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SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Tran Minh Thu Lecturer of HRM Lecturer of Soft skills Foreign Trade University E: T: 0913583386 Content • General introduction • Soft skills Introduction • Practices Part General introduction Introduction History • • • • • • Vietskills program Student’s Survey and Feedback- 2009 Subject: Skills development – built in 2010 Lecturers from different FTU’s departments Office: Block A, Room1006 (Quality Assurance Center) Nhập môn Phát triển kỹ Content • • • • Name – – Soft skills training/ Study and working skills Skill development Skills – – – – Positive thinking Time management Teamwork Communication and Presentation skill Why? Objectives – (C) NVM, 2011 Useful and effective living and studying Nhập môn Phát triển kỹ Structure • • Credit: Time allocation Introduction Positive thinking Time management Communication and presentation Teamwork Nhập môn Phát triển kỹ Teaching methodology Groupwork • Discussions • Role plays • Games Practices Nhập môn Phát triển kỹ • Exercises • Exercises Experiences • Feeling • Awareness • Action Evaluation 10% 40% 50% Attendance Midterm Final Test Attendance Group-work project Multiple choices Nhập môn Phát triển kỹ Part • Introduction to Skills (C) NVM, 2011 Nhập môn Phát triển kỹ What are skills? – What are skills? – What you learn skills for? – What/Which skills you lack? – How you to acquire needed skills? Number Two: COMMUNICATION SKILLS – – – WRITTEN VERBAL NON VERBAL Number Three: Computer Skills Learn Computer Skills Number Four: Strong Work Ethic Number Five: Honesty Integrity – Do not use company supplies, products, or personal equipment – Do not lie, cheat, or steal – Give a day’s work for a day’ wages – Don't spend unnecessary time making personal phone calls since you really shouldn't spend any on company time! Number Six: PUNCTUALITY – Arrive to work on time – Return from breaks and lunch on time Number Seven: Flexibility and Adaptability • Adapt to change quickly and easily Number Eight: Analytical and Problem Solving Skills • Use Your Brain! Be Creative Number Nine: Interpersonal Skills • Treat others the way you want to be treated • Mentally pretend you’re talking to someone, and write that – Use clear, simple, direct language – Minimize use of acronyms – Read more, to see good writing and improve vocabulary – Ask peers to review your writing – Working through and with people – Thinking “we”, not “I” – Getting the Team to work together by: • • • • Giving the team the big picture Dividing work fairly Assigning responsibility to achieve accountability Giving recognition Number Ten: Team Work Skills Number Eleven: Initiative and Motivation • (Self-Starter) ( Opposite of Lazy!) Be A Hard Worker! Number Twelve: Loyalty – Speak well of the work place, boss, or job – Don’t discuss confidential matters outside of the work place And don’t forget Personal Appearance and Good Grooming – Clothes Clean and Pressed – Hair clean and combed – Teeth brushed – Shower, use deodorant Remember • Training alone is not a sufficient condition for actual behavioral changes in daily practice; the intention to change also has to be present Remember • • • • • Development of soft skills is a part of life-long learning The process does not begin and with your job It is something you have learnt as a child You must adopt it as a Philosophy of life It will be conducive to the continuous improvement of your professional behavior Remember ‘‘So long as you have an inclination to self-improvement, in all aspects of your life, you are well on your way to be a “good” everything!
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