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EXPLORING NEWSPAPERS EXPLORING NEWSPAPERS Complied and adapted by: PHAN HỮU LỄ Unit DOG SOUP BANNED FROM KOREAN TABLE SEOUL: The Government yesterday tanned restaurants from/serving traditional soup made from dog and snake meat to improve the country's image for the 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Olympics being held here A government statement said “The ban, which had already been enforced in Seoul, would now take effect throughout the country Both snake and dog are eaten in several Asian countries, including China Seoul civic authorities reported that 300 dog meat soup shops which had served the dish in the capital had been closed and others were being phased out Dog meat soup (Boshin-tang), is believed by many Koreans to help) invigorate health during the hot summer months Snake meat soup is traditionally served in the cold winter months The ban has caused a lively debate in Seoul newspapers with readers' letters complaining that local habit formed over hundreds of years should not be changed to suit foreigners The Government, however, has received strong protests from dog-lover organisations in the US and Europe over eating dugs Some people breed dogs and fatten them up for the summer months like cattle or sheep are reared in other countries Dog meat is cooked by boiling and is eaten with a sauce of hotired peppers and garlic powder The meat is often seen in traditional Korean open markets, which has offended foreign tourists who have been able to identify the carcasses as canine Dog and snake meat are by no means the most prominent of Korea's traditional health foods They also include fried grasshoppers, deer antler horn powder, bull testes powder and the famous ginseng root which is believed to increase sexual performance Explain the meaning of the following words used in the article: image (line 2) ban (line 4) phased out (line 8) suit (line 12) What are the reasons for the Korean government's banning of dog soup?  Unit A HEAVENLY PIECE OF KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Traditional lion dances and crashing cymbals greeted the formal opening in Peking yesterday of the world's largest Kentucky Fried Chicken shop “The one, the only, the original recipe" proclaimed the hoardings, as sinuous dancers waved red scarves and hundreds of balloons were released over Tiananmen Square in the heart of the Chinese capital “The Chinese have some of the finest dishes in the world - now they have one more," said Mr Richard Mayer, chairman of the American fast food chain From the top of the new three-storey restaurant, the jolly, bespectacled features of the company's founding father, Col Sanders, look out across the vast square towards the portrait of Chairman Mao, on the Gate of Heavenly Peace The present Communist party authorities say the welcome given to Kentucky Fried Chicken is in line with the policy of opening to the outside world, reaffirmed at the party congress earlier this month The restaurant, a joint venture with two Chinese state corporations, seats 100 and can serve 2,000 chicken pieces an hour The menu is the same as in 57 other countries Four policemen seen tucking into the cartons of chicken, mashed potato and coleslaw said with some surprise: "It tastes not bad Other customers, however, found the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices somewhat less than finger-licking good, "I felt sick at the smell of it," said one In a city where a bowl of hot noodles or dumplings costs a few pence, a meal at the American fast-food store costs up to £2, a week’s wages for many Chinese A- COMPREHENSION Read tbe article above and then choose the best answer for each of the following The ceremony which officially opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in China was a dignified and formal b jolly and traditional c noisy and colorful The new restaurant is situated in a Shanghai b Peking c we are not told where The Chinese authorities are welcoming Kentucky Fried Chicken because they a want to be friends with America b like the idea of fast food c have decided to be more open to the world The policemen a liked the food b didn’t like the food c thought the food smelt awful A meal at the Kentucky Fried chicken restaurant costa a more than £2 b as much as £2 c about £2 B VOCABULARY Find a word or phrase in the text for each of the following a large boards for advertisements b wearing glasses c enormous d a business enterprise with two or more partners e eating enthusiastically f it tastes so good you want to lick your fingers Find in the article the name of a an item of clothing b a musical instrument c an animal d a cfapital e an American fast food In the headline, can you explain the use of the words Heaventy Place? Unit 110-YEAR-OLD TOURIST BRITAIN'S oldest man made his first visit to London yesterday at die age of 110 Mr John Evans had never found the time -or the money - to make the trip from his home in Fforestfach, near Swansea But, when British Rail offered him an all- expenses-paid birthday treat to the capital he just could not refuse He arrived in style at Paddington station, smartly turned out in his best suit, favorite panama hat and a