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TRUNG TÂM NGOẠI NGỮ VIỆT ANH CAM RANH – TEL: 3954441 Thầy Bảo 0903774992 Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others A extinct B fix C expensive D example A wrong B swim C white D well A exhaust B cause C source D enormous A criticism B small C smoke D smart Choose the best answer to complete the sentences This school is only for children first language is not English A who B which C whose D whom The _will be a happy planet where human beings, animals and plants peacefully co-exist A Earth B moon C land D sun Solar energy is not only plentiful and infinite but also clean and safe A abundant B unlimited C rich D limited A pacifist is a person _believes all wars are wrong A which B whose C whom D who There is one person _I owe more than I can say A to whom B on who C on whom D to who 10 This is Mr John, _helped me last week A who B whom C which D that 11 Dinosaurs became _millions of years ago A die B extinct C disappear D death 12 The song _which we listened last night was interesting A in B with C to D on 13 Water energy can produce _, which is used to operate machines A electricity B electrical C electric D electronic 14 The blue whale is a(n) _species A danger B extinct C dangerous D endangered 15 Efforts have been made to _the environment A dirty B protect C pollute D contaminate 16 The boy who is playing the piano is Ben A playing B is playing C played D to play 17 Laws have been introduced to _the killing of endangered animals A encourage B prohibit C ban D both B& C 18 The number of rare animals is decreasing rapidly that they are in danger of becoming extinct A very B so C really D such 19 Alexander Fleming, _discovered penicillin, received the Nobel Prize in 1945 A who B whom C that D which 20 The building / destroyed / fire / been / rebuilt A The building destroyed in the fire has been rebuilt B The building which was destroyed in the fire has been rebuilt C The building that was destroyed in the fire has been rebuilt D All are correct 21 That little girl, _sister I know, is a film actress A whom B that C who D whose 22 _is a great source of energy but very dangerous A Solar energy B Wind energy C Water power D Nuclear power 23 She is the woman _I told you about A which B whom C about whom D whose 24 The woman _I wanted to see was away on holiday A that B which C whom D A, C are correct 25 It was a service for _I was grateful A that B whom C which D who 26 Many national parks are _danger of being destroyed A with B on C in D to 27 I come from a city that is located in the southeastern part of the country A locating B located C is located D to locate Choose the underlined part that needs correcting 28 The film is about a spy his wife betrays him [betray: be disloyal to] A B C D 29 We are trying to find solutions about environmental pollution [find sth/sb for sth/sb: discover sth/sb] A B C D 30 They work in a hospital sponsoring by the government A B C D 31 The sun, water, and the wind are other alternative source of energy A B C D 32 The problem about which we are very interested has been discussed in class A B C D I Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other words A talked B naked C asked D liked A chemist B chicken C church D century A involve B subzero C go D alone A chalk B champagne C machine D ship A sun B sure C success D sort II Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words A ability B already C retirement D uniform A excellent B gymnastics C stadium D restaurant A champion B common C foremost D respect A eventual 10 A penalty B qualify B personal C president C position D volleyball D powerful Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words A architect B arch C church D cheese A summer B tutor C struggle D study A vacation B exhibition C nation D question Choose the word that has different stress pattern from that of the other words A sophisticated B painting C interesting D popular A provide B struggle C ethnic D village Circle the best answer for each sentence By the time I into town, the shops A did/was closing B got/had closed C did/had closed D was closing/closed the drawer, she took out a book A Open B Opened C Opening D Having opened In some countries, women’s rights are not equal _men’s A for B with C from D to You can _take a train or go by bus to Hue A either B not C both D neither 10 I left it _on the table in the drawer A either/nor B neither/or C either/or D either/either 11 Not did she refuse to speak to him, but she also vowed never to see him again (vow: swear)A even B only C at allD always 12 The knife _we cut bread is very sharp A which B with which C that D with that 13 I'll be staying with Adrian, _brother is one of my closest friends A whom B whose C which D that 14 The little girl _I borrowed this pen has gone A from that B whose C from whom D from who 15 Their efforts were much _when they won two gold medals in bodybuilding and billiards A expended B appreciated C required D considered 16 _Julia _her sister are going to the party A Both/and B Neither/nor C Either/or D Not only/but also 17 I first met my girlfriend A It was in London that B It was in London where C It was London that D It was London which 18 We are proud of our _staff, who are always friendly and efficient A well-done B well-appointed C well-behaved D well- trained 19 Many rare _of animals are in danger of extinction A species B classes C being D pairs 20 Fossil fuels will be exhausted with in a relatively short time A comparatively B shortly C rapidly D disadvantageously 21 _ energy is the one that comes from the sun A Wind B Wave C Nuclear D Solar 22 John often uses Express Money _ to send money to his parents in the countryside A Change B Exchange C Transfer D Send 23 Their is rejected due to some problems of pollution A suggest B suggestion C suggestive D suggestible 24 Yuri Gagarin lifted off into space aboard the Vostro A attracted B occurred C reacted D launched 25 The most important thing is to keep yourself occupied A busy B relaxed C comfortable D free Choose the underlined part that needs correction 26 The policeman ordered the suspect to not remove his hands from the car A B C D 27 I’m very hungry and thirsty now I could ate a horse and drink an ocean A B C D 28 They prevented her from to go out without their permission that night A B C D 29 He said he was accused of have deserted his ship two months before A B C D 30 Paul said that he is enjoying an interesting film on TV the night before A B C D
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