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PAST SIMPLE Put the verbs into the correct form of the past simple happened The accident _ (happen) very quickly Joe went (go) to school by bus last year posted She _ (post) the letter yesterday My parents (buy)bought a new car yesterday Two people died (die) in the fire Susie (leave) left her umbrella on the bus Their wedding cake was (be) very nice My son (lose) lost his watch at school She _ had(have) a bad headache yesterday Janet _ (study) studied for her exam last night They _ate (eat) a lot of food on holiday Linda (take) took the rubbish out Kathy _ (sit) saton the beach in the sun Our dog buried (bury) its bone in the garden Sam _ (swim) swam every day last week Jenny _ (cook) cooked dinner yesterday evening Bob _ made (make) a new friend at school Mum _cleaned (clean) the windows on Monday They _sent (send) a lot of postcards from England Tom watered (water) his plants this morning Lucy _ (get) sunburnt got on the beach Adam dropped (drop) the vase and broke it Brian fell(fell) in love during his holiday Emma _ drank (drink) a lot of coffee yesterday
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