to be with sponge bob

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TO BE learn with sponge bob How is he? i happy He s Is he a doctor? No, he isn’t _ ! i a He _ s singer What’s wrong Sponge Bob? I am scared! Who are they? They are friends Are they firemen? No, they aren’t ! They are cooks How old are you? I am one year old! How are you today? We are happy! Are they happy? ! _ t ’ _ n _ e _ r _ a _ y e h t , o N I am upset! He _ is sad! Where are they from? They _ aren’t from Turkey! are They _ from Bikini Bottom! Review – Long forms I am You are He i She sis It is We are They are I am not You are not He is not She is not It is not We are not They are not Review – Short forms I‘ m ‘re You He ‘ Shes‘s It ‘ s ‘re We They ‘re I ‘m not You aren’t He isn’t She isn’t It isn’t We aren’t They aren’t
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