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Intergovernmental Policy Forum Strasbourg, 6-8 2007 The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the development of language policies: challenges and responsibilities Language Learning Policies in the United States Jacque Bott Van Houten National Council of State Supervisors for U.S National Education Policies NCSSFL  No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001  Accountability adequate yearly progress Local flexibility in spending and testing  Priority areas of Reading, Math, English  Focus on : STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Early Childhood Education, High School Redesign The Role of World Languages in U.S Policy     NCSSFL NCLB core subjects also include: Science, Foreign Languages, Arts, History Geography, Civics/Government NCLB new requirements for teacher qualifications National Security Language Initiative • Expand critical language mastery • Increase numbers of advanced speakers • Increase number of teachers & resources New Interest in International Education State and Local Language Policies     NCSSFL 16 states require years or more language study for graduation or college admission Most states and/or school districts have: • Foreign Language Frameworks based on national standards • Benchmarks for achievement Most school districts have foreign language curricula Federal grant funding sets priorities Support for Language Learning         NCSSFL U.S Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition National Council of State Supervisors for Languages National Association of District Supervisors for Foreign Languages 15 National Language Resource Centers American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages National Network for Early Language Learning Joint National Committee on Languages Modern Language Association National Tools for Teaching and Learning     Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Assessment tools, such as the Oral Proficiency Interviews NCSSFL Why CEFRL Appeals to Americans          NCSSFL Makes language learning transparent Motivates and empowers the learner Promotes reflective learning Provides a new way of looking at culture Recognizes and values heritage languages Records individual progress Facilitates articulation among language programs Provides a common criteria/scale Promotes language learning as a life-long endeavor American Interest in CEFRL       NCSSFL Cornell University German Studies Dept University of Dayton research Brigham Young University, use of ELP/CEFR Virginia Commonwealth University Kennesaw University (GA) Others (Missouri State U., University of Kentucky, Murray State Univ., etc American Interest in the ELP - LinguaFolio        NCSSFL 2003 Goethe-Institut sponsored seminar for NCSSFL members in Düsseldorf 2004 Kentucky Meeting LinguaFolio versions in Kentucky, Nebraska, Virginia, Indiana,Virginia NCSSFL LinguaFolio Year of Language Project 5-state pilot, NE research Concordia Language Village STARTALK Why the interest?     Shared communicative focus Parallels to our ACTFL scales Supports U.S trends and research Addresses the individual learner Challenges in the U.S   Question of ELP/LF validation Alignment of ACTFL scales with Global Scale NCSSFL
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