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LUẬN VĂN THẠC SĨ – MBA Luận văn MBA Chiến lược kinh doanh công ty cổ phần tư vấn đầu tư xây dựng Hưng Khánh THESIS TITLE BUSINESS STRATEGY CONSULTING COMPANY STOCK INVESTMENT IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF HUNG KHANH TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgements Table of conntents List of Abbreviations List of tables List of figures, graphs INTRODUCTION The necessity of a Business Strategy Object and scope of study Research Methodology Structure of the thesis CHAPTER 1: GENERAL THEORY BUSINESS STRATEGY 1.1 Concept and the role of specific business strategies put in three business 1.1.1 Concept of business strategy 1.1.2 Characteristics of business strategy 10 1.1.3 The role of business strategy 11 1.2 Process of strategic management of business 12 1.2.1 Situation Analysis 12 1.2.2 Building strategy 12 1.2.3 Implementation of the strategy .13 1.2.4 Assessment strategies 13 1.2.5 Require the construction business strategy 13 1.3 Identify tasks and system strategic objectives 14 1.3.1 Strategic tasks 14 1.3.2 System strategic objectives 15 1.3.3 Principles when determining the target 15 1.4 Analyze the business environment of enterprises 15 1.4.1 Macro environmental analysis 16 1.4.2 Environmental analysis sector (industrial work environment) 19 1.4.3 Environmental analysis of enterprises 21 1.4.4 Environmental analysis of international businesses .24 1.4.5 Matrix of opportunities and risks 25 1.5 Distinguish types of business strategy .27 1.5.1 The overall business strategy 27 1.5.2 The business strategy division .32 1.6 Methods of analysis, selection strategies 35 1.6.1 Market share growth matrix BCG 36 1.6.2 Matrix McKinsey-GE (General Electric) .38 1.6.3 SWOT analysis and combined strategies .40 CHAPTER 2: ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC FACTORS COMPANY INVESTMENT CONSULTING CONSTRUCTION HUNG KHANH 2.1 Analyzing and evaluating the production and trading of shares of the Company Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh 42 2.1.1 Process of formation and development company; Business activities, objectives and scope of activities 42 2.1.2 Business activities, objectives and scope of activities 42 2.1.3 Organizational structure 43 2.1.4 Products the company is manufacturing and trading 47 2.1.5 Evaluate performance of production and business of the Company 47 2.2 Analyze the business environment of the company 51 2.2.1 Macro environment .51 2.2.2 Industrial work environment 59 2.2.3 Internal environment 67 2.3 Integrated analysis environment and form matrix 84 2.3.1 Market share growth matrix BCG 84 2.3.2 SWOT matrix 87 2.3.3 Matrix MC Kinsey 89 CHAPTER 3: SOME OF STRATEGIC PLANS AND SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS ACTIVITIES PRODUCTION COMPANY'S STOCK INVESTMENT CONSULTING BUILDING HUNG KHANH (PERIOD 2010-2015) 3.1 FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION STRATEGY 92 3.1.1 Long-term goals of the company 92 3.1.2 The immediate objective of the company 94 3.2 THE STRATEGIC BUSINESS GENERAL 95 3.2.1 Growth strategy focused .97 3.2.2 Strategy to build high-quality products 99 3.3 THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY STRATEGY 105 3.3.1 Improve the quality of human resources 105 3.3.2 Promote marketing activities 113 3.3.3 Improving sales performance 121 3.3.4 Strengthening research and development 122 3.3.5 Investment in technology renovation 123 3.3.6 Enhance the ability to mobilize capital in production and business 124 CONCLUSION 125 REFERENCES 127 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviation SE Co Ltd Soc Sto Busi GAS Write full Staff employees Company Limited Socialism Stock Business General Assembly of Corp Comme Pec VN ImEx Const GAOS Shareholders Corporation Commercial People's Committee Vietnam Import Export Construction General Assembly of Shareholders LIST OF TABLES Table 1.1: The variables measuring competitive strength Table 1.2: Variables measuring the attractiveness of the market Table 2.1: The works of some of the 2008 Table 2.2: Results of business of the Company period 2004-2008 Table 2.3: Total of business environment Table 2.4: Total of opportunities and challenges Table 2.5: the situation of labor structure of the company Table 2.6: Effective use of capital of the Company Table 2.7: The key financial indicators 10.Table 2.8: Structure of machinery and equipment of the Company 11.Table 2.9: Total of strengths, weaknesses of the company 12.Table 2:10: The rate of growth and market share relative products business of the Company 13.Table 2:11: The power business of the Company 14.Table 2:12: attraction of industry 15.Table 3.1: Standard staff and senior management of the Company 2015 16.Table 3.2: Objective quality labor structure of the company Cogng 2015 17.Table 3.3: Project open more business agent supplies in some areas LIST OF FIGURES, GRAPHS Map 1.1: Simulation of the business environment of the business Map 1.2: Model of five forces of M Porter Map 1.3: Matrix opportunity Map 1.4: Matrix risk Map 1.5: Matrix market share growth BCG Map 1.6: Matrix strategic Mc Kinsey Map 1.7: SWOT Matrix Map 1.8: Establishments selected business strategy Map 2.1: Structure of Production Joint Stock Company Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh 10.Map 2.2: Matrix BCG growth share of the company 11.Map 2.3: Matrix Mc Kinsey apply to companies INTRODUCTION The necessity of a Business Strategy In terms of our economy transition to a market economy, businesses have a polarized, competition occurs increasingly bitter and more fiercely To survive and thrive, businesses need to determine for themselves the right strategy, because if there is no strategy or strategic mistakes are sure to get the failure Operation of enterprises in market economy is to invest and use the resources to win war with the rival demands of the market The purpose of the business activities in the market economy is to achieve high