red rose in his buttonhole Sailed to Ilfracombe "It's very exciting, there's no doubt about it." he said Until yesterday he had never been far from home, except for one trip to Aberdeen "But I’ve been on the seas to that faraway land called Ilfracombe 21 miles from home," he joked Mr Evans, who spent 6Q years working as a miner in South Wales, almost made the journey to London once before, at the turn of the century "There was a trip to the White City but it was ten shillings return from Swansea - too much I thought All my money went to the family then," he said During the next two days Mr Evans will be taken on a whistle-stop tour of London to see the sights Top of his list is a visit, to the Houses of Parliament organised by his MP, Mr Gareth Wardeli The only arrangement he does not care for is the wheelchair provided to ferry him about if he gets tired "I don't like the chair business - people will think I am getting old." he said His ingredients for a long and healthy life have been well- publicised no alcohol, no tobacco and no cursing Before setting off from Swansea with his 76-year-old son, Amwel, he quipped: Tm glad to see they've given me a return ticket." A MEMORY TEST After reading the article about John Evans, Britain's oldest man, test your memory on the following exercise How old is Mr Evans? Which is the nearest city to where he was bom? Which London station did he arrive at? What did he wear in his buttonhole? Mr Evans worked for sixty yean What was his job? Why didn't he go to London before, when he had the chance? Which special place is he going to see in London? Why doesn't he like going about in a wheelchair? Name two of Mr Evans’s secrets for a long and healthy life 10 How old is Mr Evans's son? B VOCABULARY What is the meaning of the following words and phrases as they are used in the text? a treat (line 3) smartly turned out (line 5) a whistle-stop tour (line 15) MP (line 16) ingredients (line 19) cursing (line 20) setting off (line 21) quipped (line 21)  Unit MATCHING HEADLINES Each of the nine news stories printed below should have a two-word headline – a word form Group A followed by a word from Group B Study the news stories and then write the appropriate headline Group A: Hotel / flat / fallout / ferries / skiers / gallery / racial / double / murder Group B: Accord / hit / raid / killing / paid / blast / lingers / trouble / probe / hurt Unit NEWSPAPER HEADLINES Here art some typical, mostly genuừie, newspaper headlines Each has been 'translated' into tveryday language, with some words missing Can you supply the musing words? Jobless total tops 3m … million people are now… Storm over pit closures There has been an angry… to the announcement that some… are to be closed QUAKE TOLL RISES The number of… of the… has risen KREHUNUPSARHSSPENDXNG The government have… their defence budget PEACE MOVES IN DOCKS: There has been an… to … both sides in the port wofken dispute TXACHXRS TO BE AXZD Some teachers are going to lose… MAYOR GOES IN BRIBES STORM After the discovery that he had… bribes, the mayor has been 8.TWO ON KIDNAP CHARGE … people have beenr in connection with the kid napping Unit CARTOON Peanuts “good of Charlie Brown” A boy and his dog miking like perfect comrapes through the woods I hear footsteps This is the way it was meant to be Hey, Snoofy Let’s go for a walk If you see a souvernir or a deer, or a pleasant or a… This cartoon has become disarranged by studying the pictures and reading the captions you should be able to put it back into its correct sequence It’s not difficult Unit PRESIDENT HAILS NEW ZEALAND EDUCATION, SEEKS COOPERATION President Nguyen Minh Triet praised the New Zealand education system at a meeting with tliat country's Education Minister Chris Drier in Hanoi yesterday, and called for boosting bilateral cooperation in this field He hailed the recent development of bilateral ties in fields like economics, trade, education, culture and environmental protection He believed that Carter's visit would lead to closer ties, especially in education and training Carter recalled Triet's visit to New Zealand last September as a landmark in friendship between the willing to two countries Vietnam He realized that Vietnamese teachers, leaders paid dose attention to cooperation with New Zealand in the field of education, he said He apprised Triet of an agreement reached during his discussions with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Tnien Nhan to focus on English language training for Vietnamese teachers and vocational training and post-graduate education for Vietnamese students 'New Zealand is send language experts to to help train English he said A VOCABULARY What is the meaning of the following words and phrases as they are used in the text? praised boosting bilateral cooperation hailed landmark apprised vocational training C COMPREHENSION What, in your opinion, are some benefits that Triet’s visit to New Zealand brings about to our country? Unit THE GREAT HURRICANE Houses damaged, cars wrecked, power cuts, no trains the most ferocious storm for three hundred years did not spare anybody Battle against the disaster in the night SOUTHERN Britain was a scene of devastation when the dawn came after a night of howling