EBT 4 01 accounting careers

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4.01 Accounting Careers What Accountants do? • Track companies’ expenses • Prepare, analyze and verify financial documents • Look for ways to run businesses more efficiently • Keep public records • Make sure taxes are paid properly Public Accountants • Perform audits • Prepare taxes for corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and individuals Management Accountants Management accountants are members of the executive team who • Record and analyze information about budgets, costs and assets • Support strategic planning or product development • Write financial reports for stockholders, creditors or government agencies Government Accountants • Maintain and examine government records • Audit private businesses or individuals on the government's behalf Internal Auditors • Are fiscal “police officers” • Verify the accuracy of an organization's financial records • Look for waste, mismanagement and fraud Job Outlook in Accounting • CPA accountants will continue to be in high demand, especially as states increase the education and experience requirements for the certification • Certified Management Accountants and those with MBAs will also fare well Job Outlook in Accounting • Having a specialty, such as information systems, government regulation or international business, will help you land a job • Those without a degree or certification and those vying for the upper-most echelons of accounting will find keen competition for jobs Education Requirements • A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, and to advance, you'll need additional certification or graduate-level education • Those in the accounting field can earn the Certified Public Accountant designation by meeting experience and educational requirements and passing an exam
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