efficiency as possible a long way Performance of the enterprise is the result of correlation, comparison between the benefits derived from activities of the enterprise with the resources mobilized, used for the benefit For business, develop strategies appropriate means is especially important, the strategic direction and adjust the strategy is timely basis to bring huge benefits for enterprises In the context of globalization market, ever-changing technology, competition increasingly fierce, more than ever the strategy increasingly become a crucial factor With the scarcity of resources is increasing, the needs and tastes of the consumer society makes changing business environment of enterprises increasingly complex and contains many risks To survive and thrive, businesses need to build yourself a strategy Strategy is a special plan , all organizations will need to plan activities For businesses, planning is the first functional system of management functions to achieve the goals set out by the organization Strategic planning must consider many factors outside objectivity and subjectivity within the enterprise, analyzing system information can be used for planning activities of the enterprises in the short term and longterm focus all efforts and resources on the target so that the most effective, cope with real situations to, adapt to change Corporation Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh (The company) is a unit in the construction industry; the first year of operation, the company has undergone several tests, there are successes and failures also; to present the company has achieved certain achievements Reality has proven, if not determine a correct development strategy, enterprises can themselves are working on the pitfalls can not be drawn, leading to business sa situation worse and even bankruptcy So to continue to stand firm in the market and adapt to the changes constantly happening in the business environment requires companies to build yourself an appropriate strategy Derived from the importance of building strategic business with the needs of JSC Consulting Constructing Hung Khanh in strategic planning; Group we learn and choose topics "Building strategic Corporation Advisory Constructing Hung Khanh period 2010-2015" who wish to choose a company with the right directions in the next stage in the future Object and scope of research Manipulate the theory and methodology of the business strategy , essay shows the argument to develop strategies for the Corporation Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh period 2010-2015 Subjects of Research: Topics to deep analysis, evaluation and give strategic direction to build the company based on the general theoretical construct of the business strategy Scope of research: - The problem of strategic reasoning of the business - The base formed a strategic business - Develop strategies for companies in the short term and long-term and solutions, specific measures to implement strategy Method Research The group made research topics based on the knowledge learned, based on primary data collected in the company for analysis, evaluate the entire process of production and business activities of the Company Stock Investment Consultancy Construction Hung Khanh Also use methods such as : statistics, synthesis, analysis, comparison, forecasting for analysis and make assessment strategies of the company; but mostly analytical methods based on primary data collected in the company Structure of thesis Besides the introduction, conclusion and list of references of the thesis contents of chapter: Chapter I: General Theory of business strategy Chapter II: Analysis of strategic factors Corporation Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khánh 10 environment like today Problem of research and innovation, improve product so nice, good looking and convenient for our customers is very important to the product, it not only works to protect the product but also means of effective advertising Therefore, companies need to consider innovative models to fit with each product Nice design, good lock will attract more customers and the factors creating value for the product Implement good work bidding Due to the business in the construction industry which is a very specific method of the company The methods include: * Bidding primarily based on price advantage The company should choose this method when you consider that there is no technical advantage, the technology compared to other contractors, but have potential advantages for reducing construction costs, such as: - You can reduce costs are gathered, moving forces near the construction location - You can take advantage of the depreciation of equipment out to reduce the cost of depreciation of fixed assets - Exploiting the materials at low cost or available, providing materials and facilities of the company near the building - Radically simple employer outside society - Joint venture, associated with domestic and foreign partners have the advantage of equipment or database - Develop plans for the construction of optimized to reduce costs After the building plans for construction, the plan for selecting optimal, determine the standard according to the plan selected, the company will consider possibility of bidding price 131 * Bidding is based primarily on technical superiority, technology This method applies when the Company has technical advantages, technology, qualified staff workers or machinery within the framework of a specialized or a certain number of projects The company has dominated the construction and installation of industrial and civil so this is a pretty big advantage for companies bidding to a better way Companies need to some the following: - Have policies to attract, develop technical staff, skilled workers - Have policies to attract investment to modernize machinery specialized - There are policies to ensure technical quality of the building to maintain its superiority is durable * Bidding is based