terror and confusion Meanwhile, the East Coast awoke to face the full fury of the storm Across most of the south, there was no electricity, no transport, many roads closed and many telephones not working Not even the worst winter blizzard could have paralysed the country with such total efficiency Some people surveyed the damage: hundreds of d intimacy Ail of the following are reasons given for writing a virus except a It is a technical challenge b it is easy to write c peer identity d replicating it is simple What younger virus writers hope to achieve? a financial wealth b social acceptance c political power d social change Which of the following is given as a reason for the disassociation between action and consequence? a Virus writers đo not communicate with hackers b Virus writers have changed the way wc communicate c It is easier to be abusive in e-mail messages d Computers distance us from other people's feelings How is social pressure changing the view of hackers and virus writers? a By making it appear cool to be a hacker b By making it appear not cool to spread viruses c By promoting hacking and virus writing in the media d By increasing the acceptance of hackers and virus writers Unit 32 DEFICITS AND THE DOLLAR Last week the Commerce Department reported on the United States trade deficit in September The United States imported almost fifty-two thousand million dollars more in goods and services than it exported The deficit remains very high But it fell in September by almost four percent from the month before Imports decreased, while exports increased Trade specialists say Americaivcxports should continue to increase as long as the dollar is weak Basically, strong currencies help Importers: weak currencies help exporters In Europe, there is concern about the added cost of European exports from the strength of the euro against the dollar In the past week it took about one dollar and thirty cents to buy one euro In China, the situation is different China links the value of its currency, the yuan, to the dollar The set exchange rate keeps down the cost of Chinese exports American competitors are not happy about this policy The trade deficit with China is expected to set a new record this year It was over fifteen thousand million dollars in September alone The second biggest deficit was with Japan, at six thousand million dollars Countries that have a trade surplus with the United States usually buy American government debt with the dollars they receive in payment This way, they earn interest on their Investment Japan and China together own about one-fourth of the debt of die United States Treasury Japan also buys a lot of Treasury debt with its own currency This means there is a lot of yen on D world currency markets This keeps down the value of the yen, and the cost of Japanese exports Economists say the presence of a trade deficit does not mean that an economy is doing poorly In fact, some say trade deficits are not very important They are more concerned about record budget deficits in the United States These economists worry that too much American boưowing could harm the world economy But pother economists say world markets have enough to lend Treasury Secretary John Snow says cutting the budget deficit in half is a top goal of President Bush in his second term Mister Snow also says the United States supports a strong dollar Speaking Wednesday in London, he urged European countries to increase economic growth more quickly 1/ Choose the best answer deficit a development b the total amount by which money spent is more than money received c improvement currency a economy of a particular country b policy of a government c money that is used in a particular country surplus a the amount of money received is greater than the amount of money spent b relationship between two countries c investment keep down a make it stay at a low level b make it go down c make it stable and unchangeable budget a the amount of money that has been saved for a particular purpose b the amount of money of a country that can be spent over a period of time c a person who is responsible for the money and accounts of an organization 2/ Read the report again Write T (true) or F (false) a The United States exported more in goods and services than it imported b The deficit went up in September c American competitors are not content with the policy of Chinese exports d China was a country which had the biggest deficit e Japan owns about one-fourth of the debt of the United States Treasury f The top goal of President Bush in his second term was cutting the budget deficit in half g Mr Snow encouraged European and Asian countries to increase their economic growth more quickly 3/ Find a word in the report to complete each sentence (1) = paragraph number a The deficit went down It _(1) b The situation was not similar in China It _(4) c He achieved the best result He set a _(5) d You owe too much money and you cannot pay You are in _(6) e They lived in the highest floor They live in the floor. _(10) Unit 33 WIZARD WILSONS LIFT BLUES CHELSEA, who were totally outplayed in the first half, came storming back to overwhelm Nottingham Forest Theirs was a remarkable revival in a game of flowing