00 intro to physics

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Symbols and units Intro Symbols letters used in formulas NOTE areto Units are letters used in quantities mples Note that we can change symbols at any exaport of entry into physics A job well done ethe m o s Mechanics is e r a N time and use whatever symbols we like e UTIO rA He C in mechanics will form a solid foundation for the rest needoftothe memorize m represents mass Note that youewill e l p xam subject orunits les F p the units because they are standard m Do not confuse symbols with a x e e t represents time m o s e Here ar F represents force and cannot be changed and they It mandated is the unitby that kg kilograms for mass are law.identifies v represents velocity F = m a d s seconds for time W represents work what the quantiy represents N newtons for force 2 Look! Some etc etc a = v − v s f i m/s meters/second for velocity 20 kg Mass units use rs capital lette J joules for work ∆ vs 22.5 Time a = m meters for length 400 tN -200 J etc etc Introduction Click to continue Force a = g Sin x Energy BASIC QUANTITIES Length UNIT meter Remem be Only the se units r: in physi ar e al l o cs form wed ulas! It respons is your ibility to c quantiti onvert a es into basic un ll its! Mass kilogram There are three basic quantities in mechanics Time second NOTE All other quantities in mechanics are derived from these basic three and are known as “derived” quantities Introduction ext slide toncontinue lick to CClick For m ula For m ula For m ulas Hypotenuse is double opposite side From a past physics exam NOTE While the value for g is 9.8 m/s2, for quick practice, you may use 10 m/s2 to simplify your calculations … and good luck!
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