Unit 1 greetings (15)

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 Match the words with their phrases Play School lunch Physics Do Study Vocabulary Vocabulary Music Have Judo football English Making friends :Read and tick (√) the questions you thinkmare suitable to ask a new friend at school pocket money Tiền tiêu vặt Remember Nhớ Chia sẻ share help Giúp đỡ classmate Bạn lớp Making friends :Read and tick (√) the questions you think are suitable to ask a new friend at school Are you from around here? √ Do you like pop music? √ How much pocket money have you got? What is your favorite subject at school? √ Are you hungry? Do you play football? √ How you go to school every day? √ Where you go shopping? √ More questions Do you ride your bike to school? √ 10.Do you wear uniform at school? √ 2 There is a quiz for students in the new school newsletter Read the questions ARE YOU A GOOD FRIEND IN CLASS? Do Do Do Do Do you you you you you remember all your classmates’ name? help your teacher in class? share things with your classmates? keep quiet when your teacher is talking? playwith your classmates at breaktime? Do you help your classmates with their homework? Do you travel to school with your classmates? Do you listen when your classmates are talking? a) Interview your friend:  b) Class presentation Nam is my good friend He often helps me with my homework homework -Write a short paragraph your friend - prepare next lesson
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