Important sulfides

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Sulfide Minerals • Here you will find a short summary of the sulfides that you are studying in lab Important Sulfide Minerals • • • • • • • • • • • • Pyrite Aresonopyrite Sphalerite Chalcopyrite Covellite Galena Pyrrhotite FeS2 FeAsS ZnS CuFeS2 Cinnabar Molybdenite Enargite Oriment Stibnite HgS MoS PbS Fe1-xS Important Sulfide Minerals • Sulfide minerals have a restricted composition range and solid solutions are rare • Most sulfides (except sphalerite) are opaque semiconductors with metallic luster Sulfide parageneses • Most sulfides are deposited by hydrothermal solutions (e.g., galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite) Metal cations are transported by cl-1 complexes at high temperature Sulfide parageneses • Some are primary minerals in igneous and metamorphic rocks (e.g., Molybdenite, pyrrhotite) and crystallize from the magma • Sulfides also may form, in sediments under the reducing conditions resulting from decay of organic matter Hydrotherma Vein Deposits hypothermal o 300-600 C Molybdenite Pyrrhotite Chalcopyrite Quartz Tourmaline Topaz Micas Mesothermal o 200-300 C Sulfide Ore Mineals Chalcopyrite Borninte Galena sphalerite Arsenopyrite Gangue Mineals Quartz Carbonates Barite Epithermal o 50-200 C Cinnabar Stibinte Quartz Chalcedony Opal Calicte Pyrite • Cubic • Most widespread sulfide mineral Found in all geological environments • Marcasite is a related polymorph formed at low Temperature Pyrrhotite • Found as accessory phase in igneous rocks Chalcopyrte • Primary copper mineral,in porphyry-copper deposits • Most widespread copper mineral Arsenopyrite • Primary arsenic mineral Molybdenite • Primary Molybdenum ore • High temperature deposite Sphalerite • Primary ore mineral for Zn Galena • Primary ore mineral for Pb
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