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Giving Directions Location of Places Bakery Barber shop bookstore bus station cafeteria Clinic Hotel department store drugstore hair salon laundromat school train station gym video store Go straight on Turn right Turn left • Let’s Practice • Ex.: Excuse me, where’s the bank? • It’s on Av Lins, next to the supermarket School movies bakery restaurant mall pet shop Asking for directions Excuse me, how I get to the bank? Go straight on Marley Ave Turn right and the bank is on the left Excuse me, is there a bank near here? Yes, there is one on 6th Ave Walk blocks, turn left and it’s across the supermarket Excuse me, could you tell me where the restrooms are? Yes, go down the hall and it’s on your right hotel drugstore Mall Hair salon Itau bank SUGGEST A MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION A.Excuse me, how I get to ? B Don’t walk Take the _ A The ? B Yes, that’s right A.Thanks B.You’re welcome Bus Subway Train Cab Pinacoteca Carrefour Santos Ipiranga Museum Train station
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