on financial ability This method requires companies to have strong financial potential for capital mobilization of different ways By the way, such as capital construction application first, accept payment delay, Company can participate and win the bidding method of selecting contractors This is because the contractor has many needs and projected construction program but have not been approved or not capital raising capital This strategy requires the acceptance of risk and risk However, the offset companies can win the following works with more favorable conditions or pay the interest, which has applications to the construction works with an interest rate acceptable Measures are mainly: - Select the optimal solution construction, implementation of cost reduction in cost of works - Policies to mobilize capital from internal, from joint venture partner with strong financial capacity and ability to penetrate the market higher, using policy 132 loans from banks - Need to have policies to exploit the overall long-term home for their works that accept suffered first, profit later * Bidding out based on economic advantages This method is applied mainly in cases expected to be appointed contractor works projects somehow Advantages namely: + The relationship with the owner of the company during the longterm cooperation + The trust quality works created before Want to be non-economic advantages in the bidding, the company should: - Create up a relationship of mutual trust with the management agency, the owner of the building - Carry out social activities such as participation supports local support to build a small number of works, participation and humanitarian aid activities of gratitude Networking consumption The selection of members of the distribution must be based on specific grounds, the number of execution units and training establishments, the business agent material is not open as much as possible, but must set based on the following factors: - Based on population density.ν - Based on the average income perν person - Based on the level ofν urbanization - Based on the growth of theν industry - Based on the practices andν needs of each region to use The selection of the members of distribution channels to ensure sufficient to meet the needs of the market, creating anti-competitive link and fill gaps in the market, and not create too many established overlap , making the parts not promote all their abilities and conflict with each other Currently, the northern region, the company only basis, agents and materials on the provinces and cities which are mainly 133 concentrated most in Hanoi, also in northern areas to focus most owners is primarily in Hoa Binh and Vinh Phuc According to the company's plans this year and next year, the company will maintain and expand existing agents in Hanoi, simultaneously some of agents in some provinces and cities surrounding Hanoi According to the investigation needs now is the company can expand some of agents in the province: Table 3.3: Project open more trading agent supplies in some areas No Province name Number Agents Vinh Phuc Phu Tho Hoa Binh Bac Ninh Hai Phong Thai Nguyen Ha Nam TOTAL 2 1 10 (Source: Marketing department consulting company stock investment in the construction Hung Khanh) Initially, these are provinces and cities will be approaching companies and investment dealers to open 1-2 Estimated consumption and revenue achieved by the expansion of this system provides agents is encouraging Due to the needs and income of each region is different, so easy to see the effect of the expansion of this agency we consider separately each area separately With plans for expanded product sales locality of the solutions the company has increased the production output, the volume of product sales and profitable for companies From the expansion of this agency, will help to bring products to consumers more quickly, more convenient, consumers, customers shopping easier, closer and more loyal products of the company because the company's product quality is not inferior product quality guarantee, reasonable price crowded with customers To focus on continued marketing and brand promotion Building advertising program Advertising needs: Currently, the modern machinery with large capacity of the company increased production to allow an easy 134 way to meet the increasing demand for production of advertising products product offers However, when advertising programs provide highly effective, increasing consumption to more products, the company continues to invest more lines and equipment to meet the market demands a best Therefore, to promote the consumption of products, first to maintain existing markets and then expanded further to increase market competitiveness with rivals, companies need to ad on the mass media This issue has been reviewed and the company is preparing to proceed In our research and consultation with the Sales Department, we offer advertising programs as follows: - Target ads to: all customers - An ad: now there are a lot of media advertising, based on the effectiveness of each program and based on financial capability, the company should choose the means of television advertising, radio, newspapers and magazines + Advertise on television: for the target market is the market of the provinces and cities, the cost of advertising on television is relatively high, but this usually means bringing enormous efficiency + Advertise on radio: media advertising is low cost should be used primarily in the market average power consumption and small, in local areas far ● Advertising: 135 Advertising should be short, understandable, easily associated with images, colors, sounds appropriate, a strong impact on customer psychology ● The Philosophy of advertising is bringing efficiency and cost management, product image portrayed by the company in mind crowded consumer, user customers to purchase the product, trust and loyalty to the brand of the company Expected when the advertising program is