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LUẬN VĂN THẠC SĨ MBA Xây dựng chiến lược kinh doanh công ty cổ phần địa ốc TASCO THESIS TOPIC BUILDING REAL ESTATE BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR TASCO JONT STOCK COMPANY Page TABLE OF CONTENTS TT CONTENTS Pages Acknowledgements Table of contents List of table List of Figures, Graphs 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.4 1.4.1 1.4.2 1.4.3 1.4.4 1.4.5 1.5 1.5.1 1.5.2 INTRODUCTION The necessity of research topic Research purposes Object and scope of research Research Methodology Layout thesis Chapter : BASIS THEORY OF STRATEGY Concept of Strategy Role of strategic Types of strategic By the level of strategic management Dividing strategic by functions Building strategies process Mission and objectives of the enterprise Analyze and evaluate external environment Analysis and assessment Internal environmental Matrix Internal - External (Matrix IE) Analyzing strengths weaknesses of the business ( SWOT) Selection strategy Selection criteria Method of selection strategies Chapter 2: ANALYSIS REAL ESTATE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTAL OF TASCO JOINT STOCK COMPANY 2.1 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.2 2.2.1 2.2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Introduction TASCO Joint Stock Company Business Activities History and development, Important timeline External environment analysis Macro Environment Micro environment External Factors environmental Matrix Analysis Internal environment Internal Factors environmental Matrix Internal – External Enviroment Matrix of TASCO – IE Matrix Chapter : BUILDING REAL ESTATE BUSINESS 1 3 3 3 4 8 16 18 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 22 22 33 45 56 57 59 Page STRATEGY OF TASCO JOINT STOCK COPANY 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.4.1 3.4.2 3.4.3 3.4.4 3.4.5 3.4.6 3.5 3.6 3.6.1 3.6.2 3.6.3 3.6.4 3.6.5 3.7 3.8 3.9 Oriented development Objective of TASCO Jsc Predition of Real Estate Market Building strategies Differenlize products Strategy Market development Strategic Enhance competitiveness Strategic Vertical integration Strategic Diversifying business Strategy Joint venture Strategic Chosing Real estate business Strategies for TASCO Jsc Implementation Solutions Solution structure of the Organization Marketing solutions Solutions to build and develop brands Human Resource Solutions Financial solutions Roadmap for implementation of strategies to 2020 Reviews and Checking the Strategy Recomendation CONCLUSION 59 60 60 66 69 69 69 70 70 71 71 72 72 73 74 75 76 77 79 79 82 Page LIST OF TABLES No Name Table 1-3 Table 1-5 Table 1-9 Table 2-3 Contents Model building EFE Matrix Model building IFE Matrix QSPM–Quantitative Strategic Planing matrix Statistics of the number of hotels and Pages 13 16 19 37 Table 2-4 Table 2-5 Table 2-6 accommodation Hanoi City Competition Matrix External Factors Environmental Matrix of TASCO Total of the opportunities and Threats affecting 42 43 44 Table 2-7 the business activities of TASCO: Balance sheet of TASCO Joint stock 46 Company 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Table 2-8 Table 2-9 Table 2-12 Income statement of TASCO Expenditure analysis of Financial Internal Factors environmental Matrix of TASCO – 47 47 56 Table 2-13 Table 2-14 Table 3-1 IFE Matrix General strengths and weaknesses of TASCO IE Matrix of TASCO Housing demand Prediction in the city, 2010- 57 58 63 Table 3-2 Table 3-3 Table 3-4 2025 Demand for offices in Hanoi, 2010-2025 Forecast demand for hotels in Hanoi, 2010-2025 Prediction demand for the number of hotel 64 65 66 rooms 18 19 Table 3-5 Table 3-6 Synthesis of SWOT Matrix elements Scoring criteria of the Real estate business 67 71 Strategy LIST OF FIGURES, GRAPHS No Name Contents Pages Page 4 10 11 12 Figure 1-1 Figure 1-2 Figure 1-4 Figure 1-6 Figure 1–7 Figure 1–8 Figure 2-1 Figure 2-2 Figure 2-10 Figure 2-11 Figure 3-7 Figure 3-8 Model of strategic management comprehensive DAVID F Models of competitive work force by Michael Porter The process of building EFE Matrix Map Process of building a matrix IFE Model of IE Matrix Model SWOT Matrix Value of GDP of Hanoi through the years Economic structure of Hanoi in 2008 Organization Chart of TASCO Drawings overall perspective Xuan Phuong New Urban Models identified Values of the development in TASCO Roadmap for implementation of strategies from 2009 to 2020 of TASCO INTRODUCTION The necessity of research Topics: Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), the trend of globalization as today, the business is facing great opportunities to build and develop to a new level and also for with the big potential threaten To survive and develope, businesses need to build for themselves the direction and strategies of business on the basis of relevant research, analysis, business Page 11 14 16 17 18 23 24 54 55 72 78 environment and the external environment within their own to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks from the business environment, as well as promoting the strengths and limited weaknesses of companies Derived from practice that the building business strategy is very necessary for every business It helps business-oriented, clear business objectives, user parts and individuals to overall business objectives, prevent the local, distributed resources will weaken the business Today's business environment is rapidly changing, competitive global business always requires active and creative to adapt to the change Real estate business is a very particular, require special conditions such as strong financial resources, ability to mobilize