introduction to earth science 2

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Introduction to Structural Geology Laurel Goodwin Basil Tikoff Paul Riley Structural Geology vs Tectonics     Tectonics - how Earth was built Broader than Structural geology Encompassing study of surface to core Including disciplines as diverse as paleontology and geophysics   Structural geology deformation processes Integral part of tectonics, particularly in respect to deformation history over time Components of classwork     40% exams (10% each midterm, 20% final exam) 35% lab 15% writing assignments 10% concept maps Motivation: concepts of a professional practice      Report writing Oral presentations Problem identification / problem solving Thinking under pressure Ethics / professional responsibility Important dates      Italics & bold on syllabus Asterisks indicate chapters for which concept maps are required Items due at the beginning of class or lab Please note times of exams and field trips VARK learning styles analysis - Due this Friday   ionnaire Google VARK Class Mantra  Observations separate from interpretations Challenges     Geology is a forensic science We must look at deformation from an historical viewpoint We have to consider a wide range of spatial scales We work on a variety of time-scales, from those required for an earthquake to those that form mountain belts 3D visualization is critical The Earth as a cooling body     Formed by accretion 4.55 Ga Cooling by conduction, radiation, advection Advective cooling drives plate tectonics The distribution of rocks, of temperature, and of deformation on the planet all determined by plate tectonics
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