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Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language What’s in it for me? Objectives    To understand immediate and long-term benefits of studying a second language To be aware of what is offered in the Foreign Languages and Literatures department at UMD To have some exposure to another language (being a French major, I chose French to be that language!) Immediate Benefits Greater academic achievement in other areas of study, including reading, social studies, and mathematics     Stronger understanding of English language Analyzing skills improve Improved knowledge of geography Long-Range Benefits  Enhanced career opportunities     Greater chance of getting hired if you are bilingual Option to work abroad, work for an International company, or work for the government Travel is made easier and more pleasant through knowing a foreign language Develop a global attitude What is offered at UMD?     French Spanish German Russian: Beginning Russian is offered through Continuing Education in the evening You may register for Intermediate Russian at the College of St Scholastica With that said… Lets Begin Our Crash Course in French! Basic French Phrases      “Bonjour”- Hello “Comment allez-vous”How are you? “Comment vous appellez-vous” – What’s your name? “Merci” – Thank You “Bonsoir” - Goodnight French: The language of love  “Je t’aime”   “Serais-tu mon Valentin?”   Will you be my valentine? “Veux-tu m’épouser?”   I love you Will you marry me? “Pourquoi est-ce que je suis en classe pendant le soir du Saint-Valentin?”  Why am I in class the night of Valentine’s Day? Some quick culture facts…    Never give someone chrysanthemums in France unless you are attending a funeral French fries are sort of French They really have great food! Please go to my website at: versityofMinnesota-Duluth/Ms Och /to complete a quick quiz (the quiz will be under “Reponse”) The End!
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