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& Possessive ‘s and s’        I You We They He She It My Your Our Their His Her Its DON’T FORGET !  We use nouns with Possessive Adjectives My  Your  Our  Their  His  Her  Mine Yours Ours Theirs His Hers DON’T FORGET !  We use Do Not use nouns with Possessive Pronouns This is my balloon It is mine This is our T.V It’s ours       Whose house is this? This is her house It’s hers Whose class is this? This is our class It’s ours Whose cat is this? It’s Mary’s cat It’s hers  Singular Noun • the producer’s job is • the girl’s hair is One person • Jane’s hand is or • the bag’s colour is thing  • • • • Plural Noun The actors’ coffee break The computers’ price The shoes’ heels The noticeboards’ colour more than one person or thing  Irregular plural noun • The people’s pockets • • • • Children’s toys Women’s bag Men’s hair Mice’s tail the nouns that change Fill in the blanks using Possessive pronouns ex It isn’t his coffee It’s her coffee  The coffee isn’t his It’s hers This isn’t your map It’s my map  The map isn’t It’s  These aren’t our coffees They’re their coffees  These coffees aren’t They’re It isn’t her camera It’s his camera  The camera isn’t It’s They aren’t your sandwiches They are our sandwiches  The sandwiches aren’t They are
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