Math and your career

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Math and Your Career Pi Mu Epsilon Induction Ceremony Job Market – Where is your opportunity?  Don’t limit yourself to traditional job markets  Apply for positions even if Mathematics isn’t one of the preferred/required degrees – A lot of times your degree will still qualify you or they will be willing to look at your resume if you set yourself apart from others Opportunity - Continued  Business world is opening up to math and science – – – – Business Intelligence/Analytics is exploding! Need to show you are qualified to compete in the business world Demonstrate how you can contribute Gain experience through business classes and internships How to Distinguish Yourself  Resume – – – NO ERRORS! Be creative and get the most out of your page Explain how math will be beneficial to employer by highlighting skills it has taught you rather than classes you have taken    Analytical Problem-Solving Objective Distinguishing - Continued   Cater to your strengths – the skills learned from degree Diversify – the more programming languages or software you have experience with the better –  Research to see what is most popular with employers Communication Skills – – – Absolute must! You will not be hired without them Your skills and knowledge can’t help anyone if you can’t explain it in laymen’s terms My Personal Career Path    School: Math to Business to Math Internship: Supply Chain/Purchasing dept for years Full-time: – – – – SQL Reporting role for months after graduation Business Analytics Advisor Strategic Marketing Opportunities Leadership Goals Questions?
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