the result consumption increased from 5% - 10%, this conclusion based on the results of the advertising programs of the previous year and the estimated evaluation Sales staff Advertising program will help consumers to get familiar with the company's products, step by step pictures portrayed the Company, thereby stimulating consumer trial, and led to regular consumers become loyal customers with products of the company Currently, the advertising costs of the new company, accounts for 1.35% of total revenue The coming years, depending on the situation and financial capability of the company can increase these costs up from 3% - 5% But initially, the company may have reduced profits due to more money for advertising but the performance gain is extremely large Companies should look at the immediate damage that ignore long-term opportunities Many companies compete with large capital, they are willing to spend more money for advertising as the units: The Song Da Construction Company, Truong Son Construction Company and direct competition with the Company JSC Building Ba Vi, Construction Joint Stock Company, Binh Minh even these costs can account for 30% of revenue, or many companies can accept the original hole, to take the cost of advertising their products So depending on circumstances and depending on the individual circumstances that the Company should be specific to the decision to remove a low-cost one that offers the most effective for companies 3.3.3 Strengthening research and development: Currently, the functions of research and development of the company was divided as follows: - Division marketing business: gather information, learn the taste, the demand of the market for products related to the Corporate sector is manufacturing and processing or in the product development strategy diversification of products Construction staff technical specialist high Encourage initiatives in promoting the 136 whole staff of the company, the effect in practical applications mainly as a measure, in addition to the need to strengthen cooperation with scientific research facilities, combined with the Institute Science and the universities to make major topics breakthrough creative - Establishment of department of research and development, handle the research and trial production design, product shape and conduct the physical and chemical experiments to find the new formula, applied materials new production processes and ensure product quality; researchers propose research projects for the company, issued the to improve production processes and product quality of the company However, to achieve higher production levels, enterprises not necessarily have to invest massively The problem is to combine the effective exploitation of the machines with new investment that the important part, the self-study design with a new purchase or a link with research This requirement does not merely stem from the fact tight capital business, but it also ensures the business to keep prices stable production, gradually raising the level of scientific research, technical level - the technology business, ensuring product competitiveness of enterprises at the time of the current and future On research applications in the company in two basic directions: First, the market continued to products with special features special meet new needs arise Actual production technology construction in the world ahead of the technology, but because our customers this product groups in Vietnam is not enough to create a large market for foreign companies in Investment in Vietnam So companies need fresh capital this time around to quickly improve their technology, dominate the market Orientation of the company is diversified range of products, creating prestige for the company to the customer needs to find a company to purchase or order, and also the advantages of the company as part Join the bidding on the market The second, is to improve the quality of traditional products, creating a high quality product in the product portfolio of the 137 company Groups have high quality product quality far exceeding the warranty period, safety, product design This direction the company is focusing further enhance the quality of construction works of industrial and consumer products 3.3.4 Investment in technological innovation: Current trends in integration and regional economies in the world, competing in quality are increasingly dominant Competitiveness of the products is measured in gray matter content, content technology products Level of technical and technological conditions of the enterprise is primarily the implementation of measures of quality products Speaking of technical skill and technology that comes to equipment and machinery and patent an invention of the business With 30% of old machines from decades 80 and 70% of new machines, production lines and outdated asynchronous, limited ability to exploit the maximum design capacity On the other hand if the technology company's low hard to improve product quality and diversification of product categories, promoting the production by special order So companies have to invest appropriately to improve their technology, according to the directions below: - Improve the ability to self-study by building a team of technical staff highly professional, investing more machinery and equipment for research Create channels of information science and technology 138 - Links with research institutions through the order, linked by supporting research and funding have the right to use the invention - Investment in additional manufacturing equipment from developed countries like Japan, Russia, Germany - Investment in the system test and evaluation of quality output and input materials 3.3.5 Improving the ability to mobilize capital in production and business Capital is also an important condition indispensable to implement business strategies of each business Capital is always the basis, the premises for business computing planning strategies and