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The ••••••• •• ••• • best preparation for Listening Young Kim NTV Congty TNHH Nhan Tri Vi~t ~ NHA XUAT BAN TONG HQP THANH PHO HO CHI MINH As far as I know, students of English usually find listening the most difficult Personally, listening is a very necessary skill in real life It is easy to master if its sub-skills can skillfully be applied when listening Concerning IELTS, the Listening test tends to select authentic materials from real life and academic contexts, which is essential for daily communication and especially for those who are planning to study in an English-speaking environment Understanding this situation, I have tried to work out user-friendly material to facilitate English learning, especially helping English learners to improve their listening skill more effectively Our practical step-by-step guide to test practice as well as important skills presented and explained will certainly meet your expectations and bring success to your coming IELTS test Young Kim Preface - Contents • Preface • Main Parts • Main Features 10 • Effective Methods of Test Preparation 11 e e IELTS Overview 12 The IELTS Listening Test 19 PART Question Types, Types of Speech and Types of Interaction Chapter Question Types Unit Multiple Choice 24 One Answer Multiple Answers Unit 27 Completion Note Completion Summary Completion Sentence Completion Table I Form Completion Unit Matching 33 Unit Classification 35 Unit Labelling 37 Labelling a Diagram Labelling a Map Unit Chapter 'le bee,• Short Answers 40 Types of Speech Unit One Person 44 Unit Two People 46 Unit More People 48 prl'~rl I C:"l fo IE L '")LI tP l nq www d'antri11 1et.corn Chapter Types e>f Interaction Unit One Person 52 Easy Questions (Sect ion 2) Difficult Questi ons (Section 4) Unit Two or More People 55 Easy Questions (Section 1) Diffi cu lt Questions (Section 3) PART2 Understanding the Four Sections of the Test Question Types in the Four Sections PART3 Unit Section 62 Unit Section 64 Unit Section 67 Unit Section 69 Actual Tests Actual Test 74 Actual Test 82 Actual Test 89 Actual Test 97 Actual Test 104 Answers and Scripts 113 Contents - Main Parts Mini Test Part Part presents question types, types Questions 1-5 of speech and types of interaction Choose th• correct letter A, B or C which are frequently found in the IELTS Pally wen! 10 the 1ntef'J1ew today by P11t1yh 11 s heardaboutthecompanythrough Listening test and each type is followed by one or more mini tests C I rit 1J One ol Patty's strength 1s that she What (hd Patty when she had a problem with a COWOfker at another ,ob? _J Mini Test 19 Part Que~t1om Part introduces the sections of the 1o Como•ete the order form below Wnte NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS ANO/OR A NUM BER lor each answer IELTS Listening test and a mini test is given to illustrate each section &11mple Name al company Owns what type ol computer W.llltsfOPIJ[...]... focus on the main ideas or facts in the recorded text and is arranged in rows and columns, which may be confusing for candidates 28 •••••• ••• ··· • Mini Test 3 LISTENING ·- - Questions 1-5 Complete the notes below Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer Measuring the Weather In the past, if someone was a farmer, the weather forecast was 1 to them Instruments used to measure the weather: Thermometer... a number to fill in the missing information You have to read the instructions carefully to make sure that you can do the right job - choose the words from the box given or from the recorded text 1 Note Com pletion Note completion is one of the most frequently given tasks in the IELTS Listening test This task is given in the form of a set of notes and candidates have to fill in the gaps of factual details... weather: Thermometer • measures the temperature of the air • if the thermometer is exposed directly to 2 , it will give the wrong temperature Hygrometer • measures humidity or the amount of water vapor in the air • the more water there is in the air, the 3 people feel Barometer • measures air pressure, which changes because the atmosphere of the Earth is constantly 4 • bad weather is accompanied by 5 one of the classifications for each item in a list of questions given Your job is to listen to the relevant information on the recording to match the right options with the information in the questions You should also note that a particular category could be used more than once Tip 1 The numbered list would always be in the same order as you would hear it on the recording Tip 2 The ideas in the list... Also, the spelling has to be correct 40 www nhantriviet com •••• • ••• ••• Mini Test 11 • LISTENING Questions 1-5 I Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND A NUMBER for each answer L 1 What was wrong with the movie screen the last time they went? 2 Where was the new movie theatre built? 3 How much are tickets at the new luxury movie theatre? 4 Where is another movie theatre located? 5 What is near the other... Unit 3 Overview For this question type, you are required to match a numbered list of items from the listening I text to a set of lettered options on the question paper There will generally be more possible options than the number of questions and your job is to find the most suitable options for the numbered questions Before starting to listen, carefully read the numbered list of items and the set of,... understanding of the text PART 1 27 3 Sentence Completion There is a slight difference between note or summary completion and sentence completion In this type, the gaps can come at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the sentences given 4 Table/Form Completion In this task type, candidates are required to fill in gaps in an outline of one part or of all of the listening text The outline... Where is another movie theatre located? 5 What is near the other movie theatre that makes it easy to get to? PART 1 - 41 Tips for the Six Question Types in the IELTS Listening Test 42 r ••• ••• Unit 1 • One Person Overview Each of the four sections of the IELTS Listening test focusses on a different type of speech and the number of speakers will change accordingly Generally, a talk or... However, based on the voice, male or female, you may have a rough idea about what has been spoken Then, by listening carefully for names addressed on the recording, you may produce the correct answers 48 fh' bE'St preparation for IEL TS L s ~ ening •••••• ••• • • • Mini Test 14 • LISTENING - Question 1 Choose the correct letter, A, B or C 1 What is the first thing Minsoo... found in the IELTS Listening test which assesses the ability to understand language expressing spatial relationships and directions on a map PART 1 37 • • · Mini Test 9 LISTENING Questions 1-5 Complete the diagram below Write ONE WORD for each answer Speaker Liquid Crystal 1 shows phone information Send Button used to 4 a call after the number is End Call Button used to turn the dialed
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