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•What is the most dangerous thing in your home? • –and how can your home be made less dangerous? •Do you buy products because of advertising? •What kind of advertisements attract your attention? •What you think is the best age to be? •Should people between 50 and 55 be forced to retire from their jobs in order to make way for younger workers? •I have a headache What should I do? •I won 100,000 dollars and I don’t know how to spend it What should I do? •Are there any foods that you wouldn’t eat as a child that you eat now? •What foods have you tasted that you will never forget the rest of your life? •Do you have enough freetime? •What you on Saturdays? •Have you ever broken copyright rules? •Why did you that? / Why haven’t you done that? •Do you think it is a good idea to borrow money from a friend? Why/ why not? •What you think about the police in Denmark? •What will the headlines of tomorrow’s paper be? •Do you read newspapers? Why / why not? •Do you like to use things that have a fruit smell? Whyich things have you used? •What does the future hold? •How old will people live to be in the future? -Why is that? •What should be done about obese people who practically take up two seats in an airplane? •Would you like to be a flight attendant? •How many forms of gambling can you think of? •Why is gambling addictive? •What’s your most valued possession? •What is the meaning of ”give and take?” •Do you spend more money on temporary things (services, food, a good night out etc.) or on physical objects (iPod, CDs, books etc?) •What is a garage sale? •Do you know how to haggle or negotiate a lower price? •What did you buy at a garage sale? •What kind of problems poor people have? •Will there always be poverty in the world? •Are people who live on the street necessarily lazy? •Does poverty cause crime? •What makes you angry? •Is anger ever a good thing? If so when? Why?
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