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DAILY ACTIVITIES Buy things Chat with friends Go shopping Go swimming Go dancing Listen to music Meet friends Play football Play games Play videogames Play the guitar Read a book Ride a bike Send text messages AFFIRMATIVE I play You play He plays She plays It plays We play You play They play I go You go He goes She goes It goes We go You go They go PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE NEGATIVE I don’t play You don’t play He doesn’t play She doesn’t play It doesn’t play We don’t play You don’t play They don’t play I don’t go You don’t go He doesn’t go She doesn’t go It doesn’t go We don’t go You don’t go They don’t go PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE INTERROGATIVE Do I play? Do you play? Does he play? Does she play? Does it play? Do we play? Do you play? Do they play? Do I go? Do you go? Does he go? Does she go? Does it go? Do we go? Do you go? Do they go? PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY ALWAYS USUALLY OFTEN SOMETIMES HARDLY EVER NEVER How often you…? Always Usually Often Sometimes Hardly ever Never Write sentences about your classmates _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ always usually often sometimes _ hardly ever never _ once a week _ twice a week three times a week 10. _ _ four times a month
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