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Charles F Dolan School of Business Sophomore Symposium Class of 2016 Charles F Dolan School of Business Your Future Begins Now  Plan Ahead  Be Proactive  Take Ownership of your Education & Career Plans  Embrace the Opportunities & Resources Available Charles F Dolan School of Business Curriculum (41 courses / 123 credits) University Core (63 Credits) Business Core (27 Credits)          Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Intro to Information Systems Intro to Finance Intro to Management Principles of Marketing Operations Management Legal Environment of Business Strategy in the Global Environment Majors (18 Credits) Accounting Finance Information Systems International Business Management Marketing Electives (15 Credits) 4 Free Electives 1 Business Elective Dolan School of Business Majors ACCOUNTING Accounting Department Dr Joan Van Hise, Chair Accounting Department Accounting Careers Public Accounting Careers Auditing Consulting Tax Planning Tax Return Prep Forensic Accounting Accounting Department Accounting Careers Non-Public Accounting Careers CFO Treasure Accountant Corporate Controller Litigation Consultant Accounting Department Accounting Employers Most Fairfield graduates work toward CPA certification at… Big Firms Deloitte; Ernst & Young KPMG; PricewaterhouseCoopers National Firms e.g., UHY e.g., McGladrey & Pullen Regional/Local Firms e.g., Blum Shapiro e.g., Dylewsky, Goldberg & Brenner Accounting Department Steps to CPA Certification Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and… Exam Uniform CPA Exam Education ~30 more credit hours of study Options include MSA/MST/MBA degree Work Experience ~ 1-3 years post-bachelor’s degree Continuing Professional Education ~40 hours/year of professional training Key: requirements vary state-by-state Consult with an accounting faculty member for state specific requirements Accounting Department Accounting Information Systems Minor Highlights the impact of technology on the accounting profession For students who want to supplement an Accounting or other major Required courses: AC 11 Introduction to Financial Accounting IS 100 Introduction to Information Systems AC 203 Intermediate Accounting I AC 265 Accounting Information Systems IS 240 Systems Analysis and Logical Design IS 260 Database Systems Accounting Department Accounting Co-Curricular Activities Accounting Club Monthly meetings with speakers Previous speakers from WWE, Bromley Teas, IRS Opportunities for underclassmen to become leaders Beta Alpha Psi Honor Fraternity for Accounting/Fin’l Information Professionals Must be an Accounting Major/Minor or AIS Minor GPA > 3.0 ALPFA (Association for Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting) Open to all Accounting and Finance Majors/Minors Meetings with speakers & service opportunities Opportunities for underclassmen to become leaders Internship Program Expectations of Interns Expectations of Interns seeking academic credit as well as those who are not…  Behave in a professional manner  All students are representatives of the University  The Director of Internships maintains regular contact with companies  Feedback is obtained whether or not credit is being sought  On-line evaluation to be completed by all interns Internship Program Responsibilities Responsibilities for students seeking academic credit…  For-Credit Internship Application & job description  Minimum 12 hours per week  Meet with Faculty Internship Advisor  Complete a final paper  On-line evaluation Internship Program The Internship Faculty Advisor The role of the faculty advisor is to…  Discuss  May parameters of the paper assign additional independent study  Focus on relating experience to course work in student’s major  Read and grade paper Internship Program Participating Companies/Organizations  Merrill Lynch  Octagon Inc  UBS  Morgan Stanley Smith Barney  Ameriprise Financial Services  Michael Kors  GE Corp State Tax Group  Letarte Swimwear  J Brand Jeans  CBS Sports Network  Hearst Corp./Esquire  Praxair  And More… Internship Program Advantages of an Internship  Academic credit  Professional work experience  Marketable skills  Resume building  Competitive edge  Test-drive a career choice  Meet professionals who will mentor  Develop confidence Internship Program Advantages of an Internship New knowledge in specialized field  Sharpen communication skills  Apply classroom theory  Networking  Possible job offer  Internship Program Sophomore Year Prepare during sophomore year…  Utilize the Office of Career Planning  Resume Writing  Cover Letter  Become Familiar with DSB Internship Database and Eligibility Requirements Internship Program Internships TO GET A JOB YOU NEED EXPERIENCE; TO GET EXPERIENCE YOU NEED A JOB AN INTERNSHIP COULD GIVE YOU BOTH! Charles F Dolan School of Business International Education Office of International Programs Mr Christopher Johnson, Director Charles F Dolan School of Business