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Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control by Martin B Hocking • ISBN: 0120887967 • Pub Date: January 2006 • Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof page xxi 25.11.2005 5:56pm PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION The objectives of the second edition have been maintained and updated to 2005 in the current volume where users will find that one third of the references, now totaling more than 1300, are new to this edition At the same time most of the in-depth Further Reading suggestions are new to this volume, and production data of some 30 tables has been updated Thirty percent of the 175 Review Questions are new to this edition All have been tested by students The scope of this book has also been expanded by the addition of two new appendices The first comprises a select list of references relating to soil pollution and remediation methodologies The second covers an organized selection of web sites relevant to the topics covered in the book All of these changes have been achieved in a volume which is only slightly larger than the second edition by summarizing less essential content, and by the deletion of a few outdated technologies with referral of readers to the second edition and other sources for details As with the earlier editions, I invite users of this book to offer their suggestions for improvement Martin B Hocking May 2005 xxi Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof page xxiii 25.11.2005 5:56pm PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION The objectives which motivated the first edition, a unified treatment of the fields of industrial and environmental chemistry, have been maintained here The result is intended to be of interest to senior students in applied chemistry, science, engineering, and environmental programs in universities and colleges, as well as to professionals and consultants employed in these fields This edition further develops, refines, and updates the earlier material by drawing on progress in these fields, and responds to comments from users of the first edition Sections relating to air and water pollution assessment and theory have been expanded, chapters on petrochemical production and basic polymer theory and practice have been added, and the original material has been supplemented by new data In addition review questions have now been added to each chapter These will be primarily of interest to students but could be of conceptual value to all users The new edition has been assembled to make it easy to use on any or all of three levels Basic principles and theory of each process are discussed initially, followed by more recent refinements and developments of each process, finally supplemented with material which relates to possible process losses and integral and end-of-pipe emission control measures The user’s interest can dictate the level of approach to the material in the book, from a survey of a selection of basic processes to an in-depth referral to one or more particular processes, as appropriate Chemical reactions and quantitative assessment are emphasized throughout, using worked examples to aid understanding Extensive current and retrospective production and consumption data has been maintained and expanded from the first edition to give an idea of the xxiii Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof page xxiv 25.11.2005 5:56pm xxiv PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION scale and volume trends of particular processes, and an indication as to regional similarities and differences This material also provides a basis for consideration of technological changes as these relate to changes in chemical processes Specific mention should be made of the difficulties in providing recent information for Germany and the region encompassed by the former U.S.S.R because of their political changes during this period The author would appreciate receiving any suggestions for improvement Martin B Hocking Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof page xxv 25.11.2005 5:56pm PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION This text of applied chemistry considers the interface between chemistry and chemical engineering using examples of some of the important process industries Integrated with this is a detailed consideration of measures which may be taken for avoidance or control of potential emissions This new emphasis in applied chemistry has been developed through