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PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE VERB TENSES REVIEW Affirmative Present simple Present continuous Past Simple Negative Interrogative I play I don’t play Do you play? He plays He doesn’t play Does he play? I am playing I’m not playing Am I playing? You are playing You aren’t playing Are you playing? He is playing He isn’t playing Is he playing? I played I didn’t play Did you play? He played He didn’t play Did he play? I was playing I wasn’t playing Was I playing? You were playing You weren’t playing Were you playing? He was playing He wasn’t playing Was he playing? I will play I won’t play Will you play? He will play He won’t play Will he play? (regular verbs) Past continuous Future (will) REMEMBER Click the correct option go went will go go skating I usually _ NEXT have had will have will havea son Homer, you NEXT play played will play played I _ basketball yesterday NEXT is was will be was My dad in London last year NEXT plays played will play She oftenplays _ the saxophone NEXT meet met will meet meet a beautiful girl Homer, you will NEXT meet met will meet metI _ Marge many years ago NEXT is reading was reading will be reading wasLisa reading a book when I arrived home NEXT are dancing were dancing will be dancing are dancing at the beach In this photo, we _ NEXT am was will be wasI at school last Monday NEXT cooks cooked will cook cooks My mom _ pancakes every Sunday NEXT am was will be will be I _ a strong man NEXT is cooking was cooking will be cooking cooking Mywas dad when my mom kissed him NEXT am cycling was cycling will cycle am cycling I _ right now NEXT SEE YA! EXIT
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