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FREQUENCY No.1 - TOEFL VOCABUALRY FREQUENCY TOEFL VOCABUALRY LinguaForum WHY DOES FREQUENCY MATTER ON THE IBT? "Wow, the reading is no joke!” This has been a common reaction among iBT TOEFL test takers since it first began in Sept 2005 The length of the reading passages has more than doubled from 280-350 words on the CBT to an average of 700 words on the new iBT The longer length of the passages has made them more difficult to grasp Test takers who are unused to reading about science often find the new iBT reading passages especially difficult The number of vocabulary questions given on the TOEFL has also increased drastically, and these questions now constitute approximately one third of all the questions on the reading section A typical passage contains vocabulary questions out of 13-14 questions in total Considering that the reading section contains or reading passages, test takers will have to answer 12-20 vocabulary questions on the new iBT That’s really no joke In scrutinizing all the real iBTs given thus far, LinguaForum Research Center has found something very interesting Similar topics and questions have appeared repeatedly on the real tests In other words, the passages and questions the test takers witnessed on the today’s test will possibly appear again on the next week’s test, next month’s test, or on a test some months later That repetition caused us to analyze the frequencies at which words have appeared on the real tests Using this analysis we have produced an innovative and ambitious book, Frequency #1 Vocabulary Setting priorities for iBT vocabulary building! Frequency #1 Vocabulary has completed the LinguaForum iBT Vocabulary Series: Basic, Intro, and Frequency The 2,000 words in this book are the ones that have most frequently appeared on the real test We divide the words into two parts: top and second frequency, each part containing 1,000 words Each section is then further subdivided into 20 chapters of 50 words each according to the frequency in which they appear on the test Thus, students first learn the words they are most likely to see on the iBT and learn words that appear less frequently in later chapters' By prioritizing vocabulary for the students, LinguaForum makes vocabulary building more streamlined and efficient, increasing the potential of test takers worldwide Lingua Forum Research Center Vocabulary Project Team Top Frequency No.1 - Frequency No.20 Frequency Instant Check-up 1-1 It's very important to accomplish your goal within the deadline He has accumulated quite a fortune and turned out to be a millionaire You are supposed to send in an application form to the university that you are applying for (1) He boasted himself to be very wealthy and famous (2) Stop making a boast of yourself in front of my face (1) He warns that bird flu remains a constant threat to us (2) Constancy in one's work is just as important as efficiency It is crucially important that the problem is resolved quickly In the Cinderella story, the step-mother is depicted as an antagonist I am firmly determined to pass the exam this time Be careful not to deviate from the right path on your way back 10 I will not be dictated to by anyone but myself 11 Her capability for managing the tasks has improved for a very short duration 12 Watching movies without captions is one of the most efficient ways of learning English 13 People from the past used to believe that all things are created of four elements: earth, water, air, and fire 14 He is endowed with a great sense of humor 15 The young boy’s erratic behavior hinders the whole class 16 The government demanded an evacuation of the citizens to protect them from the upcoming quake accomplish accumulate application boast constant crucially realize, attain, achieve, fail, accomplishment build up, collect, gather, disperse, n accumulation use, employment; request, claim, an application form apply brag, be proud of, crow brag, avowal boast oneself; make a boast of continual, steady, consistent constantly constancy decisively, critically, essentially adj crucial depict determine deviate 10 dictate 11 duration 12 efficient 13 element 14 endow 15 erratic 16 evacuation illustrate, describe, portray n depiction decide, make up one’s mind; settle, conclude n determination (~ from) differ, digress, wander go straight n deviation adj deviating speak, read out, order, command dictate to, n dictation, dictator length, extent, span for the duration competent, capable, effective inefficient, n efficiency component, factor, constituent whole, adj elementary, elemental provide, bestow, endue be endowed with, n endowment unpredictable, changeable, inconsistent consistent, reliable, adv erratically exodus, retreat, departure demand an evacuation evacuate Instant Check-up 1-2 17 The man opened a restaurant and it soon flourished, gaining much popularity 18 She seemed reluctant to go to the party with him but gave him grudging acceptance in the end 19 A hawk is hovering around seeking for something to feed itself 20 It is merely a hypothesis that we need to test and prove that it's true 21 You have an