capital, relationships with agencies specialized management functions, orientation as well as long-term vision of business leaders Real estate business is cycle activities, so the risk is great, but comes with big risk is very attractive profit so business is increasingly attracting businesses to participate Vietnam in general and The capital Hanoi in particular are on the rise rapidly, the demand of the product properties such as houses, office buildings, commercial centers, hotels very large, this is also the opportunity and challenge for the Real estate enterprises Research purposes: Systematics on the basis of theoretical premises strategies for analyzing the factors affecting the operations of the company, develop strategies Analysis of factors affecting the business environment of real estate, business and production operations of the company from which combined with the orientation and objectives of the TASCO jont stock Company to build real estate business strategies Object and scope of research: TASCO Joint stock Company is a company that has business on real estate established and operated mainly in Hanoi Capital Therefore content to go further research, The authors would focus on analyzing the business environment by TASCO is primarily the business environment in Hanoi Capital to build real estate business strategic of the Company from now to year 2020 Due to limited time and duration of study, although the field of business activity around Tasco very diverse skilled construction and installation is only the authors of selected real estate business and limited geographical analysis is in the capital Hanoi This is a market-oriented of the father company when TASCO complete activities in the model company This market is dynamic, challenging but full of potential Page Research Methodology: Research methods: the information gathered from books, newspapers, magazines, the statistics of Ha noi Statistics Department, information and statistics from the consulting firm of real estate business Internal sources of information are the balance sheet, reporting the results of production and business operations, financial reporting in 2007, 2008 – The time to December, 2009 Also Authors also uses analytical methods integrated, comparative approach, methods experts to analyze the situation of production and business operations of Company Layout thesis: Thesis is structured as follows: Introduction Chapter 1: Basic Theory of strategic Chapter 2: Analyzing The real estate business environment of the TASCO joint stock Company Chapter 3: Building and Selection Real estate business Strategy of TASCO joint stock Company Conclusion Page CHAPTER BASIS THEORY OF STRATEGY 1.1 Concept of Strategy: Strategy is a general program of action to achieve specific objectives Speaking to a strategic organization that people often think it must be held to determine the objectives to reach what, how and how to make sure that the resources for it Afred Chandler definition: Strategy encompasses assign the basic long-term goals of an organization, and selection process or how to act and allocate resources necessary to implement the goals According FERD R, David in the "Treatise on management strategy”: The strategy is the means of the long-term goals Business strategy may include the development of geographical diversification of activities, chemical property, product development, market access, cut spending, liquidation and joint ventures Strategy is also understood as a set of goals and policies as well as plans to achieve the main goal, it shows that business going to make what business and enterprise or will be subject to any business 1.2.Role of strategy: 1.2.1.Planning: Business strategy to help companies find clear purpose and direction to his It's just the administrator must consider and that is determine the direction of organizing to and always will achieve desired results 1.2.2.Forecasting: In a constantly fluctuating environment, the opportunities and risks always appear Process of strategic planning helps managers to analyze the environment and make predictions to identify strategies accordingly Whereby administrators are better able to grasp opportunities, take advantage of opportunities and reduce risks related to the environment 1.2.3.Controlling: Strategic helps administrators to use and allocation of resources is optimal as well as to coordinate effectively function within the organization to achieve a common goal threads out 1.3.Types of Strategy Page 1.3.1 By The level of strategic management Based on level of management strategies that strategy is divided into three groups below: Strategies for companies: Strategy for the company and outlined clearly defined purpose and objectives of the company, identifying the business that the company pursue, create policies and plans to achieve the basic objectives of companies, distribution of resources among business activities Strategy applies to the entire enterprise level business strategy : Strategic level business planning is to determine the selection of specific products or as the market for private business activities within the company Level business strategy, one must determine how each business unit must be completed to contribute to accomplishing the goal for the company Functionality strategy: Strategy for functional people focus on supporting the company strategy and focus on areas of industrial cooperation, the business sector 1.3.2 Dividing strategies by functions Pursuant to the strategic functions that can be divided into the following groups: Combination strategies: Group strategy is the strategy combination of front, rear and combined