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Singapore Math Primary Mathematics (CCSS Edition) is a complete program based on the highly successful Primary Mathematics series from Singapore Do you have math anxiety? “Evidence suggests that math anxiety results more from the way the subject is presented than from the subject itself.” -Greenwood Singapore History of Singapore Math       1981-1982 – First Primary Mathematics curriculum was developed 1992 – Revised to make it a problem-solving curriculum 1994-1999 – Curriculum was reduced 2003 – Primary Mathematics U S Edition was published 2008 – Primary Mathematics Standards Edition was published 2014 – Primary Mathematics CCSS Edition was published Singapore Rises to the Top Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) Benchmark Level Comparison Five Factors to Success Qualified and dedicated teachers Well-managed schools Subject banding High expectations on the part of parents, teachers, and students A sound curriculum Singapore’s Mathematics Framework Big Ideas in Singapore Math Number sense Making connections and finding patterns Communication Visualization Concrete Pictorial Abstract Variation Singaporean teaching model Singaporean Teaching Model Transferring Understanding Assessing Consolidating Number Bonds Mental Math  Why teach mental math? Practicing Mental Math Sprints Skip counting Magic Thumb Games (Buzz, Salute) I Have – Who Has? Solve: 37 + 58 = ? Problem Solving See Plan Do Look Back “Bar modeling allows students to engage in algebraic thinking even before they are ready to handle formal algebra.” -Bar Modeling A Problem Solving Tool, Yeap Ban Har, PhD   Bar Modeling A flock of geese on a pond were being observed continuously At 1:00pm, 1/5 of the geese flew away At 2:00pm, 1/8 of the geese that remained flew away At 3:00pm, times as many geese as had flown away at 1:00pm flew away, leaving 28 geese on the pond At no other times did any geese arrive or fly away How many geese were in the original flock? Singapore Math at North Cross  A Typical Lesson ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Mental math activities Hands-on lessons with manipulatives Partner conversations Guided and independent practice 1st graders enjoy working on number bonds! 2nd graders love practicing place value! Singapore Math at North Cross  Differentiation ◦ different styles of learning: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory ◦ Sprints ◦ Depth of knowledge within the same topic 3rd graders have fun creating numbers with place value chips 5th graders work great with their partners to find multiples How Can Parents Help? Please trust in this unfamiliar way of teaching We want the children to understand why before teaching the algorithms Please ensure your child is practicing math facts nightly Homework: Reinforces skills taught during class • Not always just a worksheet Can be practicing facts, sorting, word problems with bar modeling, and internet links • Support, but not it for them! Questions?
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