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đề thi phân loại anh văn đầu vào, đề thi thử đại học môn toán năm 2014 có đáp án, đề thi thử đại học môn toán năm 2014 có đáp án, đề thi thử đại học môn lý năm 2014 có đáp án, đề thi phân loại anh văn đầu vào có đáp án TEST Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below: “Which coat you prefer?” “This coat is _ than that one.” A the most comfortable C more comfortable B comfortabler D very comfortable It is wrong to poorer people A look down B look down on C look on D look upon Our neighbors _ our pets while we were on vacation A took after B looked after C tried on D cared about I am _ a hurry A at B under C in D on Anne’s hair is _ among her friends A the longest B longest C more long D longer Canada is bigger than New Zealand A New Zealand is smaller than Canada B Canada is smaller than New Zealand C New Zealand is bigger than Canada D New Zealand is more small than Canada I’d like fruit, please A an B a C some D many I couldn’t understand what she was A telling B talking C saying D speaking I _ the flowers yesterday morning A have been watering C watered B have watered D did watered 10 My house is bigger than _ A her B she C their D hers 11 San Francisco is _ than Paris A more dirty B dirtier C much dirty D dirtily 12 My brother is an _ He is making a movie now A actor B actress C active D action 13 The weather _ beautiful today It terrible yesterday A are/is B is/is C are/was D is/was 14 Her car is more economical, but is faster than A my/ her B mine/ her C it/ her D mine/ hers 15 – Would you like a cup of coffee? - _ A Yes, I would B Yes, I like C Yes, please D Yes, of course 16 My house is _ from school than hers A farrer B farther C far D farer 17 His son is very afraid darkness A for B in D of D _ 18 Marta always _ on Sundays because she has a class on Mondays A studys B studies C study D is studying 19 There is _ water in the bottle A few B many C a number of D a little 20 I speak French Jenny A better than B more good than C better as D more well than READING COMPREHENSION: Read the following the passage and then choose the best answer (A, B, C, D) to each question: Parents send their children to school to prepare for the time when they grow up Children learn their native language so that they will be able to communicate fluently with other people around them Moreover, they can preserve the valuable culture and literature of their country They learn foreign languages in order to benefit from other countries’ heritage The more foreign languages they learn, the more benefits they get Children also learn mathematics to calculate, geography to know about nature, and history to know about human beings and historical events Nearly everything they study at school has some practical uses in their life 21 Parents send their children to school to A learn English C play better B prepare for their future D make them grow up 22 Why children have to learn their native language? A To learn foreign languages B To know about nature C To communicate fluently with other people around them D To benefit from foreign countries' heritage 23 According to the passage, children learn history to know about A the mankind C practical uses in life B people and historical events D events of the history 24 How many school subjects are mentioned in the passage? A four B seven C five D six 25 Most of the things children learn at school _ A have some practical uses B have no use C are not necessary D are useless George was born in Virgina His family owned a big farm George didn’t have much education During his life, he has three jobs: He was a farmer, a soldier, and a politician He loved the life of a farmer He grew tobacco and owned horses He worked hard but he also liked dancing and going to the theater In 1759, he married a widow called Martha Cutis They were happy together, but didn’t have any children He fought the British in the war of independence In 1789, he became president and gave his name to the new capital city He started the building of the White House but he never lived in it 26 What did his family own? A Virgina B a big village C a big farm D a farmer 27 Which of these was not one of his jobs in the past? A A politician B a farmer C a driver D a soldier 28 When did he become the first American president? A 1897 B 1879 C 1789 D 1879 29 Who did he marry? A A farmer B Martha Cutis C a widow D a politician 30 What does the word “grew” mean? A Took care B planted C water D harvested A GAP FILLING: Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, D) that best fits the blank space: Terence Magee likes 16 _ in the mountains Last week, he was 17 _ holiday with his family 18 Scotland One afternoon he was on his way 19 _ a mountain when he 20 at a chairlift There was 21 on it But Mr Magee was 22 , so he jumped into one of the chairs and the chairlift 23 _ him up into the sky A few second later the lift 24 Mr Magee waited, but the lift didn’t 25 _ again He looked down He was about fifteen meters 26 the ground so he 27 _ that it wasn’t a good idea to jump down He waved and 28 , but it was no good There was nobody on the 29 Soon it was 30 _ and it was very cold 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 A dancing A for A on A down A went A anything A amazing A stopped A stopped A start A above A explained A shouted A mountain A bad B walking B on B by B over B arrived B nobody B boring B slipped B tidied B B on B decided B hurried B desert B early C Driving C at C at C through C traveled C anyone C relaxed C grabbed C carried C act C over C offered C jumped C forest C dark D slipping D in D in D up D sat D someone D tired D lifted D spent D take D under D accepted D thought D hill D light CORRECTING MISTAKES: 46 I’m Peter I’m coming from Taiwan  _ 47 Harvard is one of oldest universities in North American  _ 48 Trains in Tokyo are more crowded that in Washington, D.C  49 Are you liking black coffee?  _ 50 Jack’s a police officer, but he no wear a uniform  _
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