combined horizontally - Combining forward: implementing enterprise increase in control or ownership to the distributors or retailers - Combination rear: company made up ownership or control over suppliers This will allow businesses to provide stability, control input costs - Combination horizontal: businesses want to control the competition This strategy allows centralized resources, expanding activities and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises Specialize strategies: Page This group have strategies such as market entry strategies, strategic market development and strategic product development - Market Entry Strategies: to increase market share for products or services available in the market's current business - Market Development Strategies: into the new regional products or services existing business - Product development Strategies : take the current market products or services similar to existing products of these enterprises has improved modified to expand operations : The strategic expansion activities include strategies to diversify the activities center, diversify activities and horizontally diversified operations activities mixed - Diversify the activities center: bring to market existing products or new services related to existing products - Diversify the horizontal activities: put on the market for existing customer groups present products or new services, not related to the products are - Diversifying operations mixture: put on the market in existing products or new services, not related to the products are strategies: In addition to the above strategy, the reality is there are some other strategies that businesses can apply as a joint venture strategy, refine operations, quit operation, liquidation, etc - Strategy venture: when one or more businesses link together to pursue a certain goal - Strategy to narrow it works: when enterprises need to restructure, ttu carried out a number of products or fields of activity to save Left position of the business - Strategy for liquidation: is the sale of assets to the enterprise Business accept defeat and try to rescue picked up what they can 1.4 Building strategies recuitment: Strategic management process described by The model summarized below: Page 10 resources, replacing the foreign experts 3.Power to mobilize capital from various sources, different channels to implement the project Through analysis and combining elements of the SWOT matrix, Basic strategies for Real estate business for TASCO in 2020 as bellow: 3.4.1 Differenlize products Strategy Promote the strengths and take the real estate market is on growth, the demand of high quality real estate is very large TASCO develop strategies differ from chemical products, to create a separate directions for the product lines of their property Implement this strategy, the company has and will continue to focus their resources to build products with specific properties that cost TASCO appropriate, convenient design and high usefulness Durability life stability, easy maintenance and low cost 3.4.2 Market development Strategy In the coming time, if only focusing on the central area, the land of gold in the city eventually will land for all projects And to use their strengths TASCO develop strategies for market development to neighboring provinces like Quang Ninh City, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Ha Nam These provinces are on the rise rapidly, people's incomes, purchasing power of consumers stable growth in recent years, has the demand for products high quality real estate, facilities While market expansion, the company remains focused on the property line of products which are high-strength associated with the brand TASCO, projects at the center of the province However, when making this strategy the company should study carefully consumption habits, and habits of customers in provinces to make high quality product, comfortable fit 3.4.3 Enhance competitiveness Strategy This strategy aims to take advantage of the opportunity to limit the weaknesses of TASCO Build a complete structure of organizations and functional departments, recruitment and training of human resources to meet development requirements Page 61 growing strength of the company Promote the application of information technology in management, construction management process according to international standards The establishment of the subsidiary is also a solution of essential strategy to improve the ability of companies in various fields to achieve the diverse achievements in the context of constantly changing market and fluctuating Activities at the time would be favorable to support other activities as difficult to create stability overall The core of competitiveness that TASCO file to pursue to improve it is complete, improving product quality and service quality 3.4.4 Vertical integration Strategy Currently TASCO to hire management companies product property of their high cost Companies are only 1-2 people sent her to the management, most employees are hired on the spot hiring Taking advantage of their strengths and limitations of these risks at the property market frozen TASCO established management company property management products for real estate consultancy company as an investor A decrease in pressure from suppliers, reduce operational costs for the company, increase profitability and ensure the products of their property is managed effectively An important activity in the vertical integration strategy is to strengthen the existing products, improve the management process to strengthen the financial investment, human resources, to achieve robust stability of the