Making mathematics meaningful and memorable

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Making Mathematics Meaningful and Memorable Hank Karen Corlyn Lee Kepner Ann Pruske Paige Richards Mary Mooney Association of Mathematical Teacher Educators Tulsa, Oklahoma January 24-26,2008 Teachers-in-Residence Experienced teachers from Milwaukee Public Schools On special assignment at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Link academic teacher preparation and urban classroom practice Align teacher preparation and K-12 reform initiatives MET Report Recommendations The mathematical education of teachers should be seen as a partnership between mathematics faculty and mathematics education faculty There needs to be more collaboration between mathematics faculty and school mathematics teachers Prospective teachers need mathematics courses that develop a deep understanding of the mathematics that they teach University of WisconsinMilwaukee Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee Public Schools University of WisconsinMilwaukee MMP Milwaukee Public Schools Milwaukee Area Technical College Mathematics Course Work Core courses for MCEA majors  Mathematical Explorations for Elementary Teachers I and II  Mathematics Methods for Elementary and Middle School Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence (MCEA) Math Minor     Discrete Probability and Statistics for Elementary Teachers Geometry for Elementary Teachers Problem Solving and Critical Thinking for Elementary Teachers Algebraic Structures for Elementary Teachers Mathematics Mathematicians Educators Teachers-inResidence National Research Council’s Strands of Proficiency Adding It Up, 2001      Adaptive Reasoning Strategic Competence Conceptual Understanding Productive Disposition Procedural Fluency Framework Karen Corlyn MPS Middle School Teacher-in-Residence @ UWM Middle School Math Methods Discrete Probability and Statistical Analysis Algebra Structures It’s about making relevant connections It’s about making relevant connections It’s about making relevant connections It’s about building understanding Laura and Maddie using manipulatives (two color counters and Hershey Kisses) to solve the equation: 3x + = 12 Most of all, It’s all about the conversations Framework Lee Ann Pruske MPS Elementary School Teacher-in-Residence @ UWM Elementary School Math Methods Geometry Problem Solving Collaboration "The TIR's bring the perspective of how to present this (the content) in an elementary classroom, and what a teacher could expect from the elementary school students They ground the course and make it relevant to the future experience of the prospective teachers” Gabriella Pinter, PhD Geometry on the Sphere Collaboration “The TIR's move the class to hands-on activities and discussions quickly This opens up the classroom to a different level of discourse and involvement than is usually found in a university math class.” “The TIR's look more critically at who is in a presentation group, adjusting group dynamics to enhance presentations and problem solving" Gabriella Pinter, PhD Paige Richards MPS Elem School Teacher-in-Residence @ UWM & MATC Co-teach mathematics foundations courses at MATC Design, implement and supervise math internships Facilitate the student transition from MATC to UWM School of Education Collaboration "As a mathematician, I can attest that the greatest addition our TIR has brought to the content courses in mathematics for elementary teachers at this college has been her knowledge and experience of pedagogical issues.  Her K-12 classroom expertise has been invaluable in the transformation of our preservice teacher courses.”  David Ruszkiewicz, MATC  Mary Mooney MPS High School Teacher-in-Residence @ UWM Secondary School Math Methods Middle School Math Methods High School Algebra Labs Framework This material was developed by the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership (MMP) with support by the National Science Foundation under Grant No 0314898 Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation
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