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Natural Hazards Week Questions for Homework & Discussion  Develop a plan for successful completion of this course, including: (note: this part due Friday)      A weekly schedule that includes time set aside for reading, working on-line, and completing assignments A brief discussion of obstacles to success A brief discussion of what you plan to gain from completing this course How are disasters studied by scientists? What are the implications of the five fundamental concepts outlined in Chapter 1? Geology is  The scientific study of the Earth and its processes  the physical earth  composition  processes the historical earth  the interactions between humans and the earth  How are disasters studied? How does science examine things?  How does science differ from other ways of knowing?  What makes science so special?   How does science develop explanations for natural processes? Steps in Investigation What Was Discovered Observation Gasoline in groundwater Questions from observation From leak in buried tank? Proposed explanations From tank Not from tank Make predictions for each explanation: if tank is cause, leak should be found in tank Collect data to test predictions No leak in tank; wrong kind of gasoline in tank Conclusion Contamination is from elsewhere 02.04.a1-6 Types of data…is one type better? Qualitative data: descriptions (conveyed with words or sketches) Quantitative data: numeric measurements (conveyed with numbers) 02.07.a What are the implications of the five fundamental concepts outlined in Chapter 1?      Hazards are predictable from scientific evaluation Risk analysis is an important component in our understanding of the effects of hazardous processes Linkages exist between different natural hazards as well as between hazards and the physical environment Hazardous events that previously produced disasters are now producing catastrophes Consequences of hazards can be minimized What you hope to gain? How natural hazards relate to your field of study? (be creative)  How have natural hazards impacted your life?  What are you curious about?   If you can relate this subject to something that interests you…you will be more successful in this class Remember: discuss in BlackBoard  ask questions in Elluminate  homework due on Sunday   submit to Assignments in BlackBoard
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