activities of the core of the company 3.4.5 Diversifying business Strategy Implement this strategy by diversifying the products of their property, TASCO will offer a variety of real estate products to further meet the needs of customers Focus resources to strengthen the solidity of the Field Erection traditional products to accumulate resources for creating business property Clearly define each group of customers to make products fit, improved from the quality improvements in each product to meet the diversified demands of customers Implementing the investment finance for the sector, products and services related to real estate: offices for rent, luxury apartments for rent, and lease the conference 3.4.6 Joint venture Strategy Cooperation, joint ventures with foreign partners and to make some real estate projects Page 62 Especially corporate finance and business real estate known around the world to enlist the experience of project management, technology and strong financial resources of these groups 3.5 Chosing Real estate business Strategy for TASCO Based on the criteria by Board of Directors has determined, based parameters evaluated elements inside, outside, model SWOT Matrix, The authors have table as follows: Table 3-6: Scoring criteria of the Real estate business Strategy Factors Gain Risk Expense Appropriate Time bound Total marks Rate 0,3 0,3 0,2 0,3 0,1 1,0 Differencelize Market Enhance Vertical Diversify Joint products developme competitiven integration business venture Strategy nt Strategy ess Strategy 4 5 5 5 3 1,5 0,9 0,6 1,5 0,4 4,9 1,5 1,2 0,6 1,5 0,4 4,6 1,5 1,5 0,8 1,5 0,5 5,8 Strategy 4 1,5 1,2 0,8 1,2 0,5 5,2 Strategy Strategy 2 5 5 1,5 0,6 0,4 0,9 0,5 4,9 1,5 0,6 1,0 0,6 0,5 3,2 Scale: 0.1 Weaknesses; 2.3 = Average, = Good; = Very good Table grading factors with reference to the consultants with staff TASCO strategic planning, research group has been the choice for business strategy are the property of TASCO is Enhance competitiveness Strategy Pursuing strategic direction improving competitiveness is consistent in the direction of business operations of the company, but during the operation based on the actual business real estate and other items specific objectives, TASCO will also have to adjust strategies to fit the purpose of achieving business efficiency 3.6 Implementation Solutions: Page 63 Figure 3-7: Models identified Values of the development in TASCO 3.6.1 Solution structure of the Organization Complete structure of the TASCO Organization through the development and application of Quality management System ISO 9001 in The company Improving management efficiency on the basis of further decentralization, decentralization of management, create conditions for staff employees are out promoting their abilities Because of the particular business property is to implement procedures, work for a long time and through many different stages Thus TASCO need to build the emulation movement, creativity, improved to shorten the duration of the work but ensure procedures, quality Strengthening support activies among departments Building Personnel Department belonging HR Administration department responsible for recruitment building, training and human resource development all the way to meet development needs of the company Established Marketing Department directly subject from the company's Board of Directors and transfer Sales Department functions With the structure of a Chief, Deputy and a number of employees depending on the level of development where the layout accordingly This is a very practical solution and should proceed immediately Establish a PR Department have functions to promote the Brand promotion, customer relations, company image building on the professional market Page 64 Established Real estate trading Office operate independently under the control of the Board of Directors Now, TASCO has implemented to establish Real estate trading Office in M5 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street – Hanoi city , initially professionalism of real estate business (the company's products and other products on the Real estate market) Establishment of subsidiaries or capital contribution to establis h the company's shares trading real estate Take advantage of the strengths of the partners, learning technology, management skills of real estate, professionalism each field, effectively control not go deep more active management of the subsidiary to create independence and diversity in business Established subsidiary specializing in Real estate Management In the period, real estate management companies will manage the property by the investment from Father company With the advantage of human resources as well as the available output, the establishment of real estate management companies is necessary for the development of the TASCO, helping companies reduce costs, increase profitability, as well as open a line of new business areas that were previously managed was the property of foreign companies completely dominate In the long term the company has developed will expanding market operations to implement other projects 3.6.2 Marketing solutions Marketing Department to coordinate with Development projects Department reseach the Needs of customers to make suitable products Present the market research of real estate made by several foreign companies have long experience in this field such as CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), Chesterton Petty, CliftonConey Companies can collaborate, acquisition of research results to serve your request In recent time, the issue of market research is almost no momentum because Vietnam is the fastest-growing, the