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Chiang Mai Province (PDF Chapter) jp1 Edition 16th Edition, Jul 2016 Pages COVERAGE INCLUDES: > 60 Page Range 304-363 Useful Links Want more guides? Head to our shop Trouble with your PDF? Trouble shoot here Need more help? Head to our FAQs Stay in touch Contact us here • Chiang Mai • Mae Rim • San Kamphaeng Hot Springs • Mae Sa-Samoeng Loop • Hang Dong • Ban Tawai • Chiang Dao • Doi Ang Khang • Doi Inthanon National Park • Fang • Tha Ton • San Kamphaeng & Bo Sang ‘ 1© Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd To make it easier for you to use, access to this PDF chapter is to askvouto use itfa^^jMnal, non-commercial purposes only In other words, please doll|||m to everyone you know, or resell it See the terms and conditions on our site for a longer way of saying n ,ass em ©Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd Includes Chiang Mai .306 Mae Rim 354 Chiang Dao .355 Doi Ang Khang .357 Fang 358 Tha Ton 358 San Kamphaeng & Bo Sang .360 Hang Dong 361 Ban Tawai 361 Doi Inthanon National Park 361 Chiang Mai Province Why Go? Best Places to Eat Best Places (p340) to Stay * SP Chicken * Anantara Resort & Spa * Talat Pratu Chiang Mai (p338) (p341) * Rachamankha (p336) * Ginger & Kafe @ *The Baan Orapin (p338) House (p342) ** Tengoku(p344) Mo Rooms (p336) * Awanahouse (p334) Chiang Dao Nest (p357) Thailand’s northern capital is an overnight train ride and light years away from the bustle and bombast of Bangkok Wrestled from Burmese control by the kingdom of Siam, the former capital of the Lanna people is a captivating collection of glimmering monasteries, manic markets, modern shopping centres, and quiet residential streets that would not look amiss in a country village Chiang Mai is more country retreat than mega-metropolis, but this historic city has evolved into a major traveller centre, luring everyone from backpacking teenagers to young families, round-the-world retirees and a huge contingent of youthful tourists from China, who are redefining the traveller experience in the city Historic monasteries and cooking courses are just part of the picture The surrounding province is a jumble of forested hills, and thrill seekers flock here for rafting, hiking, mountain biking and other adrenaline-charged activities, while less energetic visitors interact with elephants, soak in hot springs and wander around experimental farms and lush botanic gardens When to Go * Chiang Mai is at its best during the cool season, roughly from November to February, when temperatures are mild and rain is scarce * The hot season runs from March until June, and the MYANMAR (g)Mae MAE Salawin National MaeMae Ban Ngao Sop o Sariang o HONGNgao Park National Park SON Chom 25 miles50 km Doi Ang ÍTT84) Mae Khang Taeng NrfO Hong SonDoi Doi Inthanon
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