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Adjectives – Tính từ Thông thường người với –ed, vật với –ing Nhưng xác ta phải hiểu theo này: Các tính từ như: amusing (vui tính), boring (tẻ nhạt, chắn ngắt), tiring (mệt nhọc, chán), … chủ động có nghĩa “có ảnh hưởng này” Các tính từ như: amused, tired,…là thụ động có ý nghĩa: “bị ảnh hưởng theo cách này” Ví dụ: The play was boring (vở kịch tẻ nhạt) [khán giả bị tẻ nhạt] The work was tiring (công việc mệt nhọc, chán nản) I’m tired (tôi cảm thấy mệt) [mệt công việc khiến ta mệt] Exercise: Ví dụ: My bath was _ I feel _now (RELAX) -> My bath was relaxing I feel relaxing [Bồn tắm nhà thật dễ chịu(bồn tắm dễ chịu nên dễ chịu) Tôi cảm thấy dễ chịu] Joe is _ because he had a _day (TIRE) How to get the cheese was _ The mouse was _.(CONFUSE) (khó chịu) Your jokes(trò đùa) are _ I am _.(AMUSE) (vui) I was so _by the movie The scenes in the movie were _ (TOUCH) (cảm động) The TV program was _ I felt _while watching it (BORE) My angry father's words were _ I felt _.(UPSET) (rối bời) The nurse's big needle was _ I felt _when she walked over to me! (FRIGHTEN) (sợ hãi) Ted forgot to close his zipper It was _ Ted felt _ (EMBARRASS) (Rắc rối) My alarm clock wouldn't stop ringing I was _ The sound was _.(ANNOY) (làm phiền) 10 The movie, King Kong, was _ The children who were watching it were .(TERRIFY) (khiếp sợ) 11 I felt _ after getting a _ massage (PLEASE) (hài lòng) 12 Michael Phelps was _ Michael Phelps' Olympic win was _ (EXCITE) (thú vị) 13 He heard a strange sound and was _ The strange sound was _.(CONCERN) (lo lắng) 14 Her weight loss from the diet was _ She was _ (ENCOURAGE) (can đảm) 15 The taste(hương vị) was _ I was _.(SATISFY) (hài lòng) 16 He's such a monotonous speaker I was stiff (bored / boring) 17 Most sequels (tiểu thuyết) are (disappointed / disappointing) (thất vọng) 18 I had such a day I went straight to bed (tired / tiring) 19 Everyone's very about the news (excited / exciting) 20 That lamp produces a very effect (pleased / pleasing) 21 The school was by the tragic event (saddened / saddening) (buồn) 22 I don't like watching films on my own (depressed / depressing) 23 I was when she told me she'd got divorced (amazed / amazing) 24 He's such a guy He only ever talks about himself (bored / boring) 25 I'm very in films and theatre (interested / interesting) 26 It was a very situation (interested / interesting) (thú vị) 27 There's been some very news (surprised / surprising) (ngạc nhiên) 28 His mother was by what she found under his bed (disgusted / disgusting) (kinh hãi, ghê tởm) 29 Their hamburgers are (disgusted / disgusting) 30 Dad always arrives home from work thoroughly (exhausted / exhausting) (mệt mỏi( 31 He's always showing off It's really (annoyed / annoying) 32 I think Alex is one of the most people I've ever met He can't keep still for a second (annoyed / annoying) 33 What a _ (shock) thought (thấy sốc) 34 Have you heard the _ (suprise) news about Alice and Ted? (suprising) 35 I agree with you I was pretty _ (shock) when I heard about it myself 36 I was always _ (worry) (lo lắng) that they would break up Now I can relax 37 What a _ (depress) idea (thất vọng) 38 That would be an _ (upset) thing to happen 39 Dogs often feel _ during fieworks.( frightened/ frightening) (sợ) 40 The metro can be _ the first time you use it.( confusing/ confused)(khó chịu) 41 Satoru was _ to hear about the earthquake.( shocked/ shocking) 42 I think that rainy days in winter are _.( depressed/ depressing) 43 She's _ of doing the same thing every day.( bored/ boring) 44 It was the most _ I have been watching a film.( excited/ exciting) (thú vị) 45 The meals at Immigrant's Cafe are _ (satisfied/ satisfying) (hài lòng) 46 Sally has been running for three hours and now she is _(EXHAUSTED) 47 My brother had an accident and his situation is quite _(WORRYING) 48 When we visited that abandoned house it was really _(DEPRESSING) 49 I think he was _because he called me Mary and my name is Rose (CONFUSED) 50 That film is not _despite being a comedy (AMUSING) 51 Your bathroom is _! Couldn’t you clean it a little? (DISGUSTING) 52 Are you _in reading one of my novels? (INTERESTING) 53 What is the most _story you’ve ever heard? (FRIGHTENING) 54 It was the most _meeting I have ever attended (BORING) 55 When we broke the vase, we felt very _.(EMBARRASSED) (lúng túng)
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