demand for real estate increased rapidly, but supply has not met So products made to the property sold to the first, customers have no choice, although some still meet all their needs But in future, after 2010 when the real estate market was relatively stable, the market research, customers are very important There is good research on the needs of customers creates advantages for large parts such as design, management made the product fit the needs of customers Avoid the design, construction and to adjust and supplement, but this work takes a lot of time and cost On the other hand to meet customer needs will create value, valueable TASCO brand to increase profits The company is focused on product line of real estate for the Middle class This creates a loyal group of customers for products and brands of the company as well as differences for products of other competitors * The Customer service and After sales service Customers leasing and buying TASCO real estate need a properly interested Marketing and PR Department must collecte sufficient information about customers, the quarterly and monthly surveys to know levels of Page 65 customer satisfaction with products and services providing by company Timely resolution of complaints and questions from customers, meet the needs of customers to improve value of the company 3.6.3 Solutions to build and develop Brands Today the brand value is very important for the existence and development of enterprises From the beginning, TASCO has confirmed the value of the brand name "Peace and Modern town " and slogan Board of Directors the company has a vision for the development and management promote their brands as established website, implement PR program to promote company image, funding for the Events such as the gift of gratitude, music programs and campaigns to support the poor in the city of Nam Dinh, Hanoi, Thai Binh Province and other areas Building TASCO brand in real estate market by ensuring quality products Ensure the progress of construction, handing over the product in a timely manner to customers, payment due date and sufficient for the supplier PR department must be continuous innovation activities to build relationships between companies with customers, the public, partners, in trust condition , favorable objective and transparent in order to assert a trademark TASCO civilization to set a stable position in the market Often improved interface and update information on the activities of the company's website This work will be undertaken by the PR department, information and articles need to update the content of the project, an event made by the company, reflecting the strongly growth as well as faith and will of TASCO towards the community Building relationships with journalists, reporters to tackle timely reflection, awareness, not distort the right company 3.6.4 Human Resource Solutions Real estate business especially as the investor, human resources are important to set the company value Thus in addition to the above solutions require the TASCO should have plans, training programes of human resources development to ensure its sustainable development Firstly, the recruitment has been done quite well in TASCO The company has built a system of job descriptions for specific positions in each section, departments The recruitment is very professional Employment information is published widely on mass media, and prioritize the candidates by the staff of employees in the company introduced, nominations Candidates undergo an interview round and transparent recruitment clear Secondly, it should be have training programs on management skills, especially human resource management skills For personnel, should be held classes improve their expertise, learn new technologies for building, construction, design, project management, as well as attend workshops industry regularly It’s necessary to plan Page 66 to build training and development of human resources specifically, clearly, create conditions for all of the employees can be joined Last but not less, Recruitment and training of human resources has not only been difficult but also the training and development as well as create long-term attachment to the contribution of all staff employees for the company is harder Besides food regime, benefits in accordance with ability, the ability of staff employees is the construction of the preferential regime, reward and encourage the members is very important Policies to ensure fairness, reward, reprimand, discipline right people right jobs In addition, it should be pay attention to the spiritual life of the staff of employees to help them feel more comfortable, more confident to fullfilled their tasks as the annual organization of Outing trips and family Day 3.6.5 Financial solutions Complete organizational structure of Finacial Department (There should be a Chief Finacial Officer has professional ability and experience to undertake the financial duties of the Company) Set Finacial mechanism in the Company and subsidiaries by the job description and functions of the finance companies Building quarterly, monthly, weekly capital plans to manage effitively capital flow Implement policies to control and manage costs effectively, improving competitiveness Flexibility in mobilizing resources for implementation of capital projects Real estate projects by TASCO implementation projects are group A so that the total investment is very high Previously TASCO only uses Owner capital and bank loans to implement the project In the future Company should apply more capital mobilization channels such as issuing bonds, issuing stock for real estate projects To joint