attacks and fluctuating fortunes Aiming to repeat their six-goai strike last season at Stamford Bridge, Forest were up to schedule at haif-time having already put three past Niedzwiecki Both teams had been in impressive form in previous matches, but it was Forest who made all the early running Pearce came driving up to initiate a series of raids down the left and each time the ball was swung across high, the Chelsea defenders looked sadly vulnerable That flaw proved fatal when Pearce's free kick drifted over for the unchallenged Foster to dive forward and head neatly in The search for a scapegoat centred on Dixon, who was censored by Wicks for failing to come back and mark That at least underlined the early pattern of play, with Chelsea more concerned to shore up their harassed defence than attempt aggression themselves When they did push forward it was only the prelude to further misfortune In a quick riposte the red shirts poured forward for Webb to strand the outnumbered defenders with a clinically accurate pass which left Clough free to stroll in on goal and slide the ball home That stung Chelsea into instant response, Dune forcing his way past two tacklers to beat Scgers with a fierce shot from an acute angle For a brief period Chelsea maintained their insistent.pressure and only a fine save by Segers denied Wood, but soon after they were again caught flat-footed as Forest broke fast Clough ran free down the left and when he crossed, there was Wilkinson to dive forward and bounce his header in off the far post There was a second-half transformation as the busy Kevin Wilson was brought on to replace the lackadaisical Dixon His influence helped to give the Chelsea team greater purpose, and the pressure now was on Forest For the second successive match Brian Clough had to watch his team surrender a 3-1 lead A patient build-ap between Hazard and Clive Wilson soon made the opening for Dune once more to apply a forceful finish Clive Wilson then ran free to equalise with a low shot past Segers There was no slackening in the hectic pace as Niedzwiecki saved at full stretch from Glover, and Chelsea's Clarke then came storming forward to beat Segers with a shot that was cruelly deflected past the goalkeeper I/ Read the report of the first division league match between Chelsea and Nottingham Forest and then try to answer the following questions What is the name of Chelsea's ground? What is the name of Nottingham Forest’s manager? Which team wears red shirts? What colour does the other team wear? Who is Nottingham Forest's goalkeeper? Why was Dixon taken off at half-time? Who scored first for Chelsea? How many goals were ‘headers'? What was the score at half-time? 10 Who won the match and what was the final score? II/ Do you know how to ask and answer the following questions about sport in English? See how you would manage in the following situations (,imagine that the two teams referred to are the famous north London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs)) The questions are not always as simple as they may seem! You arrive at a friend's house, where a football match is on TV You want to know the names of the teams a What you ask? b What is the answer? You want to know what the situation is in the match a How you ask? b How you answer for each of the following scorelines? i) Arsenal Spurs ii) Arsenal Spurs iii) Arsenal Spurs You want to know who scored Arsenal's goals How you ask? You want to know how much of the match you have missed How you ask? You want to know how much time is left How you ask? Imagine that you arrive at your friend's house after the match has finished How you ask what happened? You actually support Manchester United, but you haven't yet heard today's results What you ask your friends? Here are some results: Oxford United Luton West Ham Liverpool Can you fill in the gaps in the following sentences? a Oxford were playing at _ b Luton were playing _ c Luton _ (the match) five two d Oxford _ e Luton _ Oxford f Oxford _ _Luton g West Ham _ Liverpool h The match was a _ i The score was one _ Unit 34 THE GOLDEN BOY OF SOCCER The following reading is adapted from Profile: Ronaldo—After a Career of Fits and Starts, the Golden Boy Is Back by James Lawton First published in The Independent 29 June 2002 Reprinted with permission of The Independent© 2002 The man stares intently into the camera and says, "My name is Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima I am twenty-five years old and I want you all to know there is no doubt that, on the thirtieth of June, Brazil will win the World Cup." This was not bragging It was a statement of hope from an individual who represented the spirit of a nation The declaration was filmed just before Brazil won the 2002 World Cup, at a time when Brazil—and even less Ronaldo— was given no serious chance of victory Ronaldo was the mere husk of a once great player, struggling to overcome injuries and the memory of a devastating setback in the previous World Cup In 1998, Brazil was the overwhelming favorite to beat France in the final But suddenly, a shining carter went horribly and, it seemed, irreparably wrong Ronaldo suffered a fit as the big game approached He was rushed to a Paris hospital where he underwent a full body scan, then arrived at the stadium just a.