innate capability for learning languages 22 There were several coup attempts which upset the legal system of their legitimate government 23 Donovan is likened to a Scottish artist, Bob Dylan who was a notable folk-rock singer- songwriter in America 24 Although Aaron and Thomas are twins, they have markedly different personalities 25 This is data for gender in 300 occupations 26 This meeting will provide you with an overview on the latest trends for this summer 27 The company applied for a patent for its new product 28 There exist hierarchies of predators for the balance of organisms in the ecosystem 29 (1) My mother preserved containers of plums with sugar (2) The animal preserve created by the national park is off-limits to people 30 I make it a point to live up to my principles all the time 31 You can count on him; he is known as a prominent specialist in ophthalmology 32 Your sickness must be treated promptly 33 I had been prone to motion sickness, but I am okay now 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 flourish grudging hover hypothesis innate legitimate likened to markedly occupation overview 27 patent 28 predator thrive, prosper, bloom decline flourishing reluctant, unwilling, disinclined eager, willing grudge float, linger, waver, fly hovering assumption, theory, premise hypothetical hypothesize inborn, inherent, natural acquired innately authentic, legal; reasonable, justifiable illegitimate legitimacy compared to; related to, corresponding to be likened to + n likeness noticeably, clearly, obviously mark, adj marked job, profession; possession, holding v occupy, adj occupational summary, general understanding a comprehensive overview copyright, licence mm obvious, clear apply for a patent on adv patently carnivore, hunter adj predatory 29 preserve 30 principle 31 prominent 32 promptly 33 prone to maintain, conserve, save domain destroy preservation rule, fundamental, theory principal in principle in practice noticeable, conspicuous, distinguished, eminent, prominently immediately, instantly, at once; punctually prompt likely to, liable to, apt to be prone to + n./v Instant Check-up 1-3 34 The army has to make provisions in order to be prepared prior to a war 35 The point is well explained in this publication 36 (1) That musician has released 15 albums since his debut (2) We have a variety of new releases to provide you with more choices 37 I had an Indian dish for lunch and relished its aromatic yet exotic flavor 38 A dove is a symbol that represents wisdom and peace 39 (1) The classes will be resumed next Monday (2) Please fax me your full resume with cover letter due tomorrow 40 The museum's seamless architectural design is a reason for its huge popularity 41 Do not size up a person by appearance 42 I am skeptical as to whether she is telling the truth or lying 43 Personal power does not always mean physical strength 44 She has her own striking beauty and charm that capture others' hearts 45 The man has a very sturdy physique 46 Food, water, and air are the minimum requirements to sustain life 47 (1) He pulled the trigger in a flash (2) A mere cold can trigger a more serious illness or disease 48 The academic regulations must be uniformly kept 49 A sensational scandal unleashed a wave of controversy 50 A woman must keep her virtue and dignity at all times 34 provision 35 publication 36 release 37 relish 38 represent 39 resume 40 seamless Supplying, catering; clause, condition Make provision for, provide Announcement, declaration; issue Publish Set free, let go; circulate, liberation; proclamation, a press / news release enjoy, delight in, fancy enjoyment with relish, with relish stand for, symbolize, speak for representative recommence, begin again curriculum vitae discontinue n resumption jointless; unchanging, perfectly smooth adv seamlessly n seam 41 Size up 42 Skeptical 43 Strength 44 Striking 45 Sturdy 46 Sustain 47 Trigger 48 Uniformly 49 Unleash 50 Virtue assess, evaluate, weigh up Dubious, cynical, doubtful Be skeptical about, n skeptic Intensity, might, strong point Weakness, adj strong marked, impressive, stunning; hitting her striking looks; striking distance, a strike Robust, powerful; well-built, solid Feeble, puny, adv Sturdily Maintain, keep alive, withstand, uphold Adj sustainable -> sustainable development Start, set off, initiate, firing device of a gun Pull the trigger, prevent Evenly, invariably, constantly Variably, adj/n uniform Let loose, unfasten, release Leash Merit, advantage, goodness, integrity By virtue of vice Frequency Instant Check-up 2-1 51 Can you tell me the accurate spellings of your name and address? 