venture, cooperate with international financial corporations to investment new big projects Effictively using the customers advance capital Use legal sources of capital mobilized from customers, business partners for projects Implement the project quickly, on schedule project avoid prolonged incurred huge costs, when the project is completed to bring the exploitation of the substantial revenues 3.7 Roadmap for implementation of strategy from 2009 to 2020 of TASCO: Figure 3-8 : Roadmap for implementation of strategy from 2009 to 2020 of TASCO Page 67 2009-2010 Scale expansion Business model Strategic Finance ■ Strategic cooperation with partners in Hanoi and surrounding 2011 ■ Strategic cooperation with partners in national and international 2011-2013 2015 2015-2020 ■ Expanded to other provinces in the countries ■ Expanded regional ■ Expanding international ■ Complete structural ■ Specialized arrays organization in the business model of mother-child company, dividing the business ■Expanding financial property ■ Penetrate into the service sector ■ Trust fund investment in real estate (“REIT”) ■ Real estate investment fund ■ Strategic investors ■ Listed domestic ■ Ratings and levels of confidence international bond issuance / loan financing ■ Increase capital and loan finance domestic / international ■ International Listing ■ Part equity, partly from the capital raised from outside, ■ Improved balance of payments and increase the profit rate on capital through REITs ■ Instead of focusing at the parent company, funding for specific projects ■ Continued expansion of capital structure ■ Listed investments through public issue each item ■ Charge for investment management Combination of target areas primarily bring value Expanded into areas Development, Investment and Management ■ Construction ■ Real estate ■ Investment & Management, Financial Investment Page 68 3.8 Reviews and Checking the Strategy After the subject was checked and the council, the authors will transfer to TASCO to study and improve organizational performance Through consulting contracts The authors improve detailed content, plan and coordinate with TASCO in applying The best way is establish a Group to any components of executive business leadership, the Board of professional experts, counseling topics group Parallel implementation, monthly, quarterly basis, evaluation and resolution of any counter strategy to adjust appropriately and timely Ending a period of review is to summarize what has been achieved, what not to the transition period 3.9 Recommendation Government should direct the Construction Ministry updates and set up a system of building standards, fire prevention works on a large scale that is unprecedented in Vietnam as high-rise buildings, basement parking car, basement, Need to build a complete system of normative the law on management of investment construction Avoid overlapping of legal documents, no clear cause difficulties for businesses such as real estate business today Ministries need more boldly, as well as solutions to shorten the procedures, time resolution records for real estate projects have been implemented quickly, reducing implementation costs and meet needs of the market Government should allow investors are raising capital when the project is not completed basement This is one of the recommendations of the Ministry of Construction has the Prime Minister to remove difficult real estate market Basically, this is the solution that the Association Property Vietnam has proposed to the Prime Minister For issues related to finance, credit, long term debt, Government should continue to fold, because the current expansion of enterprises, but severe lack of capital but difficult to get the capital, if access is not dare borrow more because the market is still gloomy Optimal solution in the current conditions is to establish a new financial institutions, particularly the real estate trust fund, to create an effective channel of capital mobilization, opening opportunities for businesses to mobilize capital in the maximum people For the policies and markets, the government should allow investors to mobilize capital from home buyers have not done the basement and control the use of capital mobilized through the customer's account at the bank The regulations only allow investors to mobilize capital from customers once construction is complete foundation in order to avoid selling the paper and on consumer protection is needed In fact, some investors still fits in the form of law loans, capital contribution Therefore, to remove this provision will reduce the problems of capital for businesses in the difficult period of capital Page 69 Ministry of Construction should research to propose amendments to this regulation in both directions to facilitate the business ensuring the rights of people and the principle of transparency in public business property In addition, the request promptly set up local housing development fund to support housing projects or for preferential loans to buy houses for objects and lower middle income in the form of the mortgage In the main house and a lower interest loan business Tax policy, Government should make the tax deduction for personal income firsttime home buyers, because housing is also essential needs of the people The ministries concerned should study tax policy to adjust the direction of progressive house and land for the use of house and land higher limit, or the land but not in use In particular, to assist workers with low incomes, the Government should be free of registration fee for people to buy apartments has an area of less than 60m2 and apply for the first time