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MINING 101 Mining 101 Part One Have you used any of these lately? School Bus? Cereal? Bicycle or Skateboard? Car? Alarm Clock? Pencil or Computer? Stove, Microwave, Cupboards, Countertops? Blasted ore is hauled to the crusher Crushers/grinders break up the ore to the size of small pebbles or sand Processing Minerals are different so many different types of processing are needed to remove them from the rock Following are just a few processes Milling This rock contains gold Milling is the process of separating the desired mineral from the unwanted rock (called gangue.) See if you can find the specks of gold Concentration and Flotation Some minerals are separated by washing, flotation or magnetic separation Here a combination of water, chemicals, air and agitation make desired mineral particles float to the top of the bubbles Smelting Smelting uses high heat and chemicals to remove base metals and impurities from concentrates Smelting furnaces can reach temperatures above 1064°Celcius What would that number be in Fharenheit? Leaching Ariel view of a leach pad at a copper mine in Morenci, Arizona These pads are the size of several football fields This one is being stacked with crushed ore Electrowinning Starter sheets are lowered into a solution An electrical charge passes through causing copper ions to stick to the sheets How much land does Mining use in the US? Land used by Agriculture Washington D.C Land used by 80 Years of Mining Nearly 50% has been reclaimed Reclamation Modern mines reclaim and rehabilitate the land during and after mining is completed, returning the land to useful purposes Reclaimed by Starvaggi Industries in West Virginia Before After ForkCreek Coal Mining Co., West Virginia Before After Homestake Mining Company’s McLaughlin Gold Mine in California Before After MINING 101 THE END Resources AngloGold Ashanti, Colorado Mining Association, Mining Basics, Minerals Education Coalition, Mining Engineering Magazine, SME, National Mining Association, Newmont Mining Corporation, Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Women in Mining Education Foundation, U.S Department of Agriculture, U.S Geological Survey, Christensen, John W and Teri L., Global Science: Earth/Environmental Systems Science, Kendall Hunt Dubuque, Iowa 7th ed 2009 [...]... minerals That’s a lot of rocks and How dominerals! you think we get all those rocks and minerals? MINING 101 Part 2 If you said Mining, ” you are right! A mine is a place where rocks and minerals of value are extracted Government Permits are needed before and during all mining processes The first phase of mining is called EXPLORATION What happens during exploration? Satellites, airplanes and helicopters... cores Geologic maps are created What about the environment? Before a mine can be opened, a complete environmental study is done so the land can be rehabilitated during and after mining Environmental protection throughout the mining process What about people? What about people?
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