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FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY ACTIVITIES   LISTENING COMPREHENSION    Read aloud, listen to yourself, then copy it and listen a lot more  Team up with someone (classmate, tutor) to rehearse listening and speaking exercises  Listen to songs and tr y to write the words (or download lyrics from Inter n et) Sing! Spend time on local TV's foreign language channel or go to the Multi-media Lab  Go to subtitled movies in your foreign language and tr y to listen for comprehension first, reading afterwards Spanish: Motorcycle Diaries The Sea Inside Pan’s Labyrinth French: Intimate Strangers Joyeux Noel Cache German: Lives of Others Mostly Martha The Counterfeiters Rent English DVD’s and put on the foreign language subtitles underneath the English dialogue or rent foreign language DVD’s and watch a second time with the foreign subtitles on to see how it was translated  Get copies of lab CD’s: • Listen and read simultaneously • Listen and write what is said (like dictation) • Copy the questions, answers, dictations, etc for fur t her listening • Listen, stop the CD, and repeat • Car r y CD’s with you for down-time listening (waiting, walking, etc) DO keep up with classwork! It’s harder to catch up than to keep up Language is cumulative with the cur r ent lesson built on the previous one Neglect and falling behind will snowball DO schedule your time to allow daily study time The rule is at least two study hours for every hour in class… but language study should be spr e a d o u t through the week DO try to divide your study time so that as much as 80% of it is spent in recitation and practice DO try to schedule some of your study hours BEFORE you go into class As a participation-type class, you need the material fresh in your mind to be used or performed in class DO schedule language study hours ASAP if they have to be after class in order to minimize forgetting Immediate reinforcement helps solidify new material longer and more accurately DO study when you’re most alert, when you feel you can absorb and retain the most material for such a memorization-heavy subject “Prime time” will vary, obviously, from person to person DON’T’S DON’T try to cover the whole assignment in one sitting – break it up into smaller chunks of time Break it up into “digestible” portions of material, probably following the sectioning already done by the textbook publisher DON’T cut class – you will get behind, (possibly irretrievably) [...]... ams in language lab  Consult cur r ent newspapers and magazines in your foreign language  Star t a jour n al in your foreign language  Label ever y day objects in your room with foreign language names on post-it's a t r e u p a L  Bring the language into ever y day conversation with *foreign songs *foreign nicknames for your friends *foreign catch phrases “¿Qué está sucediendo, Dude?” Language. .. because: - they're related materials -a language builds unit by unit -you want to use association Have a par t ner or tutor drill you on your cards Shuffle the cards occasionally so you don't get dependent on a sequence Separate into "I know" and "Don't know" piles each time you test yourself Retire words you've mastered into a file box to make room for new ones Use language lab tapes to focus on: -... WORDS  Vocabular y  Verbs  Grammar    Flashcards: - 3x5 for individual words - 4x6 for families of words and verb conjugations Include sample sentence to put word in context and to use more of the language Use color to differentiate par t s of speech Verbs Use color on verb cards to highlight the patter n of changes andare (future, to go) andrò andremo andrai andrete andrà andranno Put synonyms
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