Also, should the 50% registration fee for the objects sold to buy more houses to improve living conditions, or sell their homes to buy new housing by moving accommodation to suit the working conditions , studying In addition, banks should also increase the time limit for real estate business loans than other industries, consistent with the characteristics of the type of business is long-time capital withdrawal CONCLUSION Business strategies determine the orientation of development, the fundamental goals in the long run a business, and how to choose and carry out the process for implementation and allocation of limited resources of the business industry to make that goal Building real estate business strategy for TASCO joint stock company, Thesis made analyzing, evaluating a particular business environment, real estate market of Hanoi Capital, the situation of operation and trading company in the recent time With the aim to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam, pioneered the business of real estate, the period 2008-2020 and become a Finance Professional Investment in 2015 Through the SWOT Matrix, Topic research has developed and selected strategy for real estate business TASCO joint stock Copany is the Differencelize products strategy with solutions to make it welldone Because the real estate business environment always change, the strategies should be should be selected and adjusted in accordance with the actual situation of the company at that time Thesis "Building Real estate business strategy of TASCO joint stock company into 2020, although only selected an array of business activities of the company but with experienced knowledge has been studied in a practical objective is the very necessary contribution to help the TASCO Board of Directors has more one Page 70 way of looking at the overall, broad in the development and selection of appropriate business strategies Find more solutions to implement strategies that further enhance the competitiveness of the company, build the brand of TASCO, in the way making company developed effectively growing in the field of real estate business in Hanoi Capital Thanks! REFERENCES Curriculum of Strategy management subject - Griggs University, USA; Management strategies, Editor Dr Ngo Kim Thanh, Publisher, National Economics University in 2009; Statistical Yearbook Hanoi City in 2005-2008; The report on political economy and social council of the Hanoi City People's tenure from 2008 to 2009; Prospectus to issue shares to raise charter capital of TASCO Jsc., Website:; Website:; Reports of the 2005-2009 financial year TASCO Joint stock Company Page 71 APPENDICES Table 2-15 The projects have been done by Tasco No Total value acceptance Time line (1.000đ) (1.000đ) Opening Finished Name of project 30.930.4 01/2003 07/2004 43 Drainage Project CP3-road 10.708.00 10.708.0 10/2005 02/2006 Van Cao - Nam Dinh 00 Road D3 + D4 Industrial Park Hoa 30.930.44 Xa , Nam Dinh Infrastructure construction zone populations Phu Vieng - Nam Dinh 18.072.389 18.072.389 12/2005 05/2006 Ring Road Northeast Nam Dinh 13.098.204 13.098.204 01/2006 Improvement of Provincial Highway 51B section from QL21 to the 67.947.000 67.947.000 06/2005 ecotourism Quat Lam - Giao Thuy district 06/2007 09/2007 Bui - Doc Loc - 13.865.64 13.865.6 01/2006 12/2007 Nam Dinh 42 Package 4: The road pavement + drainage from the Km4 +680- Km +669.45 Works 19.343.078 19.343.078 06/2007 03/2008 Construction of North-South Road Street from Cau Package 3: Km18-Km25+380 restore 24.152.000 24.152.000 01/2008 01/2009 renovate QL70 Package NIP/CP3 upgrade and 28.788.96 20.774.0 renovate 48-2 road ,Yen Li 01/2006 2008 8 00 Nghia Thuan 10 NamSon, KheDa, Valley Pork, 17.381.210 17.381.210 08/2007 12/2008 Page 72 Nghe An 11 An Dong Road Nam Dinh province 12 Left To Lich river - Hanoi 13 Highway 28 Chiayi – DakNong Drainage channel - Viet Hung new 14 urban area Fix handling of unexpected 15 consequences storm No 7,Nam Dinh 16 Dyke Thinh Long beach 17 Fence Nam Thinh, Thai Binh 28 19 20 21 25.306.000 25.306.000 10/2007 55.886.064 15.141.000 2007 45.921.783 17.348.218 01/2007 2009 2009 03/2009 14.773.601 14.773.601 3/2004 12/2004 24.784.070 24.784.070 10/2005 4/2006 11.009.224 11.009.224 4/2006 07/2006 10.200.00 10.200.0 1/2007 05/2007 00 Fishing port anchorage boats 39.307.35 avoid the storm door Ninh Co Hai Hau - Nam Dinh Province Package 3: To strengthen, protect and upgrade sea dikes from K24 +400- K26 projects 15.128.41 consolidate, protect and upgrade the sea dike No from K24-K26 Tien Hai district of Thai Binh province 14.392.11 Dong Nam - Giao Phong Construction, supply and installation of equipment construction online east Supply 32.575.803 athletics competitions in the home Nguyen Co Thach 39.307.3 9/2005 12/2007 54 15.128.4 1/2008 07/2008 11 14.392.1 7/2008 18 2009 32.575.8 2009 03 2009 Source : Projects Development Department of TASCO Table 2-16 The project is being implemented company TT Contract Name Renovate and upgrade the Km4 +100 lines 39B - Km15 +197 Thai Binh Renovate and upgrade An Dong Road, Hai Hau Value Erection (1000đ) Name the Proposed agency complete contracted PMU traffic 95.901.628 Department of 2009 Transport Pacific 37.780.570 People's 2010 Committee of Page 73 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Fishing port project Hoa Loc - Loc Hoa district - Thanh Hoa Design and construction (EC) project: reinforcing and upgrading dykes friendly match Phu Lao Street Contemplating building bridges (Km13 +450), for 1-5 (Km206 +675) QL21 Nam Dinh province Package 10: Street line and spindle Categories rain drainage trees Dong Mo - Ha Noi Conservation projects, promoting