business plans So which business crucial role in the establishment, operation and development of enterprises Because the development of credit relations in the economy should be market today not have a business operation based only on their own capital Capital mobilization not only allows companies to exploit more business opportunities but also help more businesses significantly increase profitability through reduced income taxes payable However companies not also have the ability to mobilize capital and the level of capital mobilization same This depends greatly on the potential financial viability of the project, the relationship of the business or reputation in the payment ; general rules Now is the general strength of the business To be strategies and business plans feasible, the first business to have plans to mobilize and use capital possible If you not have any plan to which they are only on paper For a business scale of state-owned limited company, such as (23 billion), the ability to order additional capital from profit-term (7 billion), the mobilization of capital play a role as important to development stubs plans and 139 measures described above Company can mobilize capital in a number of solutions follows: + Mobilize capital through issuing bonds + Borrowing from long-term and medium term the bank + Using modern machinery in the form of hire purchase + Long-term investment links with domestic and foreign enterprises to develop + Mobilize capital through issuing shares on the stock market + Loan from the staff + Enjoy a credit provider + Take advantage of short-term debts of the business 3.3.6 Improve efficiency of management information systems Information system management of the Company shall comply with the decentralization high to low Team leaders of departments of department-level intermediary tasked to collect information related to their management areas: implementation of strategic behavior of people under, the feedback from customers , programs, new policies of the government to report to the leaders The work report made by week, month, quarter to help the Board of Directors has decided to promptly adjust the implementation strategy Information system is done via telephone switchboard system and internet connection Companies are building sites in order to introduce general information about the company's activities, products to promote company image and called cooperation Company network equipment computer parts between internal departments and Board of Directors, however until now not take advantage of this network and promote as expected The company 140 should have provisions to use the intranet for program management personnel, clerical and management reports for leading companies to save time, the written documentation, storage space and contribute provide effective activities of the company 141 CONCLUSION Construction business strategy is not a work day, nor on the private sector does a Without a strategy and system management strategies to address issues such as technological innovation, rationalization of production, expand markets, improve the quality of human resources, the production activities of the business we encounter many difficulties in the context of economic globalization is happening at a rate of dizziness as at present Corporation Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh is the country with the implementation of the integration with the competitive occurred daily, companies must ask themselves constantly striving to overcome difficulties and find directions to adapt to business environment In addition, the new mechanism in the form of property company shares, will no longer protection of the state, the company should make a new turning point in the operation and management of enterprises to survive and development Looking back at the journey and went through certain achievements that the Company achieved, can not not mention the efforts of the company, although business process has certain difficulties It is the collective efforts of management and all employees of the Company, the Company has existed on the street and step in the development of severe market In the coming period, with strategic planning and strong determination, the company will reap more achievements in the future, contribute a little to the development of the country With the knowledge learned in the program Master of Business Administration and the results of research and analysis through the development process at JSC Investment Consultancy Construction Hung Khanh, we make the point in the construction business strategy for the Corporation Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh period 2010-2015 Planning strategy with adequate steps to bring the leaders companies have clearer insights about the work to implement measures to improve competitiveness and choose solutions consistent with the objectives of the company Content essays focus on the issues as follows: - Systematics of basic knowledge in the construction business strategy - Time use the basic theory of business strategy overview to analyze the business environment, strengths, weaknesses Corporation Consultant Investment Construction and Hung Khanh models analyzed War strategy to identify the factors affecting the business activities of the company - Based on the theoretical science to build strategic business solutions company period 2010-2015 and implementation strategies 142 Each business will have different business strategies to suit different business Strategic management is a matter of business interest and also the subject of many scholars in the world economy However, the framework of essays, we only offer the basic issues of business management theories and viewpoints in the construction business strategy of the Company Stock Investment Consultancy Construction Hung Khanh period 2010-2015 With limited theoretical knowledge and practical, essays inevitable these deficiencies, we look forward to receiving the comments