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HEALTH ~ What’s Wrong And How To Fix It A drink more water J take some cough syrup 10 a runny nose a broken arm B get more sleep and use more pillows K chew on some ginger 11 a stuffy nose a cough C take some medicine L use some eye drops and eat more congee 12 a sunburn a headache M stay away from cats 13 a cut D blow your nose a cold with soft tissues N pinch your nose for 20 minutes 14 diarrhea a fever E get an X-ray O take some medicine 15 a bruise F put some ice on it a stomachache P eat more fruit G take a cool bath 16 a cat allergy a sore throat Q gargle with salt water 17 pink eye H rest in bed a toothache I put some cream on it a bloody nose and use a bandage R get a massage 18 a backache Answer Key: E J H P A O Q K N 10 D 11 B 12 G 13 I 14 C 15 F 16 M 17 L 18 R Some of the answers are based on the text book the students are using, some from the culture (I’m in China) and others are just common sense And of course, some treatments apply to more than one ailment so please change any answers according to what is needed : )
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