52 There are numerous jewelry artisans in different places and cultures around the globe 53 You will soon assimilate into this American lifestyle 54 The graduate student assisted with the professor's research, 55 I assumed that you would be there at her birthday party since you're her sister 56 That was the most astonishing musical I’ve ever seen 57 You don’t have to remind me of the fact when I am already aware of it 58 (1) The file cannot be stored because the buffer of your computer has exceeded its limit (2) Please wait while your computer is buffering the data 59 The doctor signed his death certificate 60 (1) The task requires such complex skills that I can't really understand it (2) An inferiority complex results in extreme anti-social behavior 61 A continental climate is often characterized by cold winter temperatures supporting a fixed period of stable snow cover 62 (1) I like to converse with him about my problem because he's such a good listener (2) His opinion was the converse of mine 63 (1) I swear that I will be honest to the core with you (2) We have to enhance our core technology for a better quality product 64 Hard work is the cornerstone to my success 65 The criteria for the practical exam include uniqueness 66 Mrs Kim is the dean of the department of veterinary medicine unwilling unwise unwritten unyielding upcoming upgraded upheaval uphold upholder upland upright uprising uproar upset upside upturn uranium urban urbane urge urgency urgent urge usher usual utilitarian utility utmost utterance V vacancy vacation vaccine vacillate vagabond vague vain valiant valid valor value value-added van vanish vanity vanquish vapor variety vast vegetables vegetation vehement vehicle vein velocity vendetta vendor veneration vengeance venom ventilation venture venue venue veracious verbose verdant verdict verge verify versatile verse versus vertebral vertical vertigo vessel veteran veterinary veto vex vibrate vice vicinity vicious victim victory video viewpoint vigilant vigor vile vilify village villain vindicate vintage violate violent violin virtual virtue virtuoso virus visionary vista visual vitae vital vitiate vivacious vivid vocal vocational vogue voice void volatile volcano volition voluble volume voluntary volunteer vomit voracious vote vow vulgar vulnerable vulture W wage waifs wait waiting waive wake walk wall wallet wander wane ward warehouse warfare warm warn wash waste watch watchdog waver waxe wayfarer weak wealth weapon wear weather weave wedding weigh weird welcome welfare well-built well-earned well-founded well-liked well-organized wet wheel whether whimsical whisper wholesale wholesome wicked widow wield wig wild wildflower willingness win window windstorm wine wink wipe wireless wise wish wishy-washy wit witness withdrawal withered withhold withstand witness witty wizard womb wonder wood woodwind workman workplace workshop worldwide worm-shaped worry worse worship worshiper worth worthwhile wound wrangle wrap wrath wreath wreck wreckage wrestler wretched wrinkle write wrong Y yearn yell yield yoga Z zeal zealot zealous zenith Answer key Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1b 2a 3c 4c 5c 6a 7b 8d 9b 10d 11c 12d 13a 14d 15d 16a 17d 18c 19a 20c 21d 22a 23b 24a 25c Finding Context in the Sentence 1d 2d 3a 4d 5d 6c 7a 8a 9b 10b Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1a 2d 3b 4c 5b 6c 7a 8a 9c 10b 11b 12d 13d 14b 15d 16a 17c 18b 19c 20c 21b 22a 23d 24a 25b Finding Context in the Sentence 1a 2a 3d 4c 5b 6b 7a 8c 9d 10d Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1a 2b 3b 4a 5d 6c 7b 8a 9c 10c 11a 12d 13d 14b 15d 16d 17a 18a 19b 20d 21c 22a 23c 24b 25c Finding Context in the Sentence 1b 2b 3c 4c 5a 6c 7a 8d 9d 10b Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1a 2d 3a 4b 5b 6b 7a 8b 9d 10d 11c 12a 13d 14c 15c 16b 17c 18b 19d 20d 21c 22a 23d 24b 25b Finding Context in the Sentence 1d 2a 3d 4d 5d 6a 7b 8c 9c 10c Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1d 2a 3b 4b 5c 6a 7c 8d 9c 10d 11c 12b 13d 14d 15a 16d 17d 18c 19d 20a 21b 22c 23b 24d 25a Finding Context in the Sentence 1a 2a 3c 4d 5d 6a 7a 8c 9b 10c Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1b 2c 3b 4b 5d 6a 7d 8d 9c 10a 11d 12d 13a 14d 15d 16b 17c 18a 19b 20b 21 b 22c 23a 24c 25c Finding Context in the Sentence 1d 2a 3a 4b 5c 6d 7d 8c 9b 10c Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1c 2a 3b 4b 5a 6b 7a 8b 9c 10a 11ab 12c 13c 14d 15d 16a 17a 18d 19d 20c 21c 22c 23a 24b 25b Finding Context in the Sentence 1b 2a 3d 4d 5b 6a 7b 8c 9c 10b Test Cramming for the Practice Test 1b 2a 3b 4d 5d 6c 7a 8b 9d 10c 11b 12d 13a 14a 15c 16a 17d 18d 19b 20d 21a 22c 23b 24c 25c Finding Context in the Sentence 1b 2c 3a 4d 5c 6a 7c 8b 9d 10a CONTENTS - Top Frequency No.1 – Frequency N.20 - Test – Test - Second Frequency No.21 – Frequency N.40 - Test – Test - Index - Answer key -// FREQUENCY No.1 TOEFL VOCABUALRY Lingua Forum NHÀ XUẤT BẢN TỔNG HỢP THÀNH PHỐ HỒ CHÍ MINH CÔNG TY TNHH NHÂN TRÍ VIỆT ... (to) new moon increasing, growing full moon 10 8 crude 10 9 demography 11 0 diversity 11 1 eager 11 2 encounter 11 3 endurance 11 4 equipment 11 5 exude 11 6 coarse, rough, raw, unrefined crude oil refined... free dependent, occupied autonomy 15 6 available 15 7 champion 15 8 component 15 9 convey 16 0 costume 16 1 debate 16 2 decimation 16 3 derive 16 4 domestication 16 5 environment 16 6 erosion accessible, obtainable,... parent  18 7 pollen a fine powder of a flower pollinate, pollination 18 8 18 9 19 0 19 1 19 2 19 3 19 4 19 5 pose preposterous prestige pronounced realistic sediment share sole navigation posture, attitude
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