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Metamorphic Rocks Metamorphic rocks have been changed from a preexisting rock Caused by extreme heat and/or pressure Regional Metamorphism Caused by extreme pressure and heat Happens over wide “regions” Contact Metamorphism Caused by contact with extreme heat Meta rocks will often have foliation or a distorted structure Distorted Structure Foliation is a “grain” to the rock Types of Foliation: Gneissic Foliation- minerals are squished into bands “Zebra Stripes” Banding vs Layers Bands Layers Schistose foliationminerals have been squashed into flakes of mica Slaty foliationRock splits into flat, thin layers Take out your Handy Dandy Earth Science Reference Tables Page Slate + + = Phyllite Phyllite + + = Schist Schist + + = Gneiss
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