Chapter 3 rocks

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Rocks: Materials of the Solid Earth Chapter Earth Science, 6e Modified by Dr Kane What is a Rock? How would you define a rock and a mineral? What types of Rocks are there? Igneous Rocks: from magma or lava Origin: igneous activity • Example: granite or basalt Sedimentary rocks: from sediments Origin: weathering and erosion Example: sandstone or clay Metamorphic rocks: from stress Origin: mountain building Example: gneiss or marble The rock cycle (page 45) PART – I: IGNEOUS ROCKS FEEDBACK: From what process igneous rocks from? Plate Margins • Divergent: Plates pull apart Example: Mid ocean ridge; Rift • Convergent: Plate come together – Ocean – Continent; Ex: Cascades, Andes – Ocean – Ocean; Ex: Japan, Caribbean – Continent – Continent; Himalaya • Transform Fault: Plates slide Origin of Magma (page 228) Magma forms at three major geological settings: • Divergent (Ex: Mid ocean ridge) • Convergent (Ex: Cascades volcanoes) • Intra plate Not a plate margin (Ex: Hawaii, Hot spot) Origin of Magma (page 148) Mid Ocean Ridge (divergent) Subduction Zone (Convergent) –Which texture indicates a magma rich in gases? a b c d e Phaneritic Aphanitic Porphyritic Pyroclastic None of these 10 –Which texture indicates two rates of cooling? a b c d e Phaneritic Aphanitic Vesicular Pyroclastic None of these 11 – Where to find a felsic magma? a b c d At mid ocean ridge On the ocean floor On the continental crust At subduction zone 12 –Which term means finegrained texture? a b c d e Aphanitic Phaneritic Porphyritic Vesicular None of these 13 - Texture? a: Glassy Or b: Pophyritic 14 - Which texture means all coarse-grained rock? a b c d e Aphanitic Porphyritic Phaneritic Glassy Vesicular 16 - Quartzite is what type of metamorphic rock? a Regional metamorphism b Contact metamorphism c Not a metamorphic rock 84 17 – In what type of metamorphism pressure and temperature work together? a b c d Contact metamorphism Regional metamorphism All of the above None of the above 85 18 - What is the parent rock of limestone? a b c d e Quartzite Granite Marble Basalt This does not make sense 86 19 – Which one of these is a foliated metamorphic rock? a b c d e Marble Granite Mica-schist Basalt Shale 87 20 -What type of weathering is frost wedging? a Chemical weathering b Mechanical weathering c Soil sampling d a and b e None of the above What type of weathering is oxidation? a Chemical weathering b Mechanical weathering c Soil sampling d a and b e None of the above 22 - Exfoliation results from a Frost wedging b Oxidation c Unloading d Thermal expansion e None of the above 23 - Which one is the metamorphic rock? Do not take a SANDSTONE for b GRANITE (granted)! Have a c GNEISS (nice) day! 91 THE END THAT’S ALL FOLKS! THANK YOU!!! [...]... Olivine and Quartz be found together in the same rock? • Why? … Naming Igneous rocks Granitic or Felsic rocks • Light-colored rocks • Rich in silica/poor in Fe and Mg • Form from melting of continental crust • Common rock is Granite (intrusive) or Rhyolite (volcanic) Naming Igneous rocks Basaltic or Mafic/ultramafic Rocks • Dark Rocks • Rich in Fe and Mg/poor in silica • Originate mostly from the oceanic... Naming Igneous rocks  Intermediate or Andesitic Rocks • Mineral and chemical composition are average of felsic and mafic rocks • Has dark minerals (pyroxene, amphibole, and mica) and light minerals (feldspar and quartz) • Silica content: 50%
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