adverbs of manner

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GAME ON ADVERBS OF MANNER He skipped down the road to school NEXT happy happily You got it! She sings beautifully She is a _ singer NEXT good well You got it! They planned their holidays in Spain very NEXT careful carefully You got it! My sister is a girl She is friendly with everyone NEXT nice nicely You got it! I don’t want to go with him He drives too NEXT well fast You got it! They could see the movie because they finished their work very NEXT quick quickly You got it! They are fantastic dancers They dance really _ NEXT good well You got it! Please, turn the radio down It’s too NEXT loud loudly You got it! This bus is too _ We will be late for school NEXT slow slowly You got it! This dog is He can’t stand a hungry cat NEXT angry angrily You got it! I can’t hear her She speaks too NEXT quiet quietly You got it! This street is too noisy I’m getting _ EXIT nervous nervously You got it!
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