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Aclual ' TeSt 01 Listening TEST In the listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken Engl ish The entire listening lest will lasl approximately 45 minutes There are four parts, and directions are given for each part You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet Do not write your answers ' in the test book Part Directions : For each question in this part, you will hear lour statements about a picture in your test book When you hea r the statements you must selecl the one statemenl thai best describes what you see in the picture Then find the number of the question on you r answer sheet and mark you r answer The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one l ime Example Sample Answer Statement (C) ~H e is writing in a notebook.His the best description of the picture so you should select answer (C) and mark it on you r answer sheet 18 ECOIIlIlllV I.e InOli www.nhantri·/ I W\WJ.f'lhatlll j' \1'111:11 TI,.t I> 9I 10 I":t'ol1on\\ I.e I WO , '- \wA'I,nllantrivlet.(Om - • • " -I:: .: - \' ~t• "a ~ • 0 10 Part DIrections ' You '11111 hear some conv8rsalions between two people You will be asl(ed 10 answer three questions about what the speakers say In each conversa tion Selecl the besl response to each Question and mark the le iter (A) , (8) (C) or (D) on your answer sheet The conversahons will be spoken only one lime and will nol be printed in your lest book 41 What would the man like Julie to do? Meet with the presiden t Change an appoinlmenllrme ( Come to the office later ••Jl Conlacl some clients 42 Wha t will the man Ihis afternoon? ) Meel wittl some clients F Call the president's office Go to the emergency room I) Relocate his oHlce 43 What lim e will the man start his appoi ntmenllhis afternoon? II) Atl o'clock AI2 o'clock AI o'clock )1 AI o'clock 44 What kind of company does the man work for? (P I A detively service company (8, An Internel provider I c A mobile phone company ')) An accOllntant's office 45, How does Ihe man explai n Ihe cllange in the woman 's bi ll ? A The price milY have risen \~'I Tile woman has two cell phones (f' There was an accountmg error (01 The woman may have used her cell phone more than usual 46 What information does Ihe man ask the woman for? A Her InVOice numi1el '0 Her telephone number ,e Her monthly balance [ ) Her Identification number " , , 47 What is the celebra tion for? 53 Where is the conversation mosllikely laking i l\) The promotion of a coworker fB} The opening of a new oanquel facIlity place? (r\ At a shipping company \ C) The anniversary of the hotel (D) The retirement 01 a colleague fBi At an office buildmg ) At an offtce supplies store 101 AI a library 48 When will the celebration slart? A) At 6:00 , ,) At 6:30 C r AI 7:00 D) At 7:30 54 What does the assistant offer to do? Help move the supplies (13 Phone his manager t I ) Sign the form (0\ Open tile conference room ( 49 Where wlll the woman go before the party? (A) To a banquel hall \8 To a holellobby C) To a bakery 10) To a supermarkel 55 What will be delivered to the conference room? lA, A bookshelf A filing cablnel I( ) Office supplies (l , Meel1l1g !ables ( 50 Why is William happy? (A) He created a new painting (8, He recently won a prize (C, He met his favolile artisi ([)) He laugl1t hiS first art workshop 51 What does William hope to do? 56 Who most likely is the man? (,0 I An Information desk clerk (8) A gift shop owner Ie) A parkmg allendam (['I A supermarket cashier (.'11 Take a vacation in the rail !,B) Sign up for a workshop C) Anend an awards banquet (I)) Join a group of artists 52 What is William working on these days? I A) (B) {C) 10) An 011 painting A wo rkshop manual A watercolor painlrng A sculpture 57 Where is the woman going? (A) To meet with a boutique owner (8) To VIS!! an art gallery rc.) To check )"ler order I.m To walk around a shopping mall 58 How does the man suggest lowering the admission price? l,) Rellirntng another day ~B\ Calling the shop owner Il Using a discount coupon 'D) Charging her the senior's te 16 b:OIlI, 11\\ \.{ Will! wWW.n nlfiviet.