the value of embellishing the historic Cultural Tran Provincial Road 10, Binh Chanh District Ho Chi Minh City Nam Dinh PMU fishing port 26.881.507 Hoa Loc, Hau Loc PMUAgriculture 38.577.304 and Rural Development 34.941.817 PMU Board of 28.047.923 Investment and Construction PMU key works 91.463.891 Nam Dinh province Area traffic 46.018.667 management urban Area urban traffic 15.323.500 management Repair and upgrade Nguyen Van Hammer - HCMC Renovation project to upgrade Road Department Highway 10 from the First Bridge to 311.203.000 road south Bridge La Tan Uyen Vu Thu district Vietnam of Thai Binh Investment in building the line to Nam Dinh avoid Nam Dinh city from Highway Provincial 10 to the town of My Loc of project 313.069.109 People's construction of new roads Ly - Nam Committee Dinh Construction Project route from Le People's Duc Tho to new urban Xuan Phuong 1.543.600.000 Committee of Tu (end communication with the road Liem 70) Package 1: Design drawings and construction and installation of PMU traffic Hai 19.327.000 underground lines, walls definitely Duong open M1, Han Bridges Hai Duong Package 2: Design drawings and construction and installation PMU traffic Hai BTCTDUL box beams (70 +2 x110 72.992.000 Duong +70) m, and the head T7, T8, T9, T10, T11-Han Hai Duong bridge Phu Van bridge - Ha Nam Province 102.218.492 Department of 2009 2009 2010 2009 2011 2009 2009 2010 2010 2011 2010 2010 2010 Page 74 Transport Ha Nam Source : Projects Development Department of TASCO Page 75 [...]... Quality development planning of economic sectors in Hanoi is not high and the city has yet to mobilize a good economic potential in the population Cultural and social Environment: Thang Long - Hanoi has recorded outstanding features are excellent lifestyle: elegant summarize the past thousands of years history of traditional beauty Elegance of Hanoi cover a nice lifestyle, a lifestyle beauty... effective CHAPTER 2 ANALYSIS REAL ESTATE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT OF TASCO JOINT STOCK COMPANY 2.1 Introduction 2.1.1 TASCO Joint Stock Company Company Name: TASCO JOINT STOCK COMPANY (TASCO Jsc.,) Address office: 3rd Floor, B15 Dai Kim Urban , Hoang Mai District , Hanoi city , Vietnam; Page 20 Capital: 135 billions VND (One hundred thirty five billions VND) 2.1.2 Business Activities Civil construction,... HCM City leader and 2nd in the list of 30 cities with an average GDP growth of 7% in the period hey Expected, the city's largest emerging markets, which, with Hanoi and HCM City to develop faster (about 6-7% per year) compared to the cities of the country's economy development (about 2%) a/Foreign direct investment (FDI) Hanoi ranked second in the national (later Ho Chi Minh City) to attract quality FDI... important for companies and business property for TASCO not an exception TASCO contracted a lot BT, BOT projects and The Committee of the city pay the amount of investment for construction and installation items with potential land fund in the region Le Duc Tho, Xuan Phuong, Tu Liem District b/ Consultants With the aim of developing a professional project, quality assurance, lines of modern architecture... transportation, irrigation; Service testing of construction materials, testing quality control types of construction works; Tourism services, restaurants, eating; Collection services and waste treatment, production of the waste products; Construction of power projects (thermal power, hydro) electricity production; resellers electricity 2.1.3 History and development, Important timeline Formerly the state-owned... predicted, Hanoi (Hanoi) and Ho Chi Minh City in the "top" with GDP growth on average highest in the world 2008 - 2025 This is the result of the PWC study with 151 cities and municipalities around the world, which, with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but not in the Top 30 but also two of the names most notably, the Ho Chi Minh City will "jump" from position 95 to position... influence to direct economic life - society In recent years, the real estate market in our country, especially the housing market has developed significantly, contributing significantly to promoting economic - society of the country Continuous series of laws related to business property is issued such as the Land Law, Construction Law, Housing Law, the Law on business property, as well as many decrees and... architectural heritage of the city are gradually disappearing, replaced by the house is messy pipes across the city Hanoi is a city of uneven development with many suburban areas and backward, where people still have the essential living conditions Hanoi is one of the local receive direct investment from abroad the most, to 1681.2 million USD and 290 projects The city is also the location of the 1600... business property is the initial stage for the policy, project start until starting construction projects take a lot of initial cost During this period the companies will use profits from operations to offset their primary Depending on the project that this phase can last from 3 to 5 years Then use the revenues from the project property to return Potential competitors TASCO on business property of the corporation,... business of TASCO is mainly in the city of Hanoi and for research and analysis is going into the issue, the authors would be focused analysis of the external environment of TASCO mainly in Hanoi city Analyzing external environmental of TASCO will see the opportunities and threat that the company may encounter from the business environment Since that appropriate strategies to limit threat and make the most
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