eight years of experience gained from working in industry in research, development and environmental control fields, plus twelve years of teaching here using this approach It is aimed primarily towards science and engineering students as well as environmentalists and practising professionals with responsibilities or an interest in this interface By providing the appropriate process information back to back with emissions and control data, the potential for process fine-tuning is improved for both raw material efficiency and emission control objectives This approach emphasizes integral process changes rather than add-on units for emission control Add-on units have a place when rapid action on an emission problem is required, or when control is not feasible by process integral changes alone Fundamental process changes for emission containment are best conceived at the design stage This approach to control should appeal to industrialists in particular since something more substantial than decreased emissions may be achieved xxv Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof page xxvi 25.11.2005 5:56pm xxvi PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION This book provides a general source of information on the details of process chemistry and air and water pollution chemistry Many references are cited in each area to provide easy access to additional background material Article titles are given with the citation for any anonymous material to aid in retrieval and consultation Sources of further information on the subject of each chapter, but generally not cited in the text, are also given in a short Relevant Bibliography list immediately following the text Tradenames have been recognized by capitalization, when known It would be appreciated if any unrecognized tradenames are brought to the author’s attention Martin B Hocking From Modern Chemical Technology and Emission Control Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof page xxvii 25.11.2005 5:56pm ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO THE THIRD EDITION Again the improvements in this volume owe a lot to the collective use of the second edition by many classes of students, from their comments relating to content, to the reworking of Review Questions to clarify objectives I thank Kristin Hoffmann and Kathleen Nelson who assisted with the retrieval of some difficult to locate reference material Brett Boniface and Brandon Grieve-Heringa provided invaluable assistance combing web data bases for technological updates, and David Flater (NorskeCanada Pulp and Paper), Thor Hægh (Norsk Hydro ASA), Gary Kjersem (Shell Canada Ltd.), Nikolaos Korovessis (Hellenic Saltworks S.A., Athens), Bruce Peachy (New Paradigm Engineering Ltd.), and Kevin Taylor (Taylor Industrial Research) are thanked for providing personal insights Last, but not least, I again most gratefully thank my wife Diana for handling all of the file changes necessitated by the updating of text, tables, and several new figures added to this volume Martin Hocking ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO THE SECOND EDITION Students using the first edition are thanked for providing useful feedback to improve the presentation in a general way and for testing the concepts of most of the problems My former and present students in polymer chemistry have xxvii Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof xxviii page xxviii 25.11.2005 5:56pm ACKNOWLEDGMENTS read and reviewed in detail the material of the new chapters 19-23 They, several more casual readers, and Diana Hocking who read the whole manuscript, are thanked for their contributions Elizabeth Small, Carol Jenkins, Susanne Reiser, and Diana Hocking completed most of the typing, and Devon Greenway provided bibliographic assistance Ken Josephson and Ole Heggen executed the new graphics for preparation of the final manuscript ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO THE FIRST EDITION I am grateful to numerous contacts in industry and environmental laboratories who contributed technical information included in this book I would particularly like to thank the following: B.R Buchanan, Dow Chemical Inc.; W Cary, Suncor; R.G.M Cosgrove, Imperial Oil Enterprises Ltd.; F.G Colladay, Morton Salt Co.; J.F.C Dixon, Canadian Industries Ltd.; R.W Ford, Dow Chemical Inc.; T Gibson, B.C Cement Co.; G.J Gurnon, Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Ltd.; D Hill, B.C Forest Products; J.A McCoubrey, Lambton Industrial Society; R.D McInerney, Canadian