International Education Fairfield Opens Doors To The World 60+ Programs 40+ Countries Charles F Dolan School of Business International Education Institution Site •IFI Rouen •Institut Quimic De Sarria (IQS) •Maastricht University •Regent’s College •National University of Ireland, Galway •Beijing Center for Language & Culture •Florence University of the Arts •API-American Programs International •University of Edinburgh •Herzen University •Sophia University •Baden Württenberg Exchange •CIEE- Council Study Centers France Spain Netherlands England Ireland China Italy Spain Scotland Russia Japan Germany Worldwide Charles F Dolan School of Business International Education Selecting the appropriate program…  Program of Study/Major  Language  Individual Program & Courses Offered  Career Interests Charles F Dolan School of Business International Education Business Programs  Rouen, France  Barcelona, Spain  Maastricht, Netherlands Charles F Dolan School of Business International Education Next Steps… Meet with academic advisor APPLY TO STUDY ABROAD BY FEBRUARY OF SOPHOMORE YEAR For more information – www.fairfield.edu/studyabroad Charles F Dolan School of Business Sophomore Symposium Questions & Comments www.fairfield.edu/dsbsymposium Connect with the Dolan School of Business Facebook: Twitter: www.fairfield.edu/FairfieldDSB @FairfieldDSB Good Luck Class of 2016! [...]... College of Arts and Sciences)  International Business (BS Dolan School of Business) International Business Program International Business Major Foundational Courses IL 50 World Regions IL 51 Challenges of Global Politics IL 52 Cultural and Political Economy (INBU majors take EC 11 and EC 12) IL 300 Capstone International Business Program International Business Major Choose two electives from the following... General Electric, Pitney Bowes, …  IBM, United Technologies, …  And many more Dolan School of Business Majors International Business International Studies Program College of Arts and Sciences and Dolan School of Business Dr Terry-Ann Jones – Director Mr Jermain Griffin – Associate Director International Business Program Overview International Studies Program The International Studies program draws from... Management Department Management is essential to… Success in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Info Systems, International Business Careers in Human Resource Management Careers in Law Management Department The Management Major General Management Concentrations in: Business and Society Human Resources Management Department Additional Offerings… The Management Minor Business Law and Ethics Minor Entrepreneurship... Innovation Process Business Clients Problems Plans/Specs Solutions Hardware/ Software IS Professionals Technology Providers Information Systems Department What We Do – Common Job Descriptions  Project Management  New Product Development  Management and Systems Consulting  Process Improvement/Reengineering  Business Process Outsourcing  Systems Design & Acquisition  Information Services & Support Information... Justice and Humanitarianism Choose a co-curricular minor or major with the Dolan School of Business International Business Program Resources  Internship Program  International Business/Studies Club  Model United Nations Club  Program events  Study Abroad  Fulbright and other scholarships Dolan School of Business Majors MANAGEMENT Management Department Dr Carl Scheraga, Chair Management Department Management... Estate Finance Department Professional Certifications Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Dolan School of Business Majors Information Systems Information Systems Department Dr James He, Chair Information Systems Department Who We Are – The Innovation Process Business Clients Problems Plans/Specs... University endowment under the direction of a faculty member New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA)  A team of students under the direction of a faculty member competes with several participating business schools in doing security analysis Finance Department Practical Experience in Finance BEST Classroom  We offer simulation of securities trading as well as hands on experience with the Reuters... combinations create concentrations (based on career interests) within the major: Sales/Sales Management Advertising Internet Marketing Marketing Channels Business to Business Marketing Public Relations Brand Management Contemporary Issues ... Police Department Bank of America United Technologies Corp Walt Disney World  And many more… Dolan School of Business Majors MARKETING Marketing Department Dr Rajasree Rajamma, Chair Marketing Department What is Marketing? Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners,...Dolan School of Business Majors FINANCE Finance Department Dr Walter Hlawitschka, Chair Finance Department Finance Programs Undergraduate Programs: Finance Major (18 credits, 3 required and 3 electives) Finance Minor (15
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