of teachers and comrades in the classroom Finally, we thank to the teachers help and suggestions so that we can complete essay; to thank the Board of Directors Advisory Corporation Constructing Hung Khanh coordinate and assist us in the process of implementation topics 143 REFERENCES Vietnamese: Nguyen Thanh Do, Ngo Kim Thanh (1999), Strategy and Business Policy, the Catholic graduate school Nguyen Huu Lam (1998), Development competitive Strategic position, Educational Publishing Management Do Van Phuc (2005), Scientific management business, science and technical publishers Do Van Phuc (2004), Personnel management in industrial production, science and technical publishers Nguyen Tan Phuoc Strategy and Policy business publisher statistics; 1996 Le Van Tam (2000), the Catholic strategic management, Statistics Publishing House Phan Thi Ngoc Thuan (2005), business strategy and planning of enterprises, science and technical publishers Nguyen Van Medicine (2005), Strategic Business, Education postgraduate training program Chartered organization and operation of the Corporation Consultant Investment Construction Hung Khanh issued in 2005 10 Commercial Law (1997), Manufacturer national politics 11 Document of the 10th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam; 1991 12 GSO (1999), Socio-economic Data From 61 provinces and cities; Publishing Statistics 144 13 Report on the implementation of the plan in 2005, 2005, 2006, 2007 and planned 2008 mission of the company English: Charrles WLHill and Gareth R Jones (1995), Strategic Management; Publisher Houghton Miflin Company Fred R David (2000), treatise on strategic management; publisher statistics Garr D Smith, Danny Putti (1996), strategy and business strategy Manufacturer national politics Philip Kotler (1997), Marketing Management, Statistical Publishing House 145 [...]... to delimit the elements in order of priority The model is based on the expected value, calculate d using the value of the expected results of the probability can occur - Opportunity matrix Probability businesses can take advantage of the opportunity HIGH High Priority Medium priority AVERAGE LOW low priority high Average Low Impact of chance Map 1.3: Opportunity matrix (Source: Le Van Tam - 2000, the... Evaluate the impact of opportunity depending on the importance of chance and probability that enterprises can take advantage of opportunities If the opportunity in the upper left corner of the high priority, if the lower right corner, the domain is low priority, also in three cells, the cross-table priority is medium Risk matrix: Matrix impact assessment of risk and probability that enterprises encounter... and Social Environment For strategic management, cultural factors, social sensitivity, or change one Lifestyle of the inhabitants themselves rapidly changing trends introduced the new lifestyle, leading to consumer attitudes 20 change Of higher level, thus increasing demand of consumers for high quality, rich category of products will be higher This is a challenge for manufacturers Every business... affects the success of the business, which includes issues related to technical production, production technology, productivity, ability to control production costs, inventory, supply of raw materials Factors of production, technical capabilities that meet the needs of quality and quantity as required by the market, controlling the production costs are important, it relates to pricing policy of goods products... to produce products with quantity, quality number, types and duration appropriate Can be considered "strategy must reflect the market to do business" is our motto, is the principle of strategic management of the business + The construction business strategy to increase the strength of the business, gain competitive advantage in the market + Strategy must show flexibility and thus develop strategies... profit, sales, market share There are two types of goals: short-term and long term + Long-term goal: the overall desired results last thing businesses want to achieve in a longer period than one year, with specific content: the benefit received, productivity, competitive position, has development work, community relations, location technology, social responsibility + Short-term goal: the results of specific... strategy, strategic position, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, manufacturing strategy, strategic public information technology, strategic segmentation, global strategy - Property strategy and capability strategic capacity strategy is remarkable aspects of the business Strategic assets, the strength of the business resources in comparison with other competitors 12 When the strategy should pay attention... when they raised prices, limited quantity, not quality assured Enterprises should pay attention to the negative impacts from the suppliers However, providers can only be pressure for businesses in the following cases: 23 - There are few suppliers industry - There are few products and services instead - Have the advantage of specialized products and services - Ability to integrate vertical-way agreement,... management accordingly - The skill level, from the morality of the staff employees, the policy staff flexibility and efficiency 25 Work organizations is extremely important, it has a positive impact or interfere with the implementation of program production and business activities of an enterprise Organizational factors related to level of ability and experience of leaders at all levels, making the business... items of business 31 - Develop specific products: + Improve product features by additional conversion or rearrangement of features, the contents of the old products + Improve the quality increase reliability, speed, durability, taste or other features of the product Innovation + design, design, size: improved aesthetic form by changing color, packaging design, structural products - Develop structure found:
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