Layers of the earth

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Layers of the Earth • Skin of the peach is the crust • Meat of the peach is the mantle • Pit of the peach is the core Layers of the EARTH CRUST to 25 miles thick and up to 1,600 F MANTLE 1,800 miles thick and up to 8,000 F INNER CORE 800 miles thick and up to 13,000 F OUTER CORE 1,400 miles thick and up to 11,000 F TYPES OF ROCKS • Igneous • Sedimentary • Metamorphic IGNEOUS ROCKS • Formed from molten material including volcanic lava, ash, or bombs as well as magma below Earth’s surface TYPES OF IGNEOUS ROCKS GRANITE BASALT SEDIMENTARY ROCKS • Made of layers that have been pressed or cemented together • Pebbles, sand, silt, or clay are sediments • Shells and bones can also be sediments TYPES OF SEDIMENTARY ROCKS LIMESTONE SHALE COAL METAMORPHIC ROCKS • Rocks that are changed by intense heat and pressure while inside Earth’s surface • Igneous, sedimentary, and even metamorphic rocks can be changed into different metamorphic rocks TYPES OF METAMORPHIC ROCKS SLATE MARBLE ROCK CYCLE • The rock cycle is a never-ending process of rocks forming, weathering, and changing into other rocks ROCK CYCLE
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