computers me 49 slides 2 extra activities

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COMPUTERS & ME MONITOR FLOPPY DISK KEYBOARD PRINTER MOUSE COMPUTER CASE LAPTOP HEADPHONES MICROPHONE TEXT DOCUMENT E-MAIL NEW DOCUMENT CUT HAND CURSOR SAVE DOCUMENT AS PRINT PREVIEW COPY PRINTER ERROR REDO UNDO CHAT GROUP CLOUD YOUR TURN NOW Answer these questions: Are you in computers? What you use computers for? Have you got your own PC? Is it a useful school tool? Can computers substitute teachers? Why? Why not? What’s your favourite “computer” activity? Are computers a waste of time? Do people make too much use of computers? Why? Are computers necessary today? 10 Do you think life would be better without computers? YOUR TURN NOW What is it? Say the name: You can store information You can talk to different people … You can look for information for your school projects… You use them to listen to music … You can see the person you’re talking to with … You use it to play … You can put the mouse on it … It’s like a letter … You can copy CDs … 10 You can take “photos” of documents … [...]...CD MOTHERBOARD WEBCAM GAME CONSOLE SMARTCARD JOYSTICK MUSIC MIXER USB PEN DRIVE SCANNER MOUSEMAT FLAT SCREEN CHIP PDA MODEM SPEAKERS TABLET WWW NETWORK HARD DISK USER TRASH CD BURN POWER BUTTON SHIELD HOME WIFI BUG
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