to negotiate, and get along with others - Games teach us how achieve something + Work step-by-step, follow the rules, work hard 149 Build a campground for recreation - There aren't many opportunities for outdoor recreation in my town Merry Christmas from Mysheo with need to build more - We have many opportunities for indoor recreation, but they are all expensive Ex: Museums, movie theaters are expensive - At a campground, everybody can find activities that they enjoy Ex: sit or relax; study nature; go hiking; gather around a campfire 150 Television is very bad for children - Not good for health + Don’t physical exercises => watch TV and eat snack and chips => fat, lazy - Not good for mind + Some information on TV is bad (violence, sex) - TV encourages children to be materialistic + Watch advertisements => they want the newest, biggest, best things (cars, clothes …) => children will be spoiled 151 Most important animal in my country: dogs - Companionship + Play with children, the elderly; go with people when walking or hunting - Important assistance + Help farmers guard their sheep or cows + Help blind people live independently + realize - Protect people from danger + help find lost children + protect people from burglars 152 Trees - Help us breathe + provide oxygen for people - Help develop medicines - Help conserve soil + Trees = factor in underground water distribution => prevent soil from being washed away 153 Disagree - Zoos can be wonderfully educational places + see animals up close, learn how they eat, breathe, play … + learn about their environments - Zoos provide scientists with many opportunities for research + experiments, research in safer situation than in the wild => learn about animals - Zoos can get people interested in environmental concerns + People see how animals live => people know how they become endangered => protect them as well as their environments 154 Bad rules - Smokers have rights just like everybody else + Many people don’t like motorbike, dog, cat … but they are not banned - People smoke to relax + Smoking just like other activities to relax => should not be banned - It is possible to have smoking areas in public places Merry Christmas from Mysheo with export coconuts and their products (copra, coconut oil …) - Food + Coconut is the basis of national cuisine (coconut milk, coconut oil …) - Shelter + protect people from heavy rain, tsunami … 156 Visit Iceland - Experience some days when the sun doesn't set + go to bed while the sun is still in the sky => funny - See some of Iceland's beautiful scenery + look at volcanoes, walk on glaciers, swim in the natural hot springs - Learn more about the history of Iceland 157 Study at school is better - Students can also get precious information from teachers, friends Ex: learn to play sport … - Interaction with other people => increase knowledge + Work in group => share ideas, develop social skills (talk, negotiate …) - Competition motivation + Study at home => didn’t know I am still doing good job or bad job => no motivation + Study at school => compete with other students => more motivations 158 We should not pay attention to famous people’ opinion - Famous people’s opinion is not always good Ex: rock star: + talk about music: good + talk about political situations, social issues: bad - If we are going to listen to other people's opinions, we should listen to the experts - When we listen to famous people’s opinions, we don’t really hear what they are talking about + A music star supports certain political candidate + we admire this music star => vote for that candidate (without knowing that this candidate is good or bad) 159 Memorable change of 20​th​ century: medical science - Vaccines and antibiotics have saved the lives of many people Ex: + 50 years ago: many people died because of polio + Now: vaccines => don’t have to worry about polio - Develop health care systems => improve the lives of millions of people + In the past: many patients are far from hospitals, doctors => died + Now: patients are treated easily => improve quality of life - Improve surgical technique + More efficient, help treat more illnesses + Recover more quickly than the past 160 Complaint in writing - When I write, I can organize my thoughts + write as many time as I like => can certain that I make my point clearly Merry Christmas from Mysheo with may not make the point clearly - When I write a letter, I have written proof of my complaint + Complaint letter is more persuasive with evidences 161 Why people remember gifts or presents - remind us of special people in our lives + Look at the gift => remembers friends, mom, dad … => have good feelings about them - bring back memories of special events in our lives Ex: Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations - can also be a symbol of our past Ex: a toy => remind us of game we played then 162 Famous entertainers earn a lot of money and they deserve it - They have to work hard + At first, some works for low-paying jobs to gain experience; then they work hard to maintain talent and fame => deserve with a lot of money - They provide us with great entertainment + They help people relax with songs or games => inspire people to learn to play music or sports => they deserve to be paid for it - They suffer a loss of privacy + Photographers, journalists, fans always find out details of their private lives => earning a lot of money can compensate for it 163 Yes - To communicate through e-mail using the Internet + Past: talk, communicate => just listen and talk + Now: chat, write letter => read and write are important - To subscribe to news and information on the Internet + Past: listen to the radio, watch TV => just listen + Now: headlines, sports scores, political news, social events on Internet => read is important - To buy products on the Internet + Past: buy stuff in store => just listen and talk + Now: buy things on Internet => select products … => reading and writing are important 164 To have a good health: - Eat healthfully (physically healthy) + avoid food with high fat + Eat a lot of vegetable + Try to cook food properly - Do exercises (physically healthy) + walk, ride a bike, play sports - Maintain good friendship (emotionally healthy) + Have friends => happy, reduce stress 165 Help children learn to read - Students who are not good readers fall behind their classmates Merry Christmas from Mysheo with can’t get a well job in the future + They