Industries Ltd.; R.C Merrett, Canoxy, Canadian Occidental Petroleum; S.E Moschopedis, Alberta Research Council; J.C Mueller, B.C Research; J.A Paquette, Kalium Chemicals; J.N Pitts, Jr., Air Pollution Research Centre, University of California; J.R Prough, Kamyr Inc.; J.G Sanderson, MacMillan-Bloedel Ltd.; A.D Shendrikar, The Oil Shale Corp.; J.G Speight, Exxon; A Stelzig, Environmental Protection Service; H.E Worster, MacMillan-Bloedel Ltd They have been credited wherever possible through references to their own recent publications I also thank all of the following individuals, each of whom read sections of the text in manuscript form, and C.G Carlson who read all of it, for their valuable comments and suggestions: R.D Barer, Metallurgy Division, Defence Research Establishment Pacific G Bonser, Husky Oil Limited R.A Brown, formerly of Shell Canada M.J.R Clark, Environmental Chemistry, Waste Management Branch, B.C Government H Dotti, Mission Hill Vineyards M Kotthuri, Meteorology Section, Waste Management Branch, B.C Government J Leja, Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering, University of British Columbia L.J Macaulay, Labatt Breweries of B.C., Ltd D.J MacLaurin, formerly of MacMillan-Bloedel Ltd R.N O’Brien, Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria M.E.D Raymont, Sulphur Development Institute of Canada W.G Wallace, Alcan Smelters and Chemicals, Ltd R.F Wilson, Dow Chemical Canada Inc M.D Winning, Shell Canada Resources Ltd Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_prelims Final Proof ACKNOWLEDGMENTS page xxix 25.11.2005 5:56pm xxix Without the support of the University of Victoria, the Department of Chemistry, and my family to work within, this book would never have been completed I owe a debt of gratitude to the inexhaustible patience of my wife, who handled the whole of the initial inputting of the manuscript into the computer, corrected several drafts, and executed all of the original line drawings Thanks also go to K Hartman who did the photographic work, to B.J Hiscock and L J Proctor, who unfailingly encouraged adoption of the computer for manuscript preparation, and to L.G Charron and M Cormack, who completed the final manuscript Some of the line drawings and one photograph are borrowed courtesy of other publishers and authors, as acknowledged with each of these illustrations To all of these I extend my thanks It would be tempting to blame any final errors on computer programming glitches which may, occasionally, have been the case It would be appreciated if errors from any source were brought to my attention Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_app1 Final Proof page 764 21.11.2005 3:04pm 764 INFORMATION RELATED TO SOIL POLLUTION TOPICS G.J Sandelli, J.C Trocciola, and R.J Spiegel, Landfill Gas Pretreatment for Fuel-cell 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Pollution Control 0120887967_app2 Final Proof page 772 23.11.2005 12:29pm 772 RELEVANT TECHNICAL WEBSITES BY TOPIC Periodic table Interactive: http://www.lenntech.com/periodic-chart.htm With this periodic chart you can click on the respective elements and it will show physical and chemical data of each element, plus health and environmental data Pharmacological Information Elsevier/MDL site: http://www.mdl.com Plastics Production The Society of the Plastics Industry (U.S.A.): http://www.socplas.org/ Europe, Association of Plastics Manufacturers in (APME): http://www apme.org/ Polymer Background http://www.cem.msu.edu/~reusch/VirtualText/polymers.htm#polmr3 Glossary, Polymer Doctor: http://www.polymerdoctor.com/fine/plsql/ terminology_main_new Production Data OECD Countries: http://www.sourceoecd.org/content/html/index.htm Petroleum: http://www.hubbertpeak.com/ http://www.oilempire.us/peakoil.html Publishers, Technical Academic Press, via Elsevier’s Website at: 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http://www.chemcenter.org/portal/Chemistry http://chemistry.org/education/DGRweb Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_app2 Final Proof page 773 23.11.2005 12:29pm APPENDIX II 773 American Institute of Physics: http://www.aip.org/history/ American Vacuum Society: http://www.avs.org/ The Electrochemical Society: http://www.electrochem.org/ International Society of Electrochemistry: http://www.ise-online.org/ Canadian Association of Physicists: http://www.cap.ca/ Canadian Institute of Chemistry: http://www.cheminst.ca/ http://www.chemistry.ca Royal Society of Chemistry: http://www.rsc.org/ Student Contact: http://www.rsc.org/lap/educatio/studentzone.htm Space Information NASA: http://search.nasa.gov/nasasearch/search/search.jsp http://www.nasa.gov/home/index.html?skipIntro ¼ Man-Systems Integration Standards Information: http://msis.jsc.nasa.gov/ sections/section05.asp Statistics, Relevant Statistics Canada: www.statcan.ca Surface Science Resources Royston Paynter’s list of Surface Science sites: http://goliath.inrs-ener uquebec.ca/surfsci/links.html (A surface science tutorial) Surface Science Division of CIC/CAP: http://goliath.inrs-ener.uquebec.ca/ surfsci/ Tradenames Plastics http://www.plastics.com/tradenames.php?l ¼ d Toxicology, Toxicity information Distributed Structure Searchable Toxicity (DSSTox): http://www.epa.gov/ nheerl/dsstox/ National Library of Medicine Website: http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/# RTECHS Data Base: http://ccinfoweb.ccohs.ca/rtecs/search.html (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) Unit Conversions Via Knoevel Website: http://www.knovel.com/knovel2/crc_handbook.jsp Universities, Colleges: http://gateway.uvic.ca/erf/education.html Water Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and a water glossary: http://www.lenntech.com/Water-Glossary.htm http://www.lenntech.com/Water-FAQ.htm Water Quality International Joint Commission, Canadian Office, Home Page: http:// www.ijc.org Water Treatment Systems American Water Works Association: http://www.awwa.org Aquasmart Technologies Inc., Burnaby, BC: http://www.aquasmart.com/products.html Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation: http://www.ultraviolet.com/water/ water01.htm Victoria Reservoir, treatment data: http://www.crd.bc.ca/water/ Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_app2 Final Proof page 774 23.11.2005 12:29pm 774 RELEVANT TECHNICAL WEBSITES BY TOPIC Xinix Disinfection Technologies (ClO2 ): http://www.xinix.com/ Zenon (membrane technologies): http://www.zenon.com/markets/markets shtml Winemaking and Related Selection of hundreds of relevant Websites: http://www.ryerson.ca/~ dtudor/wine.htm California Wine Institute: http://www.wineinstitute.org/ Statistics: http://www.wineinstitute.org/communications/statistics/index htm World wine production by country: http://www.wineinstitute.org/commu nications/statistics/keyfacts_worldwineproduction02.htm World per capita wine consumption by country: http://www.wineinstitute org/communications/statistics/keyfacts_worldpercapitaconsumption02 htm World Facts and Figures: http://www.worldfactsandfigures.com/ Hocking: Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control 0120887967_app3 Final Proof page 775 21.11.2005 3:07pm CONSTANTS, SI UNITS, AND MULTIPLES AND FORMULAS CONSTANTS Speed of light in a vacuum, c Faraday’s constant, F Avogadro’s number Ice pont 2:99793 Â 1010 cm/sec Ideal gas constant, R: 9:6487 Â 104 C/g equiv wt 6:02252 Â 1023 molecules/mole 273.15 K, 08C Molar gas volume 8:2056 Â 10À2 L atm/K mole 8.3143 J/K mole 1.9872 cal/K mole 22.4136 L/mole (at 08C, atm) Seawater is about 3.5 wt % dissolved solids Potable water contains
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Xem thêm: Handbook of chemical technology and pollution control martin b b hocking , Handbook of chemical technology and pollution control martin b b hocking , Handbook of chemical technology and pollution control martin b b hocking , 1 - Background and Technical Aspects.pdf, 2 - Air Quality Measurement and Effects of Pollution.pdf, 3 - Air Pollution Control Priorities and Methods.pdf, 5 - Raw Water Processing and Wastewater Treatment.pdf, 6 - Natural and Derived Sodium and Potassium Salts.pdf, 7 - Industrial Bases by Chemical Routes.pdf, 8 - Electrolytic Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorine, and Related Commodities.pdf, 9 - Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid.pdf, 10 - Phosphorus and Phosphoric Acid.pdf, 11 - Ammonia, Nitric Acid and Their Derivatives.pdf, 13 - Ore Enrichment and Smelting of Copper.pdf, 14 - Production of Iron and Steel.pdf, 15 - Production of Pulp and Paper.pdf, 16 - Fermentation and other Microbiological Processes.pdf, 17 - Petroleum Production and Transport.pdf, 20 - Condensation (Step-Growth) Polymer Theory.pdf, 21 - Commercial Polycondensation (Step-Growth) Polymers.pdf, 22 - Addition (Chain Reaction) Polymer Theory.pdf, 23 - Commercial Addition (Vinyl-Type) Polymers.pdf, App1 - Information Related to Soil Pollution Topics.pdf, App2 - Relevant Technical Websites by Topic.pdf

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