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Geology in the world of work ContentID=594 To find out more click on this button Geology in the world of work Geology in the world of work To find out more click on this button Geology in the world of work Part Volcanologist Volcanologist To see a volcano in action: Volcanologists study volcanoes, particularly with a view to predicting how people may be affected by volcanic activity Here the volcanologist, measuring the temperature of the lava flow with an optical pyrometer, is employed by the United States Geological Survey A volcanologist’s job takes you to exciting places like Hawaii, Java and the Andes At a senior level you can expect to earn up to £40,000 a year Tourist guide This tourist guide, working in British Columbia in Canada is leading a group of people on a tour of geological sites that includes a visit to Walcott’s Quarry near Banff Here the famous soft-bodied fossils in the Burgess Shale were first discovered Work as a specialist tour guide can provide excellent opportunities for travel to interesting places Jewellery design Starting salaries for new graduates is approximately £15,000 Salaries can rise to £25,000 or more for people with more experience Many jewellery designers are self-employed or work freelance because this provides opportunities to work on a part-time basis ery_designer_job_description.jsp Hydrologists study the quantity, quality and movement of water on or near the surface of the land Work may include: •measuring, monitoring and analysing water data •assessing water quality •researching water usage Many hydrologists are office based, although they spend some time out on site Salaries range from about £14,000 to £20,000 for new entrants to around £45,000 for the most senior hydrologists Environmental Law This area of work focuses on the legal rules that regulate pollution and otherwise protect the environment Work also deals with public international law in regulating environmentally harmful activities Average salaries for people working in environmental law are in the range £31,500 Working in the public sector is more profitable than in the private sector Land remediation People working on land remediation prevent chemically contaminated land from harming the environment and help to restore property to a safe and usable condition This type of work will become increasingly vital as: •landfill costs increase; •hazardous waste treatment and disposal costs increase; •solutions to more difficult sites are needed Salaries in the range up to £45,000 for remediation consultants Carbon sequestration Carbon sequestration is a geoengineering technique for the long-term storage of carbon dioxide or other forms of carbon, to try to reduce global warming Forest ecosystems make an important contribution to the global carbon budget This is because of their potential to sequester carbon in wood and soil With correct management, tree planting can result in carbon sequestration Carbon sequestration is a new technology being developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by: •removing carbon dioxide from power plants •storing the carbon in geological structures deep below the ground or sea floor This industry is looking for selfmotivated people able to work independently on research There are job opportunities around the world Salaries are in the range £25,000 to £50,000 l Sustainability Sustainability is the ability to meet present needs without compromising those of future generations Working in this field you may face the task of distinguishing which activities are destructive and which are beneficial Starting salaries are in the range £18,000 to £23,000 and rise to £38,000 for those working in charge of larger projects There is scope to work in different places around the world ex.html Conservation Geological conservationists work to preserve the natural geological and geomorphological features in our landscapes and liaise closely with other conservationists to protect the diverse range of habitats and natural resources produced in the different geological environments The spectacular scenery preserved along coastlines like the Dorset heritage coast also attracts visitors and helps to sustain local tourist industries You can expect to work in some interesting areas of the world As a conservation officer you are likely to earn a salary in the range £26,500 - £29,000 Soil scientist Soil scientists collect, interpret and evaluate information about the chemistry, biology and physics of soils Soil scientists work in: • the public & private sectors, • research for public and private sector institutions, • consultancy, • overseas development, They also help with: • forensics, • archaeological excavations, • conservation, • site reclamation and remediation and • landscape design The range of salaries with experience (e.g after 10 to 15 years in the role): £23,000 - £45,000 (salary data collected Oct 2007) profiles/profile_pdfs/S1_Soil_scientist.pdf [...]... make up our built environment are made from raw materials extracted from the earth by the quarrying industries Much of the stone extracted from the ground is crushed to produce aggregate, which may then be separated into the different sizes required for use, or for further processing, such as coating with bitumen to make “tarmac” The starting salary for a quarry manager is £25,000/year Managers of large... architect is staking trees out having designed the garden landscape so that it is takes Into account the local Geology Landscape architects can expect to find work almost anywhere in the world and, if they are self-employed, may be able to earn up to £45.000 a year Quarrying To see quarrying in action: The roads, footpaths, bridges and buildings... deep groundwater Their work involves studying the quality of groundwater and they try to understand the complexities of groundwater flow Hydrogeologists develop hydrogeochemical models of water quality evolution and study how contaminants move through the ground Starting salaries for hydrogeologists are in the range £20,000 £25,000 At a senior level/with experience (salaries are in the range: £26,500... employed in the private sector as contractors, other forms of employment are in museums, local government, as academic archaeologists or with national bodies such as English Heritage The starting salary for a digger as a site assistant is £13,700 – £15,500 (salary data July 07) Salary at more senior levels with experience (e.g after 10-15 years in the role) depends upon the post held and the employer... This is Professor Tony Brown of the University of Exeter Tony has used forensic analyses of pollen samples to link mass graves in Bosnia and made a contribution to the investigation of war crimes in Bosnia Most forensic scientists work for government agencies This type of work is available in various places around the world Salaries of trainee forensic scientists are in the region of £16,000-£18,000,... landslides, flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, coastal erosion, storm surges and tsunamis Natural hazard risk reduction includes modifying natural events, determining the risks posed by the events and assessing the possible outcomes of their impact Graduates working in this area as geo-hazards risk assessment experts or consultants can expect to earn between £60,000 & £100,000/year environment Civil engineers provide the facilities such as tunnels, bridges, harbours, railways, hospitals, roads and buildings Starting salaries for civil engineering graduates compare well with other professions You can expect to be paid between £16,000 £21,000 when you start work, but civil engineering can provide international and managerial opportunities with salaries in the range from £33,000 to £63,000... salary comparable to many other leading professions Research worker This is Professor Jane Francis carrying out research at the Leeds Centre for Polar Research Research work is usually carried out by a graduate who has already gained a higher degree and is keen to specialise in a particular branch of geology and work on a longer... ist-job.php Seismologist Geophysicists/field seismologists use complex equipment to collect data on earthquakes and seismic waves Their main responsibility is controlling data quality To do this they monitor displays and may do some initial interpretation Here a scientist is using just a single seismograph for a smaller scale survey Starting salaries: £18,000 -... Petroleum Geologist To find out more about the work of a petroleum geologist: ndex.html Working as a petroleum geologist provides great opportunities to travel The average annual salary for petroleum geologists with 3 to 5 years experience rose to £37,500 in 1995
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