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Playing chess Playing guitar swimming Collecting stamps HOBBIES singing fishing Keeping fish English 11-Unit 13 Wednesday, October 22 , 2014 nd Hobbies I enjoy singing when I have free time I like playing guitar in my free time I lo ve s wi m g I am interested in music I spend much time on reading books W t I lo ve b fi s h i n e s t i s g 12/01/16 VIET BA HIGH SCHOOL I don’t enjoy dancing I hate smoking d e r o b m g a n i I r o b h wit ings th 10/22/2014 I di dri slike nki win ng e HUNG VUONG UNIVERSITY Likes •Like •Love •Enjoy V_ing •To be interested in •What l love best is Dislikes •Dislike + N / •Hate •Not enjoy •To be bored with +N/ V_ing A: Which of the hobbies would you like to do? B: Swimming I like it best because I find it interesting to swim in the swimming pool with my friend It’s also good for my health and helps me to stay fit A: And which one wouldn’t you like to do? B: Fishing I’m not patient enough Suggested dialogue: A: What is your hobby? B: (Well, I like collecting Stamps) A: Could you tell me how you collect your stamps? B: I ask members of family, friend relative postmen and buy from post office A: How you organize your collection? B: I classify stamp into categories: animals, plants, birds, landscapes, people such as heroes, singers … A: Where you keep stamps? B: I keep them in album A: Why you collect stamps? B: Because I want to broaden knowledge, know more about landscape, people A: What you plan to next? B:I want to collect more stamps HOME WORK + Learn new words by heart and make sentences with them + Write a passage about your hobby The end!
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