can only the menial job => low-paying + miserable - When students improve their reading skills, they can read books on all different subjects => know more about the world around them 166 Events make a person an adult - Graduating from college + No longer economically depend on parents + Choose what job is appropriate for them - Getting a job + Have responsibilities at work + Learn to tolerate boss, work-mates - Getting married + Also responsible for spouses, children + Take care of parents 167 Buy computers - Provide access to up-to-date information + Books: old content; buy more books => old quickly - Provide information more quickly + Books: time-consuming to find keywords + Computers: type keywords => info appear on the screen - Help students develop computing skills + Computing skills are important for them in the future 168 Why some people study abroad? - To be bilingual and multilingual + Can understand many languages => get more information - To be familiar with other cultures - Living in new environments => approach more ways of doing things than study at home 169 Why music is important to many people - Music is an expression of emotion + When people play or listen to music, they feel their emotions => music brings them different emotions - Music helps people feel connected to each other + Share the same musical tastes - Music is expression of beauty Ex: listening to music => like looking at beautiful flowers or spectacular sunset … 170 Why are many groups and organizations important to people’s lives? - Our families are obviously our most important group +Because we are tied to them by blood +Give us physical and emotional support - Religious organizations connect us to people who share our believes + They tell us how to respond and act + Reduce stress Merry Christmas from Mysheo with reduce homesickness - If I’m away from home for year, there are many things I don't know how to (cook, open a bank account …) => call back to ask parents - I may just want to speak my own language (call friends, tell them about my life) 172 How can school help new students about their problems? - orient new students to their school + take them a tour to visit new school, explain the school program - talk to new students about their goals and interests + help students choose appropriate classes + extracurricular activities - Encourage teachers and old students to welcome new students 173 Agree: borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship - If you ask a friend for money, it is hard for her to say no => put her to an unfair situation - If you ask a friend for money, it is hard for her to admit that she doesn't have enough money - Your friend may feel awkward about asking for her money back 174 How is your generation different from your parents' generation? - Computers + Parents: like to use paper, read news in newspaper + I: use computer to store files, documents, and to read news - My parents had only local TV when they were young, but I have satellite TV + Parents: just have channels inside country + I: have many other channels in all over the world - Cell phones + Now I can send message, talk to people at any time, but our parent couldn’t when they were at my age 175 Prefer classes where teachers all the talking in class - Spending time listening to the lecture => get full ideas => get good grade - Teacher is the only person to know the subject + time is short => students should only listen to their teachers, not talk in class - Even if we could talk in class, many students would never open their mouth + Shy; don’t want to be laughed at 176 October 24​th​: people celebrate the birthday of the UN because the UN is important - UN promotes peace, stop wars - UN has done a lot of work to provide basic needs to people around the world + Health programs + Education program + Provide assistance to refugees - On UN Day, people should spend time learning about the work of the UN + Create workshops, fairs to provide information about the UN + Create contest to learn about the UN 177 Advice: spend money on a car Merry Christmas from Mysheo with sell => make profit + It’s likely impossible to sell a vacation 178 Changes in the 21​st​ century - Access to information + Computers, TV => don’t have to spend time going to the library - International relations + Global economy => countries need to cooperate more - Family structure + More single-parent (no children) family, more families adopt children … 179 Qualities of a good parent - Unconditional love, no matter what choices we make for ourselves - Trust - Respect our own way, don’t make us follow in their footsteps 180 Why movies are popular - Our lives are not adventurous or glamorous like the movies => watch movies to find excitements - Movies give us emotion, make us laugh and cry - Movies inspire us to be politicians or scientists 181 Use land for building - Our industrial sector has grown a lot over the past decade + Have to build more factories => more jobs - We have to build more houses + More factories => more jobs => requirement for house increases - We also need to build more stores + More store enable people to go shopping => more convenient 182 Not good - Sometimes people who love their pets don't want to become involved in other activities Ex: love pets too much => don’t housework or homework or play sports - Loving a pet too much can interfere with good relationships with people Ex: love pets too much => don’t hang out with friends or spend time with family - People spend thousands of dollars on their pets, but this money could have other uses 183 What have you learned about a country from watching its movies? - Education is something we all have in common + Parents help children to homework … - By watching foreign movies, we see the different ways people earn a living - Movies often show how people have fun in different countries Ex: in Europe: soccer; USA: rugby; India: cricket … 184 Prefer to learn in a group - Help us learn more Merry Christmas from Mysheo with more focused - Funnier Ex: go out for coffee after class … 185 Purchase a business - Buy a business => after a few years I can also buy a house - Help us travel + Buy a house: can’t go on a trip + Buy a business: can go on a business trip - To help family + Buy a business => make money => take care of parents and family more carefully Thank you! Merry Christmas from Mysheo with
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