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More UNIT 1: HELLO IN THIS UNIT: »You learn ●present simple of be ●question with Who ●possessive adjectives ●words for feelings »And then you can ●say hello/ introduce your self ●ask how people feel Listen and read Nadia: Hi, Steve Steve: Hello, Nadia How are you? Nadia: I’m fine, thanks And you? Steve: I’m OK Oh, Look! Dogs! I’m scared of dogs Nadia: What’s his name? Mrs Jones: Baron He’s friendly Nadia: And what’s his name? Mrs Jones: She’s a girl Her name’s Bess Nadia: Oh sorry! My name Nadia and this’s Steve Mrs Jones: Hello Steve Hello Nadia I’m Mrs Jones I’m new here Steve: Nice to meet you, Mrs Jones Listen and repeat Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – sad ! Thursday, Friday – they aren’t bad ! Saturday and Sunday – great ! Tomorrow’s Monday – don’t be late ! ay d n o M Wedn e Tue sd ay y a d r u t a S Fri sday Thursday Sunday day Listen and read :Put your books in your bag :Put in your pencil case :Walk to the bus stop :Wait for the school bus :Look at your watch It’s o’clock : Run to school :Open the door of your classroom :See the classroom is empty :Oh, no! It’s Saturday Listen and write the number Bed Sofa Wardrope Bed Desk Sofa Sofa Wardrope Washbasin Steoreo Cupboard Washbasin Steoreo Desk 13 Sofa 10 Cooker 12 Fridge TV Table Bath Curtains Cooker Cupboard 14 Bath Table Fridge 11 TV Curtains Look at the picture and guess Play a game Wall Window Television (TV) Lamp Sofa Chair Plant Table Floor Hello! Everybody You are playing a interesting game
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