Economic geology

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Economic Geology Teaching program: 1) Ore Geology 2) Ore Mineralogy 3) Hydrothermal Geochemistry 4) Modeling Hydrothermal Systems 5) Mining Course Research Program: 1) Quantitative field studies of mineral deposits 2) Numerical modeling of hydrothermal processes 3) Experimental studies of fluids and metals Economic Geology Ore Geology Objectives: basic knowledge of ore deposit types, understanding of oreforming processes (geological, chemical and physical processes) Economic Geology Ore Mineralogy Objectives: basics of reflected-light microscopy, knowledge of optical properties of most important ore (opaque) minerals, interpretation of ore mineral textures Economic Geology Hydrothermal Geochemistry Objectives: general knowledge of hydrothermal geochemistry, metal transport and deposition in ore-forming systems (chemical equilibria, stable isotopes) Economic Geology Modeling Hydrothermal Systems Objectives: using geochemical modeling computer software, use of geochemical modeling to understand hydrothermal processes and fluid-rock interaction Economic Geology Mining Course Objectives: underground mapping of massive sulfide ore bodies in active mine, basic principles of ore resource estimation from drill core data Economic Geology
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