FLAVA 2014 final rewards incentives games

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Incentives, Rewards and Games in the Foreign Language Classroom Linda Lynch Poquoson High School Spanish Teacher Incentives Punch Cards  x index cards in different colors  ink pad  stamps  different shaped holepunches (available at Michael’s and A C Moore for about $1 each) Punch Cards: Participation Grade To make:  Stamp each note card I have different stamps and colored cards for different weeks (rabbits, pumpkins, etc.)  Make note in the grade/attendance list of the item, for example: Sept Green/rabbit That way if one gets lost, it can be documented which week was missed Punch Cards Punch Cards: Participation grade To use:  Pass one out to each student  Tell them to write their names in ink  Students, then, will receive a punch for speaking to teacher in Spanish Asking to leave the room for any reason, will not receive a punch The punches I use are different shapes so that they are difficult to reproduce Punch Card The student must be using Spanish to communicate or answer a question to receive a punch Each student should talk to me at least twice per day At the end of a week (two weeks for a block schedule), he or she should have 10 punches If a student is absent, he writes, “absent oct” for example so that I can grade it appropriately 10 = 100%, = 90%, etc Token Economy Materials:  colored paper  printer  template OR money from a board game Token Economy: Participation Grade  http://losleones.webs.com/survivorforteachers.htm - scroll down on the site for “pesos”  Other options are: monopoly money or making your own COPY DOUBLE SIDED EVERY OTHER ONE UPSIDE DOWN AT 111% ENLARGED green-5 blue-10 red-20 pink-50 grey-100 purple-200 yellow-500 orange-1000 salmon-5000 5L green-100 copies = 3000 (600 bills) 10L blue-100 copies = 6000 (600 bills) 20L red-75 copies = 9000 (450 bills) 50L pink-50 copies = 15,000 (300 bills) 100L grey- 25 copies = 15,000 (150 bills) 200L purple- 20 copies = 24,000 (120 bills) 500L yellow- 20 copies = 60,000 (120 bills) 1000L orange- copies = 30,000 (30 bills) 5000L salmon- copies =60,000 (12 bills) =222,000 (2382 bills) Balón de preguntas- Question ball Materials:  beach ball  permanent marker  list of questions Balón de preguntas- Question ball To make: Blow up the ball Choose about 20 questions that are either review or will help students to practice new vocabulary and verb tenses Write the questions on the board a few at a time a few days in advance, unless the questions are review With the marker, write questions all over the ball Balón de preguntas- Question ball To play: Everyone stands up next to their desks Teacher explains that students should try to catch the ball—even if they are not coordinated “If the ball is thrown to you and you not catch, you need to pick it up.” The player reads aloud and answers the question closest to his or her right thumb—in a complete sentence, in Spanish After the question is answered (by the student who read it), player throws the ball and sits down The ball is thrown to standing players Students who have sat down are either given a writing assignment to complete or asked to practice the questions Matamoscas-Fly Swatter Matamoscas-Fly Swatter  Written in word documents  Teacher can either project or print out matamoscas If projected, two teams and fly swatters are used If printed, students point and each person to win the round gets the number of points in the box  Score is kept on a piece of paper  Teacher calls out English, students point to word in target language  At the end all points are tallied Student with most points wins Websites  www.edmodo.com  www.zondle.com  www.quizlet.com  www.senorwooly.com  www.classdojo.com Edmodo  Free!  Known world wide  As familiar as facebook  Secure  Can text assignments!  Quizzes, polls and much more www.edmodo.com Zondle  Free!  Students can play games or take quizzes  Gradebook is free and included  You can either search or create content  Students can create content www.zondle.com Quizlet  Free! You can become a “teacher” for a fee  Students can join class free of charge  You can create or search content  “Scatter” and “space race” are challenging  www.quizlet.com Señor Wooly  Not free   Created and maintained by a Spanish teacher in the midwest  Worth the investment   1-2 new videos per year Videos are grammatically correct, educational and funny Good ideas for games, activities and using the videos in class  New content and ideas weekly  Students can create account and play games, memorize vocabulary and some grammar  www.senorwooly.com Class Dojo  Free!  Take attendance  Give awards to students (affirmative and negative)  Students and parents can login and check behavior www.classdojo.com Websites  Complete list @:  http://www.repiteporfavor.com/websites.html Contact  lindlynch@yahoo.com  www.repiteporfavor.com QR Code Time left?  Play games!  Speaking test incentive  Para  ¡A pescar! [...]... the paint out  After at least 5 hours, take off painter’s tape  Cut into individual cards A paper cutter is recommended You can cut the cards, then, paint if you prefer Scratch off template: Process Final Product Stickers  Materials: a book of stickers  Really Who knew high school students like stickers on their papers as much as first graders do? I give them out for A’s on tests and quizzes and...  Students can be entered in several ways For example, person with the most punches on his or her punch card, winners of a game, A on a test, excellent behavior, etc could be entered into the drawing Games Memory-Memoria  Materials: index cards, pen or pencil  I usually make my own or sometimes have students make them The risk with students making them is the rate of errors if they are not careful
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