(Orn 59 What color monitors are available now? 65 Where mosl likely does this conversation tAl White 18) SIlver take place? Ie) Black (B) Al a hair salon )) Red (A) At (C) AI a shoPPing mall a fashion boutique (0) AI an art sludlo 60 How much does it cost to increase the size of th e monitor? 1"1 $ 100 (>JI $ 170 Ie) S 200 1')\ 5300 61 When can the man expect to receive his 66 What would the woman like to do? IAI Meel the receptionist (8 ) Altend the "what"s hot" semInar Ie) Find a new hair stylist (D) Change her half color 67 Why did Ihe man vis it New York? monitor? I , In about a '.'leek (A) To see the sIghts (E In about two weeks (C) To buy hair products (0) To attend a trallllng sem inar II In abou t three weeks (6) To learn about fashion I) In abou t fOllr weeks 68 What is the man's problem? 62 What problem is lhe man faced with ? IIH He doesn 't know where the HR department IS , fB He has 100 much work to prepare for the meeting ICl lie can'l open Ille garage 9.le by himself I )) He was n' t able to conlact the parking atlendanl 63 When d id the woman receive her parking permit? IA) On Thursday ,BI On Friday le1 On Monday D) On Tuesday 64 What does the woman suggest the man do? A I Fmdlhe parking allendanl '13) Park In another garage (e) Arnve al the office early , Conlacllhe HR departmenl \'.'\WI nhJntuvtel.(oru (A) He forgot hiS new password (8) He lell hiS 10 card in the HR deparlment IC) He can', access hiS messages (0) His phone lines have been down aU afternoon 69 Where wili lhe man probably go nex!? (A) To Ole HR department (8) To technical services (C) To the reception desk 10) To Ihe mail room 70 Where is the tech nical supporl statl of1ice located? (A) BeSide the reception desk (8) Next to the el~vators te) Across from the mail room (0) Near Ihe HR department ~ ~ ~ 11 What is the purpose of this talk? fA) To inform employees 01 a new system 10) To gain information about e-maIl use tC) To urge employees to use less paper to) To insist that employees check thel f emall 78 What are employees told to do? 61 (B) 55 million (C) S7 million (0 ) S10 million 84 What look place at the opening celebration? (A) Speak to thelf colleagues (A) A party (8) Change their passwo rd (8) A speech IC) Inform their clients about Ihe change (C) A dinner to) Sel up a meeting willl IIlel r managers (0 ) A rneetlng d When wili lhe change be completed? ijO 83 How much did the new conservation area cost? (A) S3 million 85 What happened after walking the trails? IA) Tuesday (A) A music performance IBl Wednesday ICI Thursday ID) r-nday (8) An awards ceremony (C) An loallgurat speech (OJ A group barbecue Why does Peter apologize to Bill? 86 What is Dr Dunca n's currenl job? tA, For interrupllng a mee ti ng (A) RadiO show host (B) For contacting him at home (8 ) Cancer research er (C) For asktng him to return 10 Ihe plant Ie) Export company owner (0) For requeSling additional employees (0) Hospital director What does Peter ask Bill to do? (A) Examine the mam asse mbly line (8) Inslallthe conveyer sys tem (C) Contact the maintenance manager (0) Bring a new assembly kit to the plant 82 What is the reason for the urgency? (A) The company orders IS trying to complete liS fB) A plan I tour will be given on the weekend reI 87 Where is Dr Duncan speaking ? (A) In a hospital board room (8) On a radio program (C) In a business meeting (0 ) AI a pharmace uTical ference 88 How can listeners ask questions? (Al By calling Ihe statio n it (8 ) By visiting IIle station ~ (C) y a-mailing the Sl alion (0 ) By mailing Ihe Sialion ••$" The maintenance crew Is only available today (DI An inspection learn will arr ive on Friday 1'II'lWnhanlf ryiel com At:ulul 'I C'~t 9 C " 3' C " " C P J> C ~J B J Actual Test 10 c o C • • •, D A U U • D A I B B B 13 C 2J l' B , 25 15 16 A C 12 B 18 C , 2{) , ' W\"I\v.n han t m B 1:3 C " " " C B 71> 67 \ B o A GO C A 69 c c , B 10 ~0,1 B P % B 8' 87 A C 'J7 B g 8' !IO D A B 100 ., 8' " B " B C 9' Sl A C o • A o C B OS 86 (l 71 D ", B 7 C A "" C S 50 •• B A C , A 91 A ~ A 92 o A '" •• B n C D C o 7' B , o A "" ""•• "".7 76 C un I:~ o 50 " C "" 11 B 81 A 7, B A B B C C A 96 A g, B C D A go " 11)0 B ~ C A C C C D B '~;l D 72 ,\ C C ] C C B B B 7' "4 63: '.'4 D B B 53 8l B 11 A
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