- hour before kick-off Throughout the match, Ronaldo was a shadow of the player who had dominated the game up to this point, and France coasted to an unexpected victory "What happened in Paris was terrible," said Ronaldo, "It was an unimaginable nightmare, when the doctor said she couldn't find anything wrong with me, I said I had no choice, I must play It was my duty, what I was bom to I knew I wasn’t right, but sometimes in life you feel you are trapped and you just dont have any options." Friends say the entrapment felt by the soccer prodigy ran deeper than the overwhelming circumstances that brought about his fit, now widely believed to have been a combination of stress, ard a possible reaction to the high dosage of painkiller that had gotten him through the semi-final Another part of his problem, say friends, was that he was unhappy with his personal life Many suspected that his then girlfriend, the high society Rio model Suzana Werner, was happy to ride the wave of publicity that came with her relationship with the world's most celebrated soccer player, but the game, and the pressures it brought to Ronaldo, meant little to her It seems that these events are now long behind him Indeed, he is conspicuously happy with his personal life after marriage to Milene, who not only knows about soccer, but plays it with some accomplishment With Suzana, Ronaldo's goofy, gap-toothed grin seemed to mask a certain uneasiness, but with Milene he is relaxed and always eager to tell stones from home, especially when they involve his son Ronald Just before Brazil's 2002 victory, he explained his new haircut, by far the most outlandish around "Why did I have my crazy haircut?" asked Ronaldo "I called home, and Milene said that Ronald had rushed to the TV and kissed it, shouting, it's Daddy, Daddy.’ But it wasn't me It was Roberto Carlos! Can you imagine? I said to Milene that it cannot happen again; I have to something." Such stories are vital ingredients in the re-making of a great soccer player, and in creating a comeback unprecedented in the fabled history of a nation that invests so much passion, and spirituality, in the game When Ronaldo was in the depths of his depression, and pfagued by fears that hè would never again play at the top of his game, Pele visited him "Pele, the greatest of all soccer players, gave me back some belief," says Ronaldo "He heard that I was finished, and he told me that people had said the same of him when he was forced out of the 1966 World Cup But he refused to believe it was oveiỊí And now the whole world knows what he did in 1970, in the World Cup final against Italy." Named after the doctor who assisted at his birth in the poor suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Ronaldo's is the classic rags-to-riches story of a poor boy made good As a 16-year-old he invaded the Brazilian second division, scoring 36 goals in 54 games for Sao Cristovao The following year he scored 58 times for Cruzeiro, and that same season he received his first international cap against Argentina, where he showed the precocity of all the great players before him In his next game for Brazil he scored in a 3-0 win over Iceland He was on his way to following in the footsteps of Pele, Jairzhino, and his personal favorite, Romario Just days before Brazil's 2002 World Cup victory, Ronaldo confided, "A Brazilian soccer player always knows there will be shadows from time to time It is impossible not to expect them when you know that so much importance is attached to what you But if you have been given talent, with a little luck there is always the dream This dream is that you will conquer your fears, and when it matters most you will find power you never had before I feel that is within my grasp now, and I'm living for that." I/ Decide if the following statements about the reading are true (T) or false (F), if you check (S) false, correct the statement to make it true _Ronaldo’s statement about Brazil winning the World Cup reflected the feelings of many people in Brazil _ Many people thought Brazil had a good chance of winning the 2002 world Cup _ When Ronaldo fell ill before the 1998 World Cup final, doctors knew exactly what was wrong with him _ Throughout the 1998 World Cup final Ronaldo dominated the match, but France still won _ Ronaldo’s relationship with model Suzanna Wemer may have led to his unhappiness _ Ronaldo’s happy family life has helped him to rebuild his career _ The story of Ronaldo’s success is an example of a rags-to-riches story _ During his depression, Ronaldo spoke to his favorite footballer, who used his own experience to help Ronaldo believe in himself again II/ For each group, circle the word that does not belong The words in italics are vocabulary items from the reading intently / purposely / earnestly / casuaJly beleaguered / tormented / plagued / cured destroying / devastating / ruinous / flourishing irreparably / incurably / aspiringly / hopelessly sailed / slid / belabored / coasted following in the footsteps / succeeding / preceding / replacing conspicuously / secretly / obviously / noticeably outlandish / eccentric / bizarre / common predictable / unprecedented / surprising / unexpected 10 laziness / progressiveness / precocity / talent "What did you say? Repeat it, please." Unit 35 Newspapers use headlines to help their readers Here are three headlines and eight paragraphs from a newspaper story (a) Decide what order the paragraphs should have The middle three (4, 5, 6) are already numbered for you (b) Decide which is the main headline, and where the other two should go (There is more than one possible arrangement.) ALIVE! THE SPACE TRIP SKIER BACK TO SEOPES RESUE Unit 36 ADVERTISEMENT Which advertisement give more facts? Which advertisement sounds more exciting? (1) Count the number of times the word more appears in advertisement A Does it appear in advertisement B? (2) Count the times the words good, better, best appear in advertisement A Do they appear in advertisement B? (3) Find the words exciting, special fascination, expertise, special, individual attention, perfect greatest hand- picked, in advertisement A Do they give the reader more facts than in advertisement B? What Ihey add to the advertisement A? Advertisement A YUGOSLAVIA – AND MORE! HOLIDAYS IN YOGOSLAVIA-AND NOW GREECE, ROMANIA AND AUSTRIA Advertisement B YUGOSLAVIA Holidays in Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania and Austria This year is the time to choose Yugotours Because this year Yugotours offer ftmr countries, twelve holiday, five different types of service and value for money We now arrange different holidays in three new countries There will be lea and sun, lattes and mountains, lonely islands, coach tours and cruises We have expens and we give you individual attention We have a choice of five flights, and eight holiday rejoru We have impec'ed ail the hotel None costs more than £40 per night for one person for bed and breakfast We try very hard to keep to our arrangements with you If you write to us, we will lend you our brochure Unit 37 RUSSIA COMPLETES WITHDRAWAL FROM GEORGIA BUFFER ZONE (AFP-KARALETI) Russian forces completed a withdrawal from buffer zones around Georgia's breakaway regions Wednesday, two months after a war over South Ossetia poisoned relations between Moscow and the West Russia abandoned positions around the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Georgian interior ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili said "They have withdrawn from all of the buffer zones." The withdrawal came well ahead of the Friday deadline required by a peace plan brokered by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, current holder of the EU presidency At talks in Paris with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Sarkozy said the withdrawal paved the way for talks to resume on an "ambitious” EU-Russia partnership agreement It had been put on ice last month in protest at Russia's actions in Georgia Medvedev had "kept his word" by fulfilling the withdrawal, Sarkozy said "The full implementation of the accords paves the way for the resumption of negotiations on an ambitious framework agreement, both in terms of the scope and intensity of cooperation," Sarkozy said "Both sides must now refrain from any provocation on the ground," he added The 27-nation EU last month announced a freeze in negotiations on a new partnership with Russia, until Moscow pulled its ưoops back to the positions they had held before the Georgia conflict In Georgia, an AFP correspondent saw a column of Russian military trucks, tanks and an armored personnel carrier leave the strategic Karaleti checkpoint and head towards the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali, followed by EU monitors Georgian police were later seen moving in to restore Tbilisi's control in the buffer zone At least 200 EU observers were deployed in the buffer zones last week as part of the ceasefire deal The head of the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM), Hansjorg Haber, said in a statement that: "Russia seems to have completed most of the withdrawal However, EƯMM observers are still on the ground to verify." "We will also monitor the movement of Georgian law enforcement agencies which will ensure security on the ground and allow people to resume normal everyday life," he said The Russian forces pushed into Georgia to repel a Georgian military effort to regain control of South Ossetia on August 7-8 Moscow said it was protecting Russian citizens there from Georgian aggression, but Tbilisi accused it of having provoked the conflict in order to cement control over the region and destabilize the pro-Western Georgian government Questions Give the verbs from these nouns: withdrawal, implementation, resumption, cooperation, negotiation, provocation, movement, enforcement, government, agreement What organizations verify Russia’s withdrawal from Georgia buffer zones? -// Ho Chi Minh University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology Department of Second Bachelor Degree EXPLORING NEWSPAPERS Complied and adapted by: PHAN HỮU LỄ For classroom use only Year 2008 ... speculated that as prime minister he, not Medvedev, will be the real power in the land Russian newspapers, citing sources in